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What ships do you sail?


:3 w00t w00t~~!
Yey! A anime shipping thread.

Mines are:

I found a lots of hints. And it's reallyyyy obvious!
And in the songs in Pokemon, she has several songs implying she likes Ash.
Andddd, Ash is jealous when Misty is with another guy.

Obvious, and they're so cute together!
May always blush when she receives a rose from Drew.
And, aren't red roses meant 'True Love'?

I saw a few hints, but I still support IkariShipping!
Opposites attract, didn't they say?
D P D P D P got it?

that's all........


Otaku and proud ~
I haven't watched the anime in a while but I support PokeShipping, RocketShipping, ContestShipping, IkariShipping, and CutesyShipping. :D

EDIT: Woah, this made me realize just how mainstream I am. (x

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I support ash/misty , may/drew , jessie/james beacause they sound realistic
and ash/latias beacause it sounds too stupid to be true but latias (it think that it wasnt bianca) kissed ash at the end of the fith movie

Phyro Phantom

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Lolz, I've never really been into this thing. Probably 'cause I'm male, but whatever. I think Ash/May and Ash/Dawn are crazy and unrealistic, but I find those pairings funny for some reason nonetheless. Oddly, I never liked Misty because she can be annoying sometimes. =/


poor choices in past friends/demeanor, aware of it
nothing beats Celebishipping ever

that's Iron Masked Marauder / Time Flute, for those who are unaware


I cannot believe I'm the only person in this thread that supports BoulderShipping (AshxBrock). I mean, come on, it's so obvious.


local hellion
Recently (aka two days ago) I realized that Pokeshipping makes a lot of sense.

I swear, the music I'm listening to did it. *shrugs*


They always fall for the eyes!
I cannot believe I'm the only person in this thread that supports BoulderShipping (AshxBrock). I mean, come on, it's so obvious.
Yeah, in that episode at the beggining of the Hoenn series, remember what Ash said? He said "These two men are gonna do it!!" Obvious enough.
Anyway, I don't know what it is called, but I support the Ash/May one. I mean, how can the other two make any sense? Like, isn't Misty like 20? And Dawn's just ugly, we all know that. Anyway, is there one for the pichu brothers? Now theres some brotherly love. Also, the Ash/Pickachu one is illegal. That's like some 12 year old kid humping a rat caught in an electrical outlet. Not cool, man. Not cool.

Phyro Phantom

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I cannot believe I'm the only person in this thread that supports BoulderShipping (AshxBrock). I mean, come on, it's so obvious.
Um.... wow. o_O So I suppose you take Brock's obsessive lust over everything female in the universe (except Misty, May and Dawn of course) to be a cover-up? Or what?


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Contest and PokeShipping are non-canon. AdvanceShipping is canon. because they are so well together. Details will be posted later.


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I don't know what it's called but I support Ash/Misty. I don't know why but I could never stand May/Dawn, they annoy me.


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Except for a joke shipping (Lance x Marge/Courtney) which was formed from a roleplay with some friends of mine, I don't do any shippings or read any stories involving any shippings (except some PokéShipping ones, when they've been done exceptionally well). And yes, I consider the Christmas Bash CD canon.

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dawnxkenny (omg! you killed kenny you basted!)
and many others i cant be bothered writing.
just for fun, ashxashes cap,
drewxdrews ego.


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Just PokeShipping, because it's too obvious(Misty's infatuation with Ash, I mean).