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Wi-Fi Records Office

Kratos Aurion

beep beep coming through
TCoD Wi-Fi League Records Office

If you want a single, convenient location to keep track of your Friend Codes and other pertinent league information, you can create a League ID in this thread. The information you choose to share, as well as the format you use to display it, is largely up to you. You can link to your post in this thread to give people easy access to your information.

1. Only one post per person. If you need to make changes to your ID, edit your original post. Duplicate posts will be deleted on sight.

2. You can format your ID post however you like, within reason; if you overload it with huge images or type everything out in horrible, eyebleed neon colors, you will be asked to edit it. We do ask that you disable your signature when posting, however. (<--is this that hard to read, guys, stop making me clean up after you)

3. You can include whatever information you like in your ID, as long as it doesn't turn into useless spam; you will be asked to edit out anything that is absolutely ridiculous, and any posts that are entirely irrelevant will be deleted. It is recommended that you include all Friend Codes you will be using for league activities, as well as your timezone (preferably in GMT). If you use Shoddy Battle or another simulator, you might want to list your usual usernames for those simulators. You can also include your usual battle preferences, IDs for any PtHGSS battle videos you want to share, any badges or league titles you may have earned, etc..
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Kratos Aurion

beep beep coming through
Kratos Aurion's Wi-Fi Profile

Friend Code(s):
0344-5812-0423 (Diamond); 1332-7083-7063 (Pearl); 0173-8186-8486 (English Platinum); 5515-5745-4364 (Japanese Platinum); 4297-2462-8373 (Japanese HeartGold); 4984-7168-4340 (SoulSilver); 2878-6745-8702 (PBR 1)

Role: Member of the High Council
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1. Luftballon

[size=+1]magical magic is magical[/size]

Time Zone: GMT-5 (+DST if applicable)

Friend Codes (and similar):
  • SS: 3438 5581 2925
  • might go find the others sometime.
  • Shoddy: sreservoir
  • Lab: sreservoir

  • Chrome League Gym Leader, Tier 3
  • might attempt to get more sometime.

[size=+2]chuck a book at me if I forgot something important.[/size]
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Happy 15th, Pokemon!
Trainer Card
Name: SonicNintendo
Role: Crystal League Gym Leader, Tier 1
Badges: Equality Badge (mine), Sunbeam Beadge (Mewtwo's), Fang Badge (Moon's), Scarlet Badge (Arylett's)

Friend Codes:
Pearl: 2793 2049 6774 (soon-to-be gone)
Platinum: 0689 1412 5125 (preferred)
White: When it comes out.
Time Zone: GMT-5 (Eastern)
Preferred Battling Times: Friday and Saturday, Start times 830-10 PM Eastern (GMT-5)
Overall Win-Loss Record: 5-5 (50%), 1 draw.

- Battle Times are a generalization, and may change week-depending.
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Arylett Charnoa

Barely existent.
Female sex
Name: Arylett C. Dawnsborough

Role: Crystal League, Arkra City Gym Leader, Tier 2.

Badges: Holder of Scarlet Badge.

Friend Codes:

(HeartGold) 2665 4368 6805

(Black) 3739 8836 7286

(Diamond) 4683 6882 1380

Time: GMT -5, can battle all days. nearly any time except early morning in my time zone. Just ask for a specific time and day and I'll see if I have any plans on it. Overall, I'm pretty flexible in that regard.
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Fire emblem is great
Name: Superbird
Role: Chrome League leader, Tier 2
Badges: One (mine)
FC: HG: 3395-6754-9588
Shoddy: Superbird11
Preferred times Weekends, from 10 AM to 8 PM. (GMT -5.)
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Shadow Serenity

Returned again. Third time's the charm.
Role: Tier 1 Gym Leader in the Chrome League
Badges: Mirror Badge (my own; image soon enough).

