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Things you've done in your sleep


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Ah, many of us do strange things in our sleep at some point in our lives; what have you done?

As for me, I remember a few years ago when we were staying at a hotel one summer; I apparently got up yelling angrily at my parents and my sister because they didn't have a key or something, but I didn't remember doing anything of the sort when I woke up and my parents were mad about it. :B And more recently, at my friend Patricia's house, I started screaming in my sleep. While smiling, for a good minute or so; it was creepy, according to her... Then again, that same night I also dreamt that I was screaming loudly and Patricia took me to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting for some reason, so... :V

(Let me know if there's already a thread like this; I looked for one and I didn't see it, but... ^^')

EDIT: Here's one I remembered just now, actually; two or three years ago, I woke up to find myself taking my PJs off. Um... sleep-stripping ftw?
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When I was younger, I apparently swallowed a loose tooth in my sleep. It just simply disappeared. Either that or my parents came in while I was sleeping and removed it, but I doubt it.

Also also, more recently, I woke up with no clothes on. I don't think it was in Summer, either o.o


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I once woke up and my legs were in the air, as if I was trying to see if they could reach behind my head in my sleep.


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I slept a whole lot!

I never really do anything interesting in my sleep. :P

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Yesterday I woke up around 8:30 and found my dad was pissed because he'd woken me up and given me a list of things to do. He got even angrier when I said I had no recollection of waking up. That made me wonder: Is my brain so wired to nod and say "okay" every time my parents give me a command, that I can do it in my sleep?

When I was younger, my mother said I had got out of bed and used the restroom while sleeping. How I didn't miss the toilet bowl entirely is beyond me. And being only about seven, it completely freaked me out when she told me.

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One time I woke up in a different room then where I went to sleep the previous night. It wasn't too far, but there was some fragile stuff in the room I'm surprised didn't break.


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Ahhh, I do a lot of strange things in my sleep. D:

- I sleeptext people. It can go from making no sense to a full sentence that is completely understandable.
- I call people in my sleep. But I haven't done that in a while because I now keep my phone away from me when I'm sleeping.
- I sleeptalk. Apparently it amuses my roommates. I also cuss a lot when I'm sleep talking I guess.
- And there was this one instance where I may have sleepwalked. I don't really know because I woke up in my bed and my roommate asked me where I had gone.

Mmm, I think that's about it.


Once, I went to bed fully clothed, and woke up with my shirt off, and my head was at the opposite end of the bed than it should have.


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I have been known to fully navigate my house in my sleep without bumping into anything.

Also, a few years ago I was trying to climb up the wall in my sleep O_O.


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I once somehow managed to kick my blanket and my sheets all the way across my room, through the door, and into the hallway without waking up. I also did this weird thing where I woke up and I had arranged myself a neat little nest of blankets on the floor and was sleeping there instead of on my perfectly good bed.

I also tend to turn off my alarm clock without waking up :B


I once held a conversation with a friend of mine; she was up late and drawing pictures, and I was on my bed sleeping (but facing away from her, so she couldn't tell I was sleeping), and she goes "You wanna see what I drew?" I somehow responded with "Yeah..." and after a bit she goes "Are you going to look at them?" and I was like "Uh-huh..." and then she just goes "... are you even awake?" and I was like "Yeah, I'm awake..." and she asks "So why don't you turn over and look at them?" and I was just like *grunt*

Needless to say I didn't remember any of this and had to be told the following morning.

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Once I had a dream where I was being chased by a swarm of bees, and for some reason to avoid them I dove onto the ground and started rubbing my face in the dirt. I woke up rubbing my face in my pillow and my butt sticking up in the air like the kid in Toy Story.


More stuff I just remembered:

Oh, I've woken up with my head on the opposite side of the bed from when I first fell asleep twice or thrice.

There was, apparently, a time when I fell asleep in my dad's bed (nothing too special about that, I do it all the time). My dad has a tendency to sprawl out on the living room floor and sleep there until two in the morning, then wake up, go to his actual room, and finish sleeping there. Anyway, he went back to his room to find me on his bed and shook me awake. My parents said that I sat bolt upright, took my pillow (I had switched my pillow with my dad's before I fell asleep), then marched into my room, switched the pillows, marched back, and offered the pillow to my dad. After he took it I went back to my room. Of course, I have no recollection of this whatsoever. Hell, if I was actually conscious I probably wouldn't have bothered to switch the pillows.

Edit: Oh, and of course the usual turning-off-alarm-clock-without-waking-up thing.
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I don't (as far as I'm aware) do anything interesting in my sleep, though I've had some pretty hilarious and surreal conversations with people I thought were awake at the time, but it later turned out were asleep and remembered absolutely nothing X3


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Once I woke up wondering where the hell my pillows and doona were. Turns out I moved them to the family room in my sleep. I've also pushed my pillows off my bed multiple times, once I managed to push my alarm clock, DS and a few books into the bin. I think once I knocked my lamp over in my sleep, the noise scared the crap out of me o_o

I used to sleeptalk and sleep-laugh when I was little, but I don't think I do it any more.
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I've sleepwalked a few times; once I turned on all the lights in our house and stood in the hallway. Mum had to lead me back to bed and turn all the lights off.

Once when I was on holiday with some friends, one of my male friends started sleepwalking and thought we were his mum. xD


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Well, I can't really think of much. I apparently used to sleep with my eyes open though.

One time I did wake up in a different place then I went to sleep when I was young, but I think that was just my dad moving me to my proper bed after falling asleep in my parent's room or something.

I'm pretty sure that at least once someone tried to wake me up, ask me to do something, then I go back to sleep only to forget that I was asked something once I'm finally completely awake.