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Touching anime moments


Cute forum goer
Talk about them here :)

Pikachu's Goodbye. That episode......will always touch me. How Ash and Pikachu stayed together if only some goodbyes worked like that irl....*sigh*

Theres other eps (and movies too) i might mention in this thread over time. I guess, with the hard time i'm facing with a best friend irl right now pikachu's goodbye was at the top of my mind posting this.....


The Fool
Ok because i got i like on the twilight wings one i'll share something from twilight wings.

it was really cute when bea's machop gave her candy when she was all upset and lost in episode two.
But more importantly, is episode 3.

The plot is Hop is watching his older brother Leon on TV, and obsessing over charizard and hoping he can be the champion himself, when wooloo runs away because he feels useless, and then Hop tries finding wooloo and the moment they get back together again
is so touching, and it's really sweet, and it was probably the most well-written (and cutest) episode yet.