FCs (Diamond is default for matches unless I specify otherwise):
Diamond: 1203 5733 4444
Pearl: 1804 8719 8786
Platinum: 2578 9307 1540
HeartGold: 4855 9253 5630

Time: As stated in the gym, most days, noon-8pm preferable. GMT-5.
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Friend codes:
Diamond: 1933 7982 7734

Alternate battling media contact information:
Pokémon Online: Zidane
Shoddy Battle: Espeon

Time zone:

Member of the High Council.
Chrome League Gym Leader. [Tier 2].
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Mage of Blood
Name: Mewtwo
In-game names:
Diamond: MYSTI
Platinum: Crystal (but game is currently lost ;.;)
Soon-to-be SS: Lyndsi
Diamond: 1548 9459 6460
Platinum: Once I find it, it will be put here...
SS: Don't have it yet, but I will.
Crystal League Tier One Gym Leader
Will be playing in Chrome League as soon as I make a team.
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Take me to Wonderland
I should do this...

Time Zone: GMT -8 (I have the Nintendo Wi-Fi connector, so I can pretty much battle anytime when I'm not at work.)

Friend Codes (and similar):
Platinum: 4554 6320 9222 (Ming)
Diamond: 2578 8881 8000 (Remus)
Pearl: Once I find it again... (Momo)
HeartGold: 0174 3640 2768 (Ming)
White: When it comes out, you better believe it.

+ Gym Leader, Tier II, Crystal League
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will remain confined to the pokemon topics
Time Zone: GMT-5 (Eastern Time)

FC: (HeartGold) 4512 3495 7768

Roles: Challenger
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Super Moderator
herp derp!

Name: Megan
Role: Challenger
Badges: n/a
Friend Codes:
SoulSilver: 4297 6753 7288
Platinum: 1634 0068 8161 (trades only)
GMT-6 (Central Time)
Monday-Thursday: 5 PM - 11 PM
Friday: Any time after 5 PM
Weekends: All day unless otherwise noted
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Say Hello to a very special guy...
Name: Titress
Role: Challenger
Badges: Zip
Friend Codes:
Pt:2192 3826 7269
I'm in EST
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groove out!
Role: Challenger
Contact: Probably easiest via #tcod or XMPP/Jabber (zhorken@jabber.org).

Friend Codes
Platinum (en): pending
Platinum (fr): pending
HeartGold (en): pending
SoulSilver (fr): 4469 5270 9564
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rage against the dying of the light
Name: RespectTheBlade
Role: Challenger
Time Zone: GMT -5
Preffered battling times: Usually from 10 AM to 11 PM on weekends and from 8 PM to 10:30 PM on fridays. there may be possible conflicts, though.
Contact: PM or Email. (randomperson4217@gmail.com)

Friend Codes & In-Game Names:
SoulSilver: 1849 4050 8284 (Adam)
White: To be determined when I purchase the english version.

Badges: Equality Badge(sonicnintendo's)
Battle Record: 1 win, 0 losses.
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&#8606;Can you hear me whispering?&#8608;
Friend Codes
HG - 2322 1754 8776

Time Zone
GMT -6 (Central)

Preferably by PM

1/1 (Starting anew :3)

Notes of Interest
Yay, finally have my team ready, both casual and EV'd/IV'd :D
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Chaos, art and science
Black friend code: 0003 2888 9445
I have others, but I don't use them anymore for lack of a good team. Like, any team. I transferred a lot of my pokemon to black.


sorry guys, don’t lose
Name: Indigo
Friend Codes:

Platinum: Pending
HG/SS: Pending
White: 4040-6087-8508 (Blossom)
Role: Challenger
Badges: None
Time Zone: GMT -5 (incase I messed that up, Eastern USA.)
Contact: PM, e-mail (havax@ptd.net)
Other: I won't be able to battle for a while, I'll edit this out when I get Wi-Fi access. Edit: I'm good to go~

How good a job did I do of reviving the Wi-Fi League by one post? :B
And have a Trainer Card too.

Have a nice dayy~
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