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Would you be into Pokémon if it came out today?


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My little siblings enjoy the games despite not growing up with the anime or the old games, so probably lol. It haves a lot of vibes that click with my autistic brain like how every Pokemon is tailor made for pets and c o l l e c t i n g


All is fair in love and war
If there were no Pokemon, I'd probably be into Digimon instead at first! So I'm sure I'd stumble onto it at some point :D In that alternate universe, it would be treated (by Digimon/other monster collector fans) like how Pokemon fans in this universe treated Yokai Watch probably, haha!

With no Pokemon around, would Telefang have become mainstream? Unlimited possibilities!

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Pokemon has helped me through some tough times, but then again so has Digimon. I'd be like "Hmmm. These new 'Pokemon' things look interesting. A bit simplistic, but still quite charming." So I'd probably at least try it out if it was much more recent than it is in this reality.


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I would be very interested. To be fair, i started playing pokemon in late gen 5/early gen 6 (i was really really young tho, lol. I got into it around spring of 2013). That raises the question: if it came out today, would we get gen 1? would the pokemon designs change? I think i would still be very into pokemon if it recently came out, but i am sort of glad i only got to discover it at what's now roughly halfway through it's lifetime, as this means i have a wider selection of Pokemon to enjoy, and games to play, etc.

In other news, pokemon is autocorrecting to spokesmen.

like how Pokemon fans in this universe treated Yokai Watch probably, haha!
I remember yokai watch... i actually liked it a lot, even tho my initial reaction to it was "ugh, just a weird pokemon rip-off"
I don't think they are going to translate any more yokai watch games into english though, wah ;w;


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Hmm, honestly, I feel like I probably wouldn’t! I’m not big into turn-based RPGs lately, and I don’t think a creature collecting game would catch my eye today - most of the new/indie Pokemon-style games coming out today aren’t things I have any interest in.

I might be curious if what came out today was retro Gen I style games - but then again, if I wasn’t into Pokemon, I’m not sure if that style would have any sentimental value to me, ha.


New member
If Pokémon didn't exist before now, and it came out today as a new video game or an anime, would you be interested?
Good question. Obviously it's nontrivial to think about "alternative history" like this, because there are many factors, but I imagine not. Possibly the main reason being I don't watch anime (and that's how I was introduced to Pokémon as a kid), and I rarely play new games these days. But it's possible I would have found some other game to fill the monster collecting niche.


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I stumbled upon Pokémon when I was three because of two major factors. Factor 1: My older brother knew someone who recently let him borrow their Pokémon game. Factor 2: We were about to make the three day trip from Tuscon to a teensy town in Minnesota where some of my Mom's family lived and my parents needed to give their three- and seven-year-old children something to do. If it hadn't been Pokémon, it would've been something else. And I think, that for me. Whatever that thing was, in an alternate timeline where Pokémon didn't exist till recently, would potentially fill the space in my life that Pokémon does. I... can't say for sure what that thing would be.

That said, I *might* stumble upon Pokémon in that alternate timeline, but whether or not I would be interested I can't say. I can somehow connect the vast majority of my media-related interests to Pokémon, so in an alternate universe where Pokémon is new and something else fills that spot in my life, whether Pokémon would be something that would interest me enough to try it, *if I even discovered it*, would depend heavily on the "something else".