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Yep, i'm new. Go figure.

Beautiful Chaos

Count your Days.....
Hello people of TCod. Well it looks like i've joined. I might not post very often (due to overdose of homework) but it looks like i'm part of these forums anyway. Ridley (S.K?) is the only reason i'm here. He got me to join because hes trying to help our band. Anyway. See you around.


Nope. Its Darkarmour, NOT S.K, I told you that was my sister's account.

Anyway, hi Matt. Welcome! Gives Virus.
(Everyone gives newbies something or another.)


Beautiful Chaos

Count your Days.....
Yay! a Virus! Great. wait. This can't go with my cake.

Oh yeah, thats it. The flashy username. Wait. Why did you want me to join again?


Release your inner demons

I just joined yesterday, so from one newbie to another, I hope you have fun!

p.s. I send chocolate with this.