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Has anyone ever had the extreme urge to just troll the hell out of a forum? Like, no matter what intentions you have, you find yourself being snide and trying to get a rise out of other members. God its annoying isn't it? You just subconsciously want to rip into everyone and everything that moves. Those my dear friends are called rage issues.

Have you ever just had the urge to Troll?

Yeah... Me either.

(Note: This is not an attempt to troll people, this is an honest discussion I would like to have.)

((Mods: If this topic gets too carried away by any party involved, please lock immediately. Thank you))


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Exactly the person who spurred this little thought in my head! I noticed some members have a very very subtle way of trolling each other. Others aren't so subtle about the program. They are more outright and blunt about it. That is what makes trolling what it is. Its not quite flaming, but at the same time its just close enough that it might offend the target and get a rise out of them, causing them to throw the proverbial first punch.


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Honestly my friend, if you look down on me for believing something so simple as to be classified as "second grade" logic, then that is your decision, but I would enjoy having an actual proactive discussion. If you would mind taking your extreme wit and biting sarcasm elsewhere, or at least proactively contribute to the thread it would be greatly appreciated.


Okay, sure.

I don't have any particular intentions of subconsciously ripping into everything that moves.


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I've done it a few times
not very well, mostly just to annoy the people in charge


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it's only truly worth it when the targets are complete dicks.
i've never done it but wouldn't hesitate in said situation.


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Generally I don't troll, I anti-troll. Meaning I'm so sickeningly sweet and nice to trolls they just leave me alone. Lol, just always agree with 'em, they can't stand it.
It's kind of impossible to be sweet to trolls without sounding sarcastic, in which case you're only provoking them.


I herd you know that meme.
I don't hate trolls, they're amusing sometimes, but there's this one troll who annoys the heck out of me. He's always talking about extremely touchy subjects and junk. I dont like those kinds of trolls.

Anyway, I have had the urge to troll on many occasions, mostly idiots who have no idea what they're talking about.

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If I find a crappy site I'll troll and spam all over it. Just to piss em' off and see how many rules I can break before I get banned xD