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Why i'm posting on this forum again


I love girly things :)
I mean, I guess I should state why?

Its because I MISS 2004 a bit right now. For reasons I won't even get into.

But, I guess posting around here helps it feel 2004-like again for me. And connects me more with my older Pokemon fandom again too.

Pokemon has helped me make so many friends :D Both in 2004, and also in resent years too (thanks to the crush i developed on Korrina from x and y).

I really am considering being a Pokemon fan for the rest of my life. I may not of grown up with pokemon, like a lot of other people have, and, in many ways, i'm probably waaaaay more of a girly girl overall than a lot of other pokemon fans i've met....

But. Pokemon has probably helped me with my life, my autism, ext more than maybe anything else in the entire world has.

Thats special right there :)

EDIT: Also, not stating my age, of course, but I don't like when people see my crush as a 'harmful' thing. Just remember that Korrina isn't a real person. Also, my obsession with her has a lot to do with my being autistic. Autistic people do take things to extremes a lot. But she comforts me, and i'm not harming other people or commiting crimes liking her. She's pure fantasy that just helps me feel more in tune with pokemon overall and overall, not a real person. So please no getting butt hurt over her. If you do get butt hurt, though, it ain't my problem. Its your own.

Also she has no real age (they never gave her one). Though many people think she may be a young adult (early 20s-ish). And THE MANGA kind of proves this (theres a line she says that says to me she is probably an adult)!!! But, even so, she's a fictional character.
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he, she, they
Hi Girachu,
Pokémon allowed me to feel comfortable losing myself and not realizing how others view me. I'm in control and you've taught me that it's okay to spend time alone and that it's not weird to not be social.
Pokémon was one of the rare games on the market at the time that wasn't geared towards a specific genre. Although you can only play as a male character in the first two generations of Pokémon, the game itself hasn't been advertised as a male fighting sim or anything like that. You can name your character and Pokemon whatever you want, and the goal is to catch them all. Still now, just with a lot of options. That's why he has a fan base and a strong place in us.