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What is your favourite single Pokemon ever


I've loved that beautiful creature since the day I first saw her. (Yes, I prefer to think of Mew as a female Pokemon, despite the fact that it's genderless.) Even before I knew Mew was a legendary. My younger sister brought home some cards a friend at school gave her when we were both very young. I think I was maybe in the fourth grade. One of the cards had a Mew on it. I had no idea it was a Legendary Pokemon for the first few months that I was in love.

Once I figured that out, though, it became obvious that people frowned upon those like me who loved a Legendary Pokemon and wanted to write stories about a trainer with a Mew. So I then found Raichu, which is now my close second.
Raichu's my favorite pokemon of all time.A pity he doesn't appear in games as often as Pikachu,though,and even on the anime it's rare to see a Raichu.
My favorite Pokémon at the moment is Miltank. I absolutely adore its shiny form, and Miltank are pretty powerful.

Also, they're cows. What's more awesome than a cow?
Dunno if I've ever posted here...

Mawile has always been my favourite Pokemon. Back when Pokésonas were cool MINE WAS A MAWILE and it was epic. :D

Ahh, before Ruby/Sapphire I loved Lapras, Jolteon and Umbreon~
I've taken a liking to Gorebyss as of recent. I don't know, there's something about the fact that it's a deep-sea fish (the most awesome kind of fish, BTW) and that it's actually more vicious than its real-life counterpart, and the huge irony of its looks and how brutally it kills its prey (FR/LG's pokedex lies. This thing ambushes other sea pokemon and drains their freakin' body fluids) that makes it creepy, but in an awesome way. Plus, it's pretty damn useful, too.
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Raichu. It's been my favourite since 2005 or 2006 <3
I used to love it since it was my second strongest Pokemon on my Emerald game (first was Rayquaza) and I thought it was so cool. Now i've just become attached to my Raichu character (Raichao) that it will always stay my favourite, until I completely lose intrest in Pokemon and abandon my own fancharacters XD
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