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What makes you role-play / What do you look for in a role-play?


hapless homestuck
Why do you join an RP? Is it for the social interactions with other people, or is it for the ability to be someone or something else? Are you looking for a story that is suitably deep, or perhaps it's for the feeling of success when you overcome an obstacle. I enjoy wandering the world that the Dungeon/Game Master has created.

Also, what makes you become a D/GM? Is it crafting a story you think will be fun for your players? For me it's seeing what someone else can do in my world and improve it.

And the final question, what do you look for when you go to join an RP?


out of touch thursday
Mm. I'm not sure if I'm part of your target audience, but I'll answer anyway! I mostly rp for the social aspect. I like being part of a world with other people, being part of a group and exploring the world together.

But that takes time and a commitment I'm kind of afraid to invest in? because I've known myself to disappear off the internet when something comes up and that happens way too often these days. Or I'll just get lazy and not post.

I don't rp much these days because I don't think I'll be able to be present enough with one, but I'd look on a forum like this for one if I were searching for one to join.

Arylett Charnoa

Barely existent.
I do it because of all the possibilities. Writing stories by myself is very taxing and I often lose motivation. I always know what's going to happen when I write it. But with others, I get to experience unpredictability. It excites me when somebody else does something I didn't expect, and I have to react to it. Watching a story flow and evolve, like the story of real life flows and evolves... it makes it feel much more immersive. The more I can't predict it, and the more people join in my mutual fantasy, the more invigorated I feel. This applies especially if I'm a DM. I agree with all of what you said, Cynder. I want to see what other people can do in my world.

Unfortunately, I can't find any RPs that stimulate that feeling nowadays. People don't take it seriously enough. They're often just floating around, not posting for weeks, because of prior commitments. So basically, what I look for when I join an RP is a dedicated group of people above all. It doesn't matter as much what the story or concept is about, as long as people are willing to commit.