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Whooo! Norway won :D


hopefully back??
Alexander Rybak won MGP this year :D Norway pwned ya all

Thank you to everyone who voted Norway!


I got nothing more to write now. Leave.


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I think it's cool how well they did do (broke the all-time record of point by a fairly damn big margin), but I personally didn't like the song too much.

I think it's really great how countries that don't normally get a lot of votes did really well because they genuinely had good songs; it's actually a song contest now, rather than a political popularity contest.


hopefully back??
Yes. Yes, he is adorable.

Also, people here in Norway will be able to meet him at Gardermoen at 11 'o' clock in the morning. I won't go, haha.


Still loves Joltik, though!
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Congratulations. :D Yes, he was adorable. And the song is quite catchy; after hearing it once, I happened to be on a bus where it was starting on the radio just as I left, and I had it stuck in my head for the rest of the day.

Iceland second whoooo~

Dave Strider

the best coolkid
England came Fifth! That's absolutely Brilliant for us. We barely got 5 points before. The new voting system is great. It's finally a song contest, not just voting for your neighbors.

No-one in my family liked the song fairytale, it didn't really make sense, but he sang quite well.


It's because England's more important, obviously! >|

And whoo, go Norway~! I'm really happy for Norway actually, since they generally don't actually do well. And you can tell that it was because people liked the song rather than just voting for the country, because of that.

I actually really liked the song. XD And yeah, I totally agree on that was adorable as all hell. <3 <3
We should get Andrew Lloyd Webber in more years, instead of letting the chavs vote for the novelty acts.

And WTF was with Ukraine? I'm pretty certain she mimed!