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What's Your Name?


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This thread might already exist, but if it does, it's ten feet under, so.

What's your real name? :o Mine is Ryan Skylar Martin, Jr. (my family calls me Ryan, and my friends call me Skylar).


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Rachel [redacted, what was 19yo chel THINKIN)

my nicknames include Rach, Chel, Chello and [cowboy] (no joke, a few folks at school actually just call me my last name. cowboy is a stupid placeholder)
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Javier Andrés Rivera Gonzalez, accent on the a.
Are there other instances of the name "Gonzalez" where the accent lies somewhere else, or is this just for people ignorant of Spanish accent rules?

My name is Aaron Keith Hester. I don't really like it, though "Aaron Hester" is a bit Jewish sounding (according to the Jews I know) and I like that. If I spoke Spanish, I'd like the name Paz.


yan ya yan ya yaa iii yaaa
Rebecca Joy Durham

Family nickname Becky. I was named Rebecca so my mother could call me Becky. At age 3 I declared that I was Rebecca so that became my everyone else name.

Joy after my great-grandmother's middle name. She used to call me Rebecca Joy all the time. At least now she just calls me Rebecca...


Uh, I didn't do it.
My real name is Ashley. I hate it with a passion. There are so many Ashleys, especially in my generation.

I usually go by Ash or Phantom irl. Yeah, I'm called Phantom or some variation irl. It's because it was my call sign back for police explorers and it sort of just caught on with some of my friends.

That or I get called by my last name.

Though most people just call me Ash, since I was little. I actually respond better to that that my full name. And yes a lot of people asked me where Pikachu was growing up.

Eta Carinae

I really loved that farm.
Cory David Branson. I really dislike the name Cory, and I'd love to go by David, but that's my Dad's name, which would make it super awkward. My friends generally just call me Cory. I'm Cor to my mother and one of my teachers, and on rare occasions I'll be called by first and last name, or sometimes just "Branson", usually with a lame Russian accent, by my better friends.


Fire emblem is great
Louis, pronounced either Louie or Louis -- it really doesn't matter. I actually get annoyed when people call me Superbird or some variation of that in real life, just because that's me on the internet, not in real life. But at the same time, I don't respond to Louis when on the internet.

Ether's Bane

future Singaporean
I go by Jun, which is short for [actual first name redacted because it's very rare and I don't wanna be tracked down or anything].


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Jessica! oh boy it sure is fun having the most popular girl's name of like '91 - '95 or something because it means everyone else knows another Jessica to confuse you with. I exclusively go by Jess though, because it's one syllable and it attaches onto things easily (like doejess, which is the handle i use basically everywhere except here because ultraviolet is always taken). also 'Jessica' just kinda sounds gross imo.

the plus side of having a ridiculously popular name is that it makes it hard for people to stalk you on facebook. you ain't ever gonna find me unless we have mutual friends \o/


brandon harry mays

if you ever see a british person with the surname mays, they are very likely related to me


All the right shades, on the wrong page.
My name is Jesse.

And I cannot even count how many times "Jessie's Girl" has been sang to me >_>