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What to Say to Random People you Looked up in the phonebook

Call the FBI hotline and say: "I know who you are. if you don't give me the money, I will hunt you. I will find you. And I will kill you.".
and then get arrested under anti-terrorism legislation, detained without trial and possibly sentenced for serious crimes. they take that kind of stuff pretty seriously over here, and I'm sure they're even more jumpy about it in the states.

incidentally, prank calling is juvenile and unfunny. leave it to the professionals.
@HolyLugia912: I wonder if Fran Drescher knows how to spell Fran Drescher.

I tend not to do prank calls, for fear that someone will have caller ID. I'm a wimp, aren't I?
I used to use those soundboard things. They are fun, but you've got to be quick. I pulled a prank on my boyfriend once when he called me at work when I told him not to. (silly boy) I had a friend of mine answer the phone for me... He was expecting me, but instead got a man asking for his change back... he was utterly confused for the next two days.
Say, "Look, I'm sorry about what happened. It's just that... well, I'm never going to give you up, or let you down, or..." (you know the rest!)

...I guess either that or "I know. I know all about it. And I will tell them all. :|"
Call someone and ask if they know where their trash can is. Say that you are the TPA, Trash can Protection Agency. If they don't know, warn them that their neighbors are keeping it hostage in their barn, and using it to create a bomb. It's a threat to national security.

Also ask if the number you called is McDonalds, and then proceed to order a cheeseburger. In a derp voice.

Where I live, if you dial *67 before the phone number, it blocks the caller ID

EDIT: Except at the police station/other executive branch of the US government (CIA, FBI). They can trace phone numbers
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That and call a shop that sells musical instruments and say this;

You: Uh, yeah, I'm calling because my ukelele fell off of my shelf and hit my computer, and I can't go on my websites anymore.
You: My uke falls off the shelf, hits the computer, and now I can't look at any of my sites.
You: You see, my daughter was playing with this big red ball *now laugh insanely and loudly* and it hit the shelf and the uke fell off of it and hit my laptop. I can't surf my sites anymore!
call a random number and say: " You've just one $1 million dollars. we need to enter your win in our database. please hold while we ignore you."

at this point put the phone down next to a lady gaga CD playing in a CD player
Call Pizza Hut, wait for an answer, then scream "I SAID I WANTED OLIVES!" in the loudest, highest-pitched spawn of a voice your throat can concoct.

Call a random number and say "like... hey, man. Could you, like, gimme a ride?" (I've done this before. Then I hung up. xD)
Call any number that contains the Dex number of your favourite Pokemon, and ask anything to do with that Pokemon. For example:

*dials number with 250 somewhere in it*
"Hi, have you seen my Ho-Oh? I was wondering if anyone's seen it 'cause it ran from me yesterday."

call a number with "666" anywhere in it, and ask for satan. This could end up to be illegal, but I put it here because this be my 666th post.
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