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Welcome to the Safari Zone! (What You Need to Know)

Patience! You only just made it, and the Safari Zone's still just getting running again (It died from lack of activity for a bit). You definitely aren't gonna have people coming in as soon as an area opens, unless you're pretty lucky.

Don't worry, people will be coming in soon! :)

You posted that and someone asked to try it. >_>
I probably didn't look hard enough, but I can't find the guide to the random number generator. Is like 1-50 a common, 51-70 an uncommon, 70-90 a rare, and 90-100 super rare or something? I have no idea, plus, with the shinies, and all of that stuff with the numbers.
Generally it's preferred that rare things be somewhat rare. One-tenth... isn't, as such. I personally use 174/200 common, 20/200 uncommon, 5/200 rare, and 1/200 very rare, and a shiny chance matching that of the games; most people use a number more along the lines of one in a few hundred for shinies. These aren't absolute numbers, of course, but they're a pretty good place to start.
Can I put Larvesta and/or Volcarona in my Safari Zone? They're borderline legendary, so I don't know what to think.
Hmm. The previous administration declared it a once-per-zone thing, but since then it's become multiply available, if rarely, in the games. I'll say go for it, though obviously it should not be common.
Can you take one of your pokemon from your box to be your partner in an area, or does your partner have to be your starter?
I have two questions.

1: How do I earn $30? And...

2:Can you have a Safari Zone with a Pokemon fan game or Fakemon?
I have two questions.

1: How do I earn $30? And...

2:Can you have a Safari Zone with a Pokemon fan game or Fakemon?

1. Make a post on the Bank III stating that you want to start an account and what starter Pokemon you want, and I'll handle the rest!

2. Like Phoenix said, that's against the rules. The general list of accepted Pokemon can be found here.
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