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Useless Gifts.


make no mistakes 'cause i'm on fire
Whether it be Christmas or your birthday, someone is going to give you a crappy present. It may not be their fault, but they do.
For example: One Christmas I got a FitBit.
I go on internet forums for fun.
Thanks a whole lot.
...No gift is useless. Be grateful for what you get, don't complain about it.

I really don't like this attitude. When it comes to "the thought that counts" it just makes me feel worse because the fact that there was a thought but it was wasted makes me somehow feel sorry for the thoughts of the person who got me the gift. And also if it's a gift I'm never going to use my house now has one more item of tat that's just going to lie around taking up space and the person who bought the thing is X amount of money worse off for no reason.

Sometimes when I have my tinfoil hat on I think that "the thought that counts" was invented my the same people who commercialised Christmas and other holidays, in order to discourage returns.
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