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Suggestions Unconventionally Evolving Doodles

Notoriously Unknown

Quick, somebody come up with a witty response!
Hello CoD and hello art sub-forum, long time no see! Due to the lovely brain-numbing summer I've been having, creativity and the motivation to draw have been stifled.

No, let me fix that. It's all been buried under two tons of dirt and declared unsafe by the part of my mind that hates me.

That's where this comes in! This thread is for suggestions and constructive criticism from anyone who cares to give them. I am taking requests as well so if for whatever reason you would like something from me go ahead and throw it out there. I'm open for anything really, I just need some inspiration and practice. Note, though, that though I do take requests this is not by any means a shop. I would appreciate suggestions more then requests, but both are welcome.

If you suggest/request it, chances are it will turn up fairly soon (a few minutes to a few days), but don't expect a polished product. As the thread title implies, this is a home for doodles and sketches. That's not to say heavily worked on pieces won't occasionally pop up. If I like an idea enough neat things are bound to happen and I'd also like to use this place as a showcase for some of my prettier works, but if someone just asks me to draw a dragon with no specifications they will end up with something like a chibi seahorse wearing a costume. This isn't a place for serious work afterall~

So there it is. Hit me with your best shot! :D

Some examples of what I can do:


(Character practice with mine and my friends charas.)


(Old and for Mike the Foxhog. I don't care what he calls himself now.)


(I like piano music.)


(Attempt at drawing something creepy and possibly scary. Flat on my face.)


(Err.. No I idea what I was thinking while drawing this..)


(More chara practice)




(Warm up for Shinx and Jirachi request below. It was begging to be shaded!)


(Blurry because my camera hates me. Less detail, more chibi!!)
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You're really good! The pictures are all very... emotional, I guess? They're all very creative and I like basically all of them. The spidergirl is especially cool because it's a fusion of anime-esque girl and realistic spider.

(tophat shuppet is win)
Your art is nice! It's all really cute and emotional (what Blastoise said). I do love that spidergirl. :D

Anyway... I think you had a Midna avatar once. Maybe it was someone else? If you did, draw her please! If you didn't... what about linoone?
I just looked at the quote in your signature, and read over my dream from 2009 with my quote in it. Thank you for helping me remember that; that was hilarious.

Anyway, Notoriously Unknown, could you please draw a Rhyhorn and a Ninetales goofing off together?

I'm bored and have been playing OoT for the past few days. Doodles are somewhat mandatory whenever I really start getting into a game.


Cat-like vortex thing noms your soul

Emotional is one word to describe it. I have a tendancy to make my pictures flow. They can still look utterly wrong if the anatomy is off in an undesired way, but most of the time my drawings aren't stiff. I have no idea how I do that, it just happens. Thank you for the comments as well Blastoise!

Ah! I didn't know others had commented! Thank you and I'll get to those doodles soon as possible. :3

(I've been listening to this for a while. It's a great song to draw cute things to.)
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The world needs more hatless Midna.


Oh snap.


Kitty girls!! 8DD


Requested by a friend. He gave me a description and I ran wild with it. I feel like I should doodle this thing more often, but then I remember that I'm lazy.
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Everything you draw is adorable! Even when it wants to eat you. And I love adorable carnivorous creatures! And tophats. :D

Also, like others have said, you are very, very good at putting emotion into your work. All your drawings look like scenes from stories!
Yes Midna! :D That is just ridiculously cute and I love it.

Because this isn't purely a request thread I'll just wait and see for what you draw next.
Before anything else, I'm dumping all of my Midna pics. I love her to death, but damn she can be a bitch to draw!! Pics below are in chronological order, the oldest being a year or two old.




Right then! On to some oldies, but goodies.


Two hour request from a friend. Half a year old.


Two hour lineless test. Pretty recent, in the last few months.


Fifteen minute MSPaint shading test and furry test. Dunno how old.





At first I was just going to draw a canid, but then suddenly.. EARS.

Thank you for the comments everyone! I really appreciate them, but... any construct criticisms? I can take it! I'm always trying to improve.
I love all of these doodles, they're so entertaining! I wish I had looked here earlier. I don't have much criticism, because for one, they're only doodles, and for two, I'm actually not this good for the most part when it comes to doodles, but I will offer what I can see!

There was that one cat girl a little higher with the really funny face... I like her! I don't know how you made her eyes and her face look chibi like that, but you did an excellent job at making her look insanely cute. And I love how you drew her hands, too. They're just held in the most adorable position.

Then there's this canid "EARS" thing... I really like its expression, too. You're just really good at expressions, I guess. My second favorite part is its fluffy tail, and how you made it look all alert. I think the canid's body's middle is a little too thin, but I have trouble drawing things in that position...

I'm going to subscribe to this now :D
Haven't been feeling very well lately..
Have some old doodles~


Me and my friend messing around and being dorks. She drew the snake heart, requested the Latias, and I attempted to replicate some odd white dragon-like creature from some creepypasta (linked for detailed gore). He turned into Obama for whatever reason.
I just noticed that she covered Drobama in hearts.


Drawn in the style of these old old old Pokemon comics I have.I think that comic series was eventually cancelled due to some overtly sexual themes...


Old, but still loved.

Eh, I'll get some new doodles out of my brain and post some others later, maybe tomorrow. Thank you for the comments Darksong, they really are appreciated. :3

New-ish Chara. Mallari is a blunt, rebellious, and all around a bratty girl who never seemed to grow up past fifteen. She ran away from, in her opinion, her oppresivly religeous family and ended up living in the woods till she was 21, reason being a friend of her's death. She went not to commemorate the death, but to collect her loot from the will. Easily angered and a bit of a theif, maybe as she grows she will learn more of the world and stop believing it revolves around her. It'll take some serious convincing, though.
Been gone for a while.. Forgot about this place again. If it's any consolation for the few who actually like my drawings, I'm dumping quite a lot here. School started again and I've been doodling nonstop.


Though not actually what I look like, this is my general alias.


New-ish character. Normally he's a ferret, but I wanted to see what he would look like as a human. Note that he's about ten years old in human years.


I got bored. I seemed to be fixiated on cages as well. Must have felt trapped.

Linked for breasts
This is Waters, /x/s personal cryptid that I was there to witness. Started with an "ask a monster anything" thread, ended with a pissed off, child-like, lead astray thing after /x/s blood, hair, and longthings. Of course I had to doodle her.


Drawn on a history assignment.


Some doodle pages.


Slenderman meets a cat!

Slender man attempts to be a DJ!
With all the oddly mundane situations I tend to draw Slenderman in (there are many other doodles, these were just my favorites) he's no longer a mysterious, creepy pseudo-human. To me Slenderman is the main character in a series of childrens books! Then again.. that would work to his advantage, wouldn't it?
I like the slenderman doodles and the way you draw yourself.
Can i request a drawing of a staue of a marowak with angel wings holding it's bone up?
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