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[Tier II] Perchester Castle Town Gym


The historic town of Perchester is a quiet castle town. The town is iconic in the way that no new major construction work has occured since the 1800s. Originally a castle, travellers settled around the castle and built permanent housing. The housing is archaic and the vast majority of houses have thatched rooves.

Several rooms of the castle were converted into the Perchester gym, some used as leader accomodation. Although not public property, the public are more than welcome to enter the Castle of Perchester to
challenge the gym in an attempt to earn the Virtue Badge. Oh, and of course to have a nose around at the stony interior of the castle itself.

Gym Status and Updates:
This Gym is currently open to challengers.

Gym Regulations:
  • Battle format: 6 vs 6 level 100 single battle.
  • Active clauses: OHKO, sleep, species and evasion.
  • The League Ban List applies.
  • Voice chat must be off.
  • Disconnection after 8 rounds into battle will be counted as a forfeit unless the issue has definitely occured from my end.
  • The use of hacked Pokémon is prohibited.
What happens after the battle?
Winners will receive the Virtue Badge.
Losers will receive nothing and, will have to wait 2 weeks before rechallenging the Gym.

How to apply for battle:
The following information is required.
  • Your Friend Code.
  • Your Time Zone.
  • The times for which are available to battle at, in both GMT and your own time zones. (Please be clear about which one is which.)
Please note that before a challenger can apply to battle, they must hold both of the Tier 1 Gym badges.

About the Gym Leader:
Time Zone: GMT.
Friend Code: 1933 7982 7734.

Pending Challengers:

Holders of the Virtue badge: