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Yet more of my poems


Witch of Light
So my artistic ambitions have stricken again.

Here's a thing vaguely based on a dream I had about Davros. The suicidal thoughts have nothing to do with real life, just an "I would rather die than serve you" to a fictional character. While I was composing it, it got mildly leather-pantsy and there may be a sliver of moe anthropomorphism. So yeah, it's extra weird.

Empress of the Daleks

You conquered me like Francisco Pizarro,
kidnapped me without knowing how love feels,
and now my beauty reminds you of Skaro,
that hostile world with giant deadly eels.

For god-like power you were always aiming -
a mad scientist knows no simple joy.
Now you accost the woman you are claiming
with killer cyborgs that live to destroy.

It's strange that you don't just want to enslave me,
to see me naked lying on the floor.
Perhaps if I wear that red dress you gave me,
I'll resemble your dead world even more.

The crown you're offering me is quite pretty -
on charming me you seem to be intent.
It's spiky like a cool alien city.
What metal jungle might it represent?

Exterminate me, great exterminator -
dead is the world that spawned sheer awesomeness!
Or marry me, and I'll kill myself later.
As Empress, I shall wear an orange dress.

Now for a thing I've been working on for a long time. One day I got this random idea that the Umbreon branch of the Eevee tree was provided by Giratina, and some time later, I decided to put the story down in rhyme. It's really long...

Before flowers surrendered to skyscraper land,
before humans built cities that could only expand,
there was that one Eevee in a forest so dark -
yet undisturbed by the big mansion's spark.

She lived with her parents and her life wasn't tough,
but one day she decided that it wasn't enough.
This was the world to which she'd got used fast,
but now that she saw it, it wasn't so vast.

First she came to her mother, who had been outside,
where the pretty blue sky is actually wide:
"Mom, you've been outside this world of dark green.
Tell me about it! What have you seen?"

"I've been to the meadows where flowers smell sweet,
and the crystal clear lake, a great place to meet.
I've met the Cherrim who worship the sun...
Life west of the Mountain is a beautiful one."

That was still quite close to the places she knew,
and flowers and cuteness the forest had too.
She wanted a more distant place to explore.
The West wasn't all. The world offered more.

So she came to her father, who had been very far,
to places some Shellos don't know there are.
"Dad, you've been to the North, where snow and ice fall.
What did you encounter? What do you recall?"

"What I remember is a vast snowy plain
As an Eevee, I could feel the cold through my mane.
And those silly Snover make the weather a mess.
Except for the lake - Uxie's doing, I guess."

She listened some more, as he talked quite a while,
but quickly, she lost that bright dreamy smile.
Snowy plains and a lake. What is there to explore?
The North was all covered. There had to be more.

So she went east through Mount Coronet.
She fought off some Zubat, but that's what you get.
Some friendly Cleffa stopped her just to say hi.
It was amazing what they knew of the sky.

The Chimecho who let her stop by to rest
said: "Adventure waits east, but seek love in the west.
The few looking for wisdom tend to head north,
but you look like you follow the will... or the Fourth."

When she came out to the new sunny world,
to her determined mind, time barely swirled.
Blazing sunrises urged her to go to the light,
but when she reached the swamp, it was a dark night.

She dreamt of a Weavile and a black Beedrill swarm,
and a slimy-clawed Fearow chasing her through a storm.
All monsters she knew, all things that she feared
seemed to have at least partly appeared.

When she woke up with a terrified scream,
afraid to risk another dark dream,
she opened her eyes, and within her sight,
there was a creature darker than night.

"You came young and weak to this cold swampy land.
Only thanks to their fangs can the Floatzel withstand.
Think of the Drapion that live dangerously close.
You are simply no match for creatures like those."

"I don't want protection from a big scary creep.
What I just woke up from was no good night's sleep,
and now some more nightmares the future might bring.
Who even are you, you dark... shadow... thing?"

"I am known as Darkrai, the master of night.
I possess the power to fill others with fright.
I am gruesome detail and fear of the unknown,
dark red and pure black... and you are alone.

Seven choises, one pink, that isn't enough,
but I intend to help you to more fangs and less fluff.
I don't rule the world, I still don't know why,
but I do have the power to make... him comply.

Imagine being a beast made to kill,
simply your roar could make one stop still.
Eyes red as blood, teeth straight from the deep sea,
but you will have to promise that you'll always serve... me."

"At times have I dreamed of being that strong,
but your conditions could make me do wrong."
"Just think it over, and of this place make mark,
then call me again on this place when it's dark."

For leaving the marshes, not much time had to pass.
Soon she was going through sand and through grass,
through day and night, across rock gray and brown,
intending to see things and afraid to lie down.

But after some time, tirednes overcame fear,
and the lake in the hill was so shiny and clear,
there were no dark clouds, just the sun and the moon,
so she closed her eyes and she fell asleep soon.

Her dreams this time were strange but just great -
things she'd never seen, a glorious fate...
As she flew to that inside-out sphere through the ground,
the stars, tasting like swirly, could only astound.

She woke up feeling awesome, like she knew she had won.
Nothing was scary, there was no need to run.
One thing was just strange in an interesting way:
a great six-legged dragon, its scales intensely gray.

"You came young and brave to the Lakes of the East.
Most who live here are tough, or agile at least.
Think of the Drapion with their sleek purple shells.
But you could achieve power through something else."

