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What Pokemon would you, realistically, have?


oops, did it again
This was the thread that got me interested in these forums, so I decided to revive it. *Pulls out Max Revive* Basically, you decide which Pokemon you'd own based on where you live and where you've traveled, and post how you got each of them.

I'll start:
Location: Central New York, near Lake Ontario.
2 Persian Lv 53, and 33: Over the years I have had many cats. The level 53 persian, he has been in manymanymanymanymany fights, so he is covered in scars. the other one, well, the only bruises he's gotten are from fighting with my purrloin and falling. cats dont always land on thier feet.

Purrloin Lv 12: My most recent pet, had her for 2 months. never walks away from a fight, and is always the one to start it. But she's so cute that no one can help but forgive her.

Barboach Lv 23: I've only gone fishing once, and I only caught one thing. A barboach. The only things you can catch around here are Barboach and a cold, so I went with a Barboach.

Rattata lv 34: Had her for a couple years, and chose not to evovle her so she could stay in her cage. I call her Tater Tot :3.

Dugtrio Lv 42: There was a HUGE one in my grandparents backyard, and it fell into their drained pool. i managed to catch it and nurse it back to health. (yes guys CAN be nurses)

Loppony Lv 45: Every year a family of bunearys and lopponys come and live under my grandparents shed, and one day my older Persian brought back a small Buneary, in perfect condition.

Crawdaunt Lv 31: In 4th grade, we all had to do a science project with some Corpish, and we got to take them home.

Cant wait to see other peoples!


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Well, i would probably have a rattata. Wild mice are everywhere where i live. So are deer, so probably a stantler. I've always had cats my entire life, and my favorite looked just like a glameow, so one of those too. Used to have some small fish, so i'd probably have an insane amount of magikarp. you also see praying mantises (?) a lot, and i love scyther, so probably a bunch of scyther and scizor. and a pidove. in one of the trees in my yard, there's a nest of doves. and i would have caught a few with my scyther. whee, scythes... *drools*
I would go to extreme lengths (and by "extreme" I mean it) to own a Houndoom, or at least a Houndour.

The rest would be caught as I went along, but my roster would be filled with Dark Pokés.
Maybe a Chandelure. It can save the Earth by using its head to light up my room instead of electricity. :D
Oh lol, didn't think of that. I was so caught up in the thought of the AWESOMENESS in saving the planet that it slipped my mind.
Let me check...

Bulbapedia said:
Special abilities:
...Chandelure's flames do not burn physically; rather, they burn up the victim's spirit.
Somewhat an epic fail...But I'm not the victim, so I'm okay! :D Too bad the flames aren't physically there...


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Let's see I live in a small country house up north in United States. Only a small ice pokemon could survive here. I guess a skitty that I would never evole.


sorry guys, don’t lose
...Skitty? What? That's a Normal type and nothing else.

There would be several Deerling and Sawsbuck around here, and maybe some Rattata, and... Maybe some Ekans and Taillow. Woodsy Pokémon.


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I dunno, Rattata, Meowth, other typical urban pokemon, as well as farming type, Ponyta, Rapidash, Miltank, Tauros, Bouffalant, Torchic.

And then the wilder ones; Ducklett, Spearow, Pidgey, Deerling, Sawsbuck, Poochyena, Mightyena, Tediursa, Ursaring, and wintery pokemon (I lives in southern manitoba) so stuff along the lines of Cubchoo, Beartic (not much though), Sneasel, a few Wevile, dunno what else...


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Well, if I live in central Scotland then it's fairly likely that I have a lot of urban-dwelling Electric types nearby, so probably those. Galvantula, Pikachu, that sort of thing. We also have a lot of birds who murder pigeons Pidove in our back garden, so *g* a Fearow, Staravia? Maybe a Swablu or something because they're SO FLUFFY.

Fire types would probably be heavily imported due to the cool weather conditions here, but I don't think they'd do very well. :(


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A Lucario to practice taekwondo and judo with would be nice. Realisticly, you say? A Arcanine for my dog, he kinda reminds me of one. And I would be planning to get some Linnone and Furret in the future, I want ferrets later on in my life.


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I dunno, Rattata, Meowth, These 2 might work I didn't think about them. Other typical urban pokemon, as well as farming type, Ponyta, Rapidash(They would not survive here the winters are to harsh for a pokemon with fire on there back. Snow can freeze a second time at it dose here), Miltank, Tauros(Yards not big enough), Bouffalant(Huh?), Torchic(I guess but I'm not a fan of firetypes).

And then the wilder ones; Ducklett(Huh?), Spearow, Pidgey(maybe but wouldn't there wings make a big mess in a house), Deerling(Huh?), Sawsbuck(Huh?), Poochyena(yeah I think he'd fit in house), Mightyena(he might be to big), Tediursa(didn't think about this one), Ursaring(to big for my yard), and wintery pokemon (I lives in southern manitoba) so stuff along the lines of Cubchoo, Beartic (not much though), Sneasel, a few Wevile,(I'm not fimilar with those pokemon) dunno what else...
I thought about Lapras, Seel and Dewgong but I didn't know if they'd fit in yard. I'm sorry I was mistaken on skitty's type. However thinking about small normal types that dose give me a few more options. Now that I think about it I could have a togepi I would like if it stayed a togepi. Togepi could stay in nice warm house with me in winter. I'd have to train it to use metranome only when we are outside. I still want skitty to it could stay warm in winter inside. I'd have a skitty and togepi.