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Wierdest Pokemon cry


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What Pokemon, in your opinion, has the most odd cry? For me it's Lopunny what about you?


Back in action!
Arceus. It's metallic, as if Arceus is some kind of machine.
And Medicham. I don't know why. It is just weird.


I love Drifblim's cry. It's one of the best cries in the game!
For me, the weirdest cry would have to be Hippopotas. It's funny, but it's not what I'd expect from a Hippo. I still like the actual cry though...


Careful fighting the monsters, lest you become one
I think the weirdest one is stunky, it sounds like an old man who went to a baked bean fest.

Lady Grimdour

Chaptermistress of the World Eaters
Most of the bigger Pokemon. I expected a roar, but in the anime they butchered it to some retarded voice.
@Glacedon: Skuntank sounds even worse. It sounds like a constipated old man at a baked bean fest.

Mamoswine's an odd one. It sounds like its being murdered... Toxicroak's insane cackle is pretty weird, too.

You know, it's most of the DP Pokemon that have the funny cries. I think they started running out of normal ones...