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[Tier II] Bastion City Gym

Zora of Termina

forget your high society
~Bastion City Gym~

…Wait, this can’t be right.

You hold up your map, staring at it. You’re sure you followed the right path to get to this “Bastion City” that’s marked right there… but all that’s in front of you is a large crevice in an incredibly tall cliff, seeming to lead into a cave. You shrug, figuring maybe the town is in the cave, and you enter.

After a few minutes of walking, you start hearing a rushing, roaring sound. Like fast-moving water. The interior floor of the cave looks smoothed out now, and every so often you note crystals glowing in an eerie cyan color lighting the way. Eventually, you round a corner and see an exit, which leads into an absolutely beautiful water-filled town under the earth.

This is what your eyes fall upon.

Bastion City lies near completely under the ground, with the exception to that being a giant crack in the earth overhead that faces to the west, out toward the sea. The entrance is bordered by a waterfall, which splits off just over the entrance to the city. It is absolutely covered in glowing aquamarine crystals, to the point where even the buildings are made out of them.

Bastion City is said to be the region’s leading exporter in Evolutionary Stones, especially Water Stones and Dawn Stones. Every so often you can find one stuck in the dirt with the other glowing crystals. It is said that the Gym Leader occasionally gives out Fire Stones rather than TMs alongside her badge.

In the center of the huge entrance cave, on a tall island in the middle of the water with earthen bridges leading to it, is the crystalline building that is the gym. Inside is a lone set of stairs, that leads down further into the earth, until it reaches a massive maze of fire and ice. If you can figure out the puzzle, a large, locked door in the center of the room opens up, revealing the leader herself inside, sitting on a throne with violet cushions. She has red hair, a violet vest with pink undershirt, blue jeans and glasses, and she always gives her challengers a smile.

“Such a pleasure to see a challenger who could get around the traps. I hope you are up to the challenge…!”


Welcome to Bastion City, the home of the Crystalline Badge. Here, you can challenge the leader, Zora, for the rights to earn the badge.

These are the rules.

- All battles will be Lv. 100 Single.
-Battles may be conducted using whatever Pokemon you like, barring anything on the TCoD Ban List. And Wynaut.
- Hax, Sleep, OHKO and DT clauses are ON. Anything else goes.
- If a disconnect occurs after, say, 12 rounds, you forfeit.
- Losing chalengers must wait a minimum of 10 days before re-challenging.
-You MUST have all the Tier I Badges before challenging.

My time zone is GMT -6, and I am available any time after 3:30 PM, until about 3 AM, any day of the week. (subject to change)


Pending challenges:

Victorious Challengers:

Challengers who must wait for a rematch:
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