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[wanted] Froakie and Chespin, Vivillion forms


Mage of Blood
My sister has Y so I have version exclusives covered, but I found out that she starter her game with Fennekin instead of waiting and trading me the other two starters first. So we started with the same starter. I am also interested in the Vivillion forms. I only have my own, which is the purple one (Icr what it's called) I can offer X or Y exclusives (at least as far as I am in the game, which is currently Shalour City but I'm getting there) and I can offer pretty much anything on Gen 5 but it should be transferred to Gen 6 once I get them all traded to Black 2 so I can do all of the breeding things since I've been postponing it. (I'll probably do a seperate want thread for my Gen 5 completion needs)


I have Chespins and Froakies! I also get modern Vivillon (one of the pink ones, it's really common) if that's not what you mean by purple. I'm interested in anything on this Y exclusives list except Skrelp and Larvitar. I'm the most interested in Spritzee!

I also get Qulladin from the friend safari, which are guaranteed to have two perfect IVs, so I could catch you one of those if you'd prefer it to a baby Chespin.

If you want to trade, my friend code is 0404-5754-4478!


rage against the dying of the light
I get Modern Vivllon (this pattern), and I'm restarting now to do a dragon monotype run, so I can get you a Chespin or a Froakie (I can also reset for a beneficial nature, if you want.)

If your vivillon is the Elegant pattern (this one), i'd be interested in that. If not, we can work something else out, too.


I swear I'm cool you have to believe me
You can get the gen vi starter than is weak to yours (I.E. if you chose Fenniken you'll get Froakie) after you beat the elite four.


hopefully back??
ive got a quilladin (from a friend safari) and a greninja that i can breed for you if you want! maybe theyll get some egg moves as well? im not sure.

also icy snow vivillion! pm me if youre interested uwu