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What's ironic or surprising in your Pokemon game?


Zoltea - The Jolteon
In HG/SS, the rival battle in Mt. Moon, the fact you can beat his Alakazam with like a level 3 Poochyena.
Other surprising thing is finding an Onix with pokerus unknowingly in my SS.


The wild STANTLER used Stomp!
Leap fainted!
Lakey sent out Firebolt!
The wild STANTLER used Astonish!
The wild STANTLER is hurt by poison!

Er, um


*Chains a shiny Machop*
YAY! *Walks around*
Wild MACHOKE appeared! *Sparkle sparkle*
That happened a couple days before I got SoulSilver. ^_~


New member
I was amused when I entered a Pokemon Center in FR and looked at the map across the room. In FR and LG, the maps on the walls of the pokemon centers are identical in external appearance to those in R/S/E... :huh:


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SoulSilver. Surfing to Cianwood. Shiny Tentacool appears. Don't really think much about it, catch it. My first shiny, by the way.

And just now, surfing in Vermillion City, and another shiny Tentacool appears. So now I have two shiny tentacool in the same game. What are the odds, exactly?


It's over. I'm sorry, but it's over.
The Partner Pokemon interaction in HG/SS has given way to all sorts of new irony:

"Whoa! Raikou suddenly hugged you!"

"Raikou is rolling around in the grass!"

"Ho-oh looks like it wants to play with [insert character name here]!"

Can you imagine Raikou hugging someone, or rolling in the grass? I certainly can't.


New member
While playing Pokemon Gold/Silver (forgot which) on Singapore Airlines (it was one of the games included with the onboard computer...), I found a shiny Bellsprout. Meanwhile, one of my classmates, who has been playing Pokemon for years, has yet to find any shinies.

Not Meowth

Cat, are you drilling?
I was training to take on the HG elite four today and was phoning everyone seeing if anyone wanted a battle when I realised Picnicker Liz had started referencing the Pokémon Fan Club President's speech from R/B/Y. She even used the gratuitous ellipses and the phrases "hug it when sleeping..." and "oops, I've talked too long!".


Says "also" and "or something" a lot
In battle frontier (Battle Hall), some Pokéfan told me that she wanted to test out a TM her neighbour gave her. She sent out a ditto.


Mystical Furball
There was one shiny pokemon I'd been hunting for for seven years, to the day. Creepy enough itself, but I caught it! :D The creepy part?
It was an Absol.

Anomaly 54

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On my Sapphire Flying Mono, the wild mon that jumps birch was shiney...

I swear to god, next time I play Saphire after beating the flying mono, I will catch a tentacool. I will procede to only use it looking for Feebas. When I find it, I will toss Tentacool in the PC foreva and train my Feebas. I will then breed so I have one with just the right nature, raising it's love of dry pokeblocks, and evolve it. Then I will let it go apeshit on the E4
"Go, Cacturn"
"Ice Beam"
Foe CACTURN fainted
"Go, Absol"
Foe ABSOL fainted

you get the idea


occasionally known as Giratina
... it used two attacks in the same turn.
Uh... not quite.
First Stantler used Stomp and KO'd your Pokémon for its half of the turn; you sent out another Pokémon for your half of the turn. The Stantler then proceeded to attack, taking up its half of the turn, but took its turn's Poison damage. It was perfectly fine.


I've been poked in the belly by a Gastly in HG. Creepy.

Also, I have this Rhyperior nicknamed Knight. When first caught, it was a severely underleveled Rhyhorn that had to be sent to Day Care, given an Exp. Share and that kind of stuff. Then, suddenly, in the first battle against Lance, it turned out to be extremely useful. It was right after that battle that it evolved to Rhydon and has since then been extremely useful. He sure was knighted.

EDIT: Now, I was in the Battle Frontier, when I was battled by a PokéManiac who said he assembled his team with his internet buddies and that it took them the whole day. Except we were at the Battle Factory. I usually take long to pick my first three, but not a whole day.
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