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[Tier I] Solight City Gym


Mage of Blood

to Solight City!

As you emerge from the Lunar Forest, exhausted from all the battling, this city is... well, the last thing you expected to see. After being in the darkness of the canopy of the Lunar Forest, the sudden change to the bright light and the solar panels… well, surprised you, to say the least. As you are still adjusting to the light, a flyer riding a gentle breeze slowly drifts past you, like a tumbleweed. Curious, you pick the flyer up, and barely make out these words in the harsh sunlight:

Solight City Gym

The Gym leader, Lyndsi Strata, is always looking for new opponents! If you’re willing to attempt to beat her for the Sunbeam Badge, head on over to Solight City’s gym! Winners will receive one of the following, depending on where they stand at the end of the battle:

• For those who have all six Pokémon remaining at the end of the battle: A bred/cloned Pokémon. She can breed all of the Pokémon she has, or clone her legendaries. You may also pick anything below.
• For those with five or four Pokémon left: A Pokérus infection; just trade her the Pokémon you want infected, and she will do so in a timely manner!
You may also pick anything below.
• For those with three or two Pokémon left: A cloned TM Lyndsi has, as she is a TM hoarder. You may also pick anything below.
• For those with one Pokémon left: A berry that Lyndsi owns. She has a lot of the event berries!

So, why don’t you head on over right now?

Welcome to my humble abode gym! Despite the name and what it hints toward, none of my Pokémon have Sunny Day. Well, since you’ve read this far, you’re obviously interested, right?


1. All Pokémon banned in the official ban list of 2010 are not allowed. Neither are any legendaries. Hey, stop looking at me! Just because my name is Mewtwo…
2. The Status, Hax, Item, Explosion, and disconnect clauses are in effect. Hacked Pokémon that do not have ridiculously high stats/moves that it can’t learn are heavily frowned upon, but accepted. Like, say, you wanted a Togekiss for your team, but couldn’t get a Togepi or evolutions. So you hack a perfectly normal Togepi/tic/kiss for your team, that doesn’t have, like, 999 stats or whatever. Fine by my standards.
3. No EV-trained/IV-bred Pokémon here. At least not until I get one ready; then you can battle me with those kinds of Pokémon, but you must warn me.
4. Microphones will always be on, as I like to talk to the person I’m battling with, unless you state yours will be turned off.
5. Double battles only here, so make sure you are prepared accordingly.
6. You must wait seven days before challenging me again.
7. I cannot battle on Fridays, or every other Saturday. I have school until 3:00 EST, but no battles until 7:00 EST on weekdays though, unless I have nothing else to do on that day.
8. PBR battles are available on request.
9. (these really aren't rules anymore are they...) My FC is 1548 9459 6460
So… um, yeah.


In honor of Black/White, I am getting a new team. In the meantime, my old team is available for battle on my SS, which I'll have my friendcode for soon.
NEWS: Opened gym on 9/6/10

Challengers Waiting:

Winning Challengers:

Waiting List:
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Happy 15th, Pokemon!
Since I'm free on challenges, and Steele (or whoever's running Beor Town) isn't answering, I'll challenge you. Winner gets the loser's badge, and since I challenged you, I'll take your rules.


EDIT: as always, PM to set up. My mic will be off because a) the quality is crap and b) I think out loud.

dark guardian

New member
i think i might stand a chance so are you up to it pm me when you can battle (the longer you wait the longer i have to train):sunglasses::grin::talking:


↞Can you hear me whispering?↠
I would like to challenge your gym as well, hopefully sometime tonight. If not, I won't be able to battle tomorrow or Friday (Thanksgiving and stuff). ^^


rage against the dying of the light
If possible, could I challenge your gym? I'm able to battle all this week; either tommorow or Sunday would work best for me.
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↞Can you hear me whispering?↠
Well, since the previous time wasn't okay, I just wanna post a general challenge for any time that's okay with you ^^


Mage of Blood
Titress: Oops. I'm at my grandmas, who has no wi-fi.

Cloudsong: Hmmm. We should reschedule then.


↞Can you hear me whispering?↠
Okay. And I just want to make sure of this first before we battle so that there isn't a repeat of my previous gym battle - do you consider a pokemon that has a speed IV of 0 as being illegal in participating in this gym? I don't want to get disqualified because of that xD The EV's are random, 'tis not EV trained ^^