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What's ironic or surprising in your Pokemon game?

Not Meowth

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The AI of the people in the Battle Factory is dreadful.
I was just facing a lv100 Mamoswine with a lv100 Rhyperior. It opened with Peck.
After that, they sent out a Donphan which started with Sandstorm. Fair enough, maybe they thought I'd have a Special attack on a Rhyperior for some insane reason and wanted the Sp. Def boost (unless that's just for Rock-types, I forget). Next turn, he used it again.


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The AI in the Battle Factory is supposed to be bad, to give you a fair chance of winning with pokemon you don't own.


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So I'm on a new game in Emerald. And I need a Wingull because Brawly is a bastard. Training it in Granite Cave, and I swear to you, I get nothing but Makuhitas. I mean, everything I fight in here is a Makuhita, save for one little Geodude who catches me on my way out to heal. I come back, Makuhitas EVERYWHERE. It's like they're taunting me for losing to Brawly three times in a row.

But then I level up. And I learn Wing Attack.

Five Zubats in a row.


EDIT: Hey, we got the surprise, now here's the irony. He still kicked my ass.


Witch of Light
There were more situations I encountered in Pokémon games.
In Gold, I managed to burn Whitney's Miltank, it missed with Rollout when I only had one Pokémon left (Bellsprout) and it fainted from the burn.
Later, I battled Chuck's Poliwrath with Weepinbell. It hit with Hypnosis, but then it kept using Dynamicpunch and kept missing.
(another Gym battle in which Victreebel was the hero was the one with Brock, but that was obvious, except that I evolved it too soon)
Well, there was that level 23 Crobat when I thought it was a trade evolution. And the shiny Rattata when I was looking for Entei. And the fact that the wild Heracross seem to be hiding from me in Johto. And catching Latias in Sapphire without putting it asleep when my brother convinced me to try it but I didn't expect a success. And recruiting Kyogre for the first time in Red Rescue Team. But Diamond had its situations too...

My first Eevee was female. Now she is an Espeon (which is obvious because I always get Espeon first) and the mother of all my other Eeveons (oh yes, and my Vaporeon is a girl as well).
Of both Ralts and Snorunt, I first got the gender that didn't have a Dawn Stone evolution. But while Snorunt gave me quite a lot of trouble, I met two Ralts in a row, the first had Trace (which I consider the better ability) and the second was male.
Next up is Plusle. First, it looked like Plusle and Minun were exclusives, except that Bulbapedia said otherwise. Then, Backlot finally mentioned Plusle. I expected to look for it at least ten minutes, but it was the first Pokémon I met there, which didn't happen with any other of those Pokémon.
I also found the Turnback cave without wanting it. I noticed an area east from the route between Veilstone and the Lakefront. I went to the other side and found a place named the Sendoff spring. I looked it up on Bulbapedia and was surprised to find out that the cave in there was actually Giratina's cave.
And of course, sometimes I decide to train on a random patch of grass and Mesprit comes up.

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I also found the Turnback cave without wanting it. I noticed an area east from the route between Veilstone and the Lakefront. I went to the other side and found a place named the Sendoff spring. I looked it up on Bulbapedia and was surprised to find out that the cave in there was actually Giratina's cave.
Ha, that happened to me, too. I was randomly walking around when I found the cave, and, having nothing else better to do, went in and explored.

...I was very surprised when I found Giratina sitting at the end of that place.


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I didn't find it since I caught it at the Distortion World. I DID find a Griseous Orb though! :D


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In Black there is a trainer named Nurse Shery. I have an Aunt Sherry. She is a nurse :D


Witch of Light
I got at least three female starters in non-Mystery Dungeon games. I am not sure about the Venusaur from Fire Red, but I am about the Typhlosion from Gold, the Meganium from Crystal and the Sceptile from Sapphire. I was actually a bit disappointed about the Turtwig in Diamond.

Dialga Of Time

Master Time Manipulator
The wierdest and most puzzling thing ever was in pokemon yellow, when a level 8 rattata uses tackle ( or quick attack, i can't remember) and takes down 1/4 of my level 84 charizard. Seriously, 25%!! It must have been a bug, though.


Witch of Light
I remember this situation from the Diamond Battle Tower:
I was there to get the Razor Claw, and this was the last time I had to fight there. It was actually the last battle.
I had Torterra and Crobat, Mira had Togetic and Roserade. The opponents first sent out Dusknoir and Steelix. Yes, one has big teeth, the other has big hands, and they are up against two Flying-types and two Grass-types, of wich one is a Ground-type as well. In that kind of situation, they just have to know Ice Punch and Ice Fang. But they didn't seem to. The Steelix kept using Crunch and the Dusknoir only used Thunderpunch on Togekiss. Togekiss and Steelix were soon defeated, Mira sent out Roserade and the Steelix trainer sent out Weezing. But that Weezing probably didn't know Flamethrower (which I expected it to know) because it kept using Payback. When we managed to defeat the Dusknoir, the other trainer sent out a Togekiss. The Weezing used Explosion and defeated all Pokémon that were currently active, so the only one remaining was my Crobat.
It was weird because I expected the last battle to be difficult and to involve at least one Ice-type Pokémon, most likely a Mamoswine. Instead, none of the last two trainers' Pokémon knew any Fire or Ice attacks, and one of them was stupid.


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I just came across a wild double battle, two Pidove, a male, and a female. Sorry...