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What stats do you focus on in RPGs?


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Do you prefer to have powerful attacks or to be stealthy? Maybe you prefer balance.

Not all RPGs have the same stats but a lot of them often share concepts. How do you play them?


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Stealthy with magic. I love stealth, and I prefer magic because of the whole linear warriors, quadradic wizards thing.


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I must kill all the things. The numbers need to be bigger!


Attack stats for physical fighters, Magic Attack for mages (minus white ones), and then defensive stats for white mages so they can live long enough to heal me.

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I... don't really pay any attention to any stats. Instead, I prefer the tried and true method of beating the game with whatever I have. Case in point, my Diamond playthrough: I was about 7, and ignored the fact that I must switch my party in and out. This is how I ended up with a level 6o-or-70-something Empoleon, and the next highest member of my party being a level 41-43 Golduck.


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I usually use characters that hit hard and fast. I don't really care for recovery or defence; my strategy is to get in, beat the shit out of people, and get out.


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It is good to have very powerful attacks but have a very good defense measure as well. You can not have both at the same level however. I usually try to go for good attacks with high power as well but most of the time I end up with very bad defenses so I just trade for well trained Pokemon. Pokemon is my first RPG. I have played the Final Fantasy series and used to have Final Fantasy III for Super Nintendo. It was a very long hard game.I did not get far but my siblings got pretty close to beating the game and then the save battery died so we lost the file. But yeah Pokemon is my main RPG series.:)


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I don't play many rpgs that require levelling stats manually, but I do like the thief play-style in skyrim.