"I just woke up, and I'm slightly confused.
This place is full of things to which I am not used,
but that you are related to Darkrai it seems.
Do you oppose him on the vast field of dreams?"

"I am Giratina, from dimensions beyond.
Weird stuff's my domain, but no need to abscond.
This lake might do dream stuff, but it isn't mine,
I'm just the big sister to Space and to Time.

My boyfriend's got power, but me and the girls
know better than him the way that stuff swirls:
The branches keep branching, and before you know,
you're on a branch unseen from below.

Not having big claws doesn't mean that you're weak.
Without scales or a shell, you can be cool and sleek.
If the dark creeps you out, just sleep during the day.
You don't need direct sunlight when the moon lights your way."

"While you seem friendly, I'm not sure what to do.
I suspect that you will demand something too."
"See the big lake and some other interesting stuff,
have fun and go home when you've had enough."

So she wandered around from dusk until dawn.
Sure, it was a bit dark, but not all light was gone.
She was getting used, who was Darkrai to fool?
The night wasn't scary, it was actually cool.

After the lake, which shone softly blue,
she explored the surrounding grass through and through.
And further east? Of course that she dared.
She was here to adventure, and she wasn't scared.

She made friends with the locals, with fur, shell or scales,
fought the less friendly ones and saw through her fails.
Sometimes she had to run, but she wasn't sad.
At least she survived, so it wasn't that bad.

While going back, she came to the bog.
The central mountain was veiled in soft fog,
but even that shone in the full moon's soft glow.
She remembered Darkrai, now prepared to say no.

„Hey master of shadows, I don't see the sun!
Being silly and scared was my reason to run.
Remember me? I came through the cave!
You offered me power but wanted a slave.“

„You... you betrayed me! I have felt something strange,
but I shall seek you out and have my revenge!“
The red-collared demon made his appearance there,
with a somewhat uncertain, but still unnerving, stare.

But soon, someone different hovered along,
blue, pink and yellow, glowing gentle yet strong.
„You have nothing to offer but death, hate and fear.
Some have paths of their own, you should find it clear.“

„As a creature of darkness, fear is my domain.
Should living in shadows get everyone slain?“
„It isn't the dark. The dark can be soft.
It's the torment of souls that keeps you aloft.“

„You just want to kill me. It's more power you'll wield.“
„You might want to destroy, but I want to shield.“
„I could help the Paras. They're like my dark spawn.“
„I know how you made them. So many hopes gone.“

After some talking, they started to fight,
and legendaries fighting is always a sight.
Not destructive this time, they're not of that kind,
but still quite impressive to a young mind.

The dark creature left, and now, without him,
the fog seemed lighter and the swamp looked less grim.
Our Eevee looked up, leaving darkness below.
The moon wasn't warm, but she felt the glow.

She emerged black and maneless, with rings near her feet
that glowed like the moon, which was pretty neat.
She was tall and slender, with feet soft as moss,
and her fur was shorter, but that was no loss.

She knew she'd got stronger and she didn't feel cold,
despite all the coolness that she'd seen unfold.
She saw shapes in the mist with her vision so clear,
but she could just avoid them. What was there to fear.

The creature of light who'd provided a show
still hovered around, her feathers aglow.
„You see, I'm Cresselia, protector of dreams.
I'm the one who fights Darkrai and foils his grim schemes.

Your form is all new, by the Three unforeseen,
but its light is like mine. Now what could this mean?
There's a friend outside Uxie's zone of control,
which is the world, vast and ancient and all!"

As the veiled one swam off on waves no-one saw,
our young heroine found herself tired head to paw.
'Neath the reddening sky, she curled up, unafraid
of the water and mud through which she might wade.

She woke up in the evening, prepared to advance,
and reaching her goal seemed like more than a chance.
The adventure was over, this was no time to roam -
the beautiful sunset called her back home.

I have an Eversion-inspired one too!

Run, little flower man, through this bright cheery land!
Everything's sweet, nothing scary at hand.
Even bad guys are smiling, and the Princess awaits!
If you find yourself stuck, seek dimensional gates.

Run, little flower man, but notice this change:
The clouds are now solid! Isn't it strange?
The bad guys are frowning, guess they want to look mean.
Or this lovely blue sky simply isn't their scene.

Run, little flower man. The path is now free.
But look around you. What do you see?
The sky has turned grayish, the trees are now dead,
the water is swampy, and the bad guys are sad!

Run, little flower man. The dark's getting close.
You don't need to run from your usual foes.
The face blocks' expressions have gone down the hill
and the usual foes are now standing still.

Run, little flower man, but plan your jumps well -
the pits are now home to red hands from Hell!
The motionless foes were a one-layer quirk.
They're moving again, and the face blocks don't work.

Run, little flower man, and don't lose your breath.
the flowers you loved are now thorn vines of death!
The bricks, once so solid, crumble under your feet.
Who cares about scores now? Surviving's just neat!

Run, little flower man. Run for your life.
The evil blood mist will cause you much strife.
It will mess with your mind every time you respawn.
The gems are now skulls. The sweetness is gone.

Run, little flower man, for there seems to be more.
The monsters respawn and pure dark is the floor.
If you find yourself stuck, seek dimensional gates
'til everything's sweet. The Princess awaits...
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