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[Wanted] Help with trade evolutions


Back again (maybe for good this time)!
HG: 3438 7222 9468
Pl: 5199 6480 6872

Alright. I have Pokemon that I need to evolve in HeartGold and Platinum, and the GTS glitch isn't working for me. If anybody could simply trade back and forth with my two carts, that would be greatly appreciated. I could also offer some miscellaneous items as a reward (PP ups, etc) if desired.
I could. When do you want to do it? I don't really need it, but if you have an Energy Ball TM, I'd like that. It's fine if you don't.
Sorry, I don't an Energy Ball TM. Would 4:30 p.m. today work for you?

Oh, I've managed to do one of my evolutions on HeartGold, so you only need to trade with my Platinum.
I also don't know your own FC; could I get it?
My friend code is 1119 3593 6144. I think you need your name to put on a friend code. 4:30's probably fine, but what time are you? I'm GMT-5. Maybe a Rare Candy or Flamethrower then for a reward? Like I said before though, it's fine.
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A Flamethrower sounds fine, yeah. As for the names, they don't matter - anything will work as long as you have the friend code.

I'm GMT -5 as well. Since I've missed the time, how about we trade at six or when we're both active - whichever comes first.
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