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Welcome to the Yopia region!


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Welcome to the Yopia region! Six large islands came together to form this region. They say that two pokemon used their powers to create these Islands, Garava and Aquice are their names. Legand has it that Garava and Aquice visit Mt. Crystal. Yopia has many different types of terrain because of the islands different origins.

Importaint landforms and terrain:

Mossy Island:

Pinewood Forest:
A large temperate forest, as its name implies, has many pine trees. Pinewood forest also has a strange shrine deticated to a pokemon that no one can make out. Pinewood City is located in the heart of Pinewood forest

Crystal Island:

Crystal Beach:
Crystal Beach isn't just your normal sandy beach... Instead of sand this beach has miniature crystals on it! Jewlers from all over the world come here to gather these small crystals. No one can figure out what kind of crystals they are

Mt. Crystal:
A beautiful mountian made entirely of crystals. Some say the whole island used to be a mountain but a giant portion of it fell off and shattered, creating the crystal beach. If you travel down far enough in the caverns you will find a large hot spring

Soaked Island:

Muddy Mire:
Some say that the Muddy Mire broke off of The Great Marsh. Not much else to note here.

Bugfield Island:

The Great Wheat Fields:
A single farmer owns miles and miles of wheat. This field is so large that pokemon move into this area. The farmer happily welcomes people to view his fields.

Drydry Island:

The Great Salt Flats:
A field of white salt as far as the eye can see. Only hardy trainers can pass through here.

Burnoto Desert:
A large derest area with many cacti plants around the area, constantly plagued by sand storms. There are large ancient ruins here that trainers can explore. Legand has it there is a secret oasis somewhere in the desert...

The Burnoto Oasis:
Instead of a blank yellow landscape this paradice has lush green plants growing all around. The oasis is home to many tropical trees and plants making you feel like your in the jungle. The oasis is home to lake Siwmod. The oasis has many pokemon that cannot be found anywhere else in the yopia region so many trainers look to find it

Mt. Spear:
A large mountain with a sharp peak giving it it's name, Mt. Spear. Mt. Spear is a long, confusing cave that not many can pass through. Mt. spear is home to the famous underground city entrance

The Yopia Underground:
Not to be confused with the sinnoh underground. Long ago the settlers of this island spotted another island out in the distance. They tried and tried to boat acrros the waters but they where to rough. So one fellow decided that he would dig an underground tunnel to this strange island. Thus the Yopia Underground was born

Frozen Island:

Icicle Forest:
Yet another temperate forest in the region of yopia. This forest is full of snow all year long because of its high elevation. Certain types of pokemon have adapted to the cold snow and make small burrows in the snow.

Mt. Freeze:
Mt. Feeze is the largest mountian in the Yopia region. There is a small cave in the mountain where you can travel through to reach the peak of Mt. Freeze where it is said that Aquice travels to once a year.

Towns And Cities:

Largeleaf Town:
Largeleaf town is a quiet, peaceful town located at the southern most tip of the island. This town has no pokemon center or pokemart.

Ceter Town:
This town is larger and more noisy than Largeleaf town. Making them not so peaceful compared Largeleaf town. Ceter town is home to the famous Prof. Maple

Pinewood City:
A huge, busling city right in the heart of Pinewood Foest. Rose the leader of the flower gym waits for trainers to challenge her to win the thorn badge

Port Seapo:

Crytal City

Mudoh Town

Marshish City

Mudwat Town

Bugoh City

Whet Town

Burnoto Town

Desreta City

Underground City

Icicle Town

Dryice City

Peak Town

(More Discriptions Coming Soon)

Gym Leaders:

Rock Type-Stone the leader of the crystal gym

Water Type-Walter the leader of the marsh gym

Bug Type-Archy the leader of the pester gym

Ground Type-Sandy the leader of the desert gym

Grass Type-Rose the leader of the flower gym

Poisin Type-Val the leader of the toxic gym

Steel Type-Stella the leader of the earth gym

Hal the leader of the snowflake gym

Name: Spird
Type: Grass/Flying
Pokedex: Spird are very timed pokemon that will avoid fights at all costs. To avoid any fighting they have adapted to the trees in which they live in so that they blend in with the leaves
Evolution: Into Twird
Appearance: Like a small green bird but instead of wings think of leaves. Spird also have a yellow under side a twig for a beak

Name: Twird
Type: Grass/Flying
Pokedex: Twird are far more aggressive than their pre evolved form, Spird. If anything comes into it's territory, Many Twird will attack in a large swarm
Evolution: Into Birbranch
Appearance: Much like Spird only bigger and with bigger wings. If you look close enough you'll see that Twird have small brown spots on them

Name: Polear
Type: Water
Pokedex: Instead of living on land these pokemon are raised in water and gradually move to land when they are close to evolving.
Evolution: Into Bitolor
Appearance: Polear look like a small white teddy bears with big, blue eyes. They also have a picture of a water drop on their stomach.

Name: Bitolor
Type: Water/Ice
Pokedex: Bitolor are great hunters in the wild. One hard bite of this pokemon and it could be fatal. They are also known to softly bite their trainers when their exited
Evolution: Into Pretioler
Appearance: A lot like Polear only that it is bigger, he has sharper teeth and claws and the water drop picture has become a piture of three water droplets

Name: Cubire
Type: Fire
Pokedex: Cubire live in burrows deep underground where they are completely safe. This makes them extremely rare
Evolution: Into Cubava
Appearance: Like a small fluffy orange cat with a flaming tail. Cubire also have a few tufts of hair on their neck that will become a mane as it evolves

Name: Cubava
Type: Fire
Pokedex: Cubava are now ready to leave the burrow they have spent thier whole life in and experience the open world
Evolution: Into Valcanoin
Appearance: A small lion cub. The tufts of hair have now become a small mane. Cubava is a lot bigger than cubire

Name: Chickly
Type: Normal/Flying
Pokedex: Chickly are small defenceless pokemon that are known for their annoying chirping sounds
Evolution: If male, will evolve into Roostoud. If female will evolve into Earachick
Appearance: Picture a small yellow circle with a beak, two small wings, tail feathers and two big eyes.

Name: Chimok
Type: Normal
Pokedex: Chimok live in underground tunnels. If they are disturbed they will bite the closest person or pokemon near them
Evolution: Into Monkchip
Appearance: Like a small brown Chimpmonk with a white stripe across his back

More Coming Soon


Map of Yopia
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Drifloon Rocks

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I like your ideas! Keep 'em coming!

Some of the names of places are a little plain, like Mud Swamp. It helps to use Thesaurus.com to look up words that sound more interesting. Which sounds better to you, Mud Swamp, or Muddy Mire? Try looking up words on Thesaurus.com and see what you can come up with.


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Another one? Hmm. It seems okay, but maybe you could but a little more description? A 'teddy bear with blue paws' doesn't really give much of an image...


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It's not done yet, I'm going to put discriptions and locations for the towns and cities
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Anything but unremarkable
You know, it miight help to pt the Pokémon in order, because currently they go Grass starter 1-Grass starter 2 Water starter 1 Water starter 2->Fire starter 1-> Fire stater 2. What happened to the Grass-Fire-Water order, and where are the third stages in the evolution lines?