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What Games Are You Playing?

stilllll chugging along on awakening and getting super pumped for fe14

also chugging along on omega ruby
Still playing Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies. I'm on the second to last case, and I've already played the DLC episode.
i'm taking my time on Omega Ruby, aiming to not take so long i don't finish it before MM3D comes out.
I am sloooowly working on Omega Ruby, but I have a huge plethora of games that I'm juggling and will probably take ages to finish.

So I'll just point to my Backloggery status in my signature.
started playing Final Fantasy XIV last month, made a pretty decent amount of progress in that amount of time - maxed out a DRG, currently at ilevel 90 and currently working on a Black Mage and Warrior. once the Heavensward expansion hits i'll be all over the machinist job lol

also got Tales of Zestiria in the mail the other day, so i've been juggling that too. absolutely lovely game so far, really like Slay as a protag as of now
I just played Presentable Liberty, and my god, I have never felt this empty after playing a video game.
I've been playing Dishonored for the last few days and I'm really enjoying it (had a bit of a rocky start thanks to the saves and settings fucking up in offline mode but w/e). I'm pretty sure I'll have to play it a second time after I'm done with this playthrough and see what happens if I don't murder everyone I can swing a sword at. :O
Recently started Doom 2 because I've played like a dozen user-made WADs for it but not the game itself. >:\ The "city" levels are hilariously awful.
Majora's Mask 3D. I never played the original, so this is a whole new experience for me.
still on Final Fantasy 14, and also Monster Hunter 4 now. good. times.

also picked up Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD finally since i finished my lvl 1 proud mode challenge in 1.5. time for my first critical mode playthrough of this game!
I'm pretty sure I'll have to play it a second time after I'm done with this playthrough and see what happens if I don't murder everyone I can swing a sword at. :O
I had the same problem. I played it through four times and every time ended with high chaos. But that game is really fun, it has this feel that reminds me of North Carolina :/
Oh also I started realizing how much better Battlefield is than Call of Duty, so I think I want Battlefield Hardline (I tried the beta, it was great). Also, if anybody here has played the Call of Duty Advanced Warfare campaign, Jonathan Iron's actor is going to be in a new show. I saw it in a commercial while watching Fairytail (which I also am having an obsession with).
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I've been playing Dragon Age: Inquisition pretty much nonstop since Sunday evening, and just last night found out that I fucked up big time in terms of romance options by picking a female Qunari as my playable character. Oh my dearest fictional (not)boyfriends, why don't you want a tall lady with cool horns? D:

Disregarding that though, I've been enjoying the game so far (especially after I got to the part WHERE YOU CAN TINT EXISTING ARMOR WHATEVER COLOUR YOU WANT like holy shit these guys know EXCATLY what I want in a game). :P
Right now, I'm playing Swarm Simulator, Clicker Heroes and Realm Grinder. All on Kongregate. ...Yeah. Not much to talk about.
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