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Ymo's art-thread (Heavy images(?))

Yepp, just like that.

P.S. My friend calls himself 'charmanpid' since he's a charmander fanatic.

However, unfortunately, he has some...problems and is unable to use his computer.

And mine is dying...
...Well, that's what I thought people would think it will be like =/

But it's not, since if I were to request something, it would be some help with photoshop :p

Done yay.
Wow, now That's awsome!

...I wish you would have shaded Lars as great as you have shaded that charmander...

Anyway, how do you shade these?
Just wondering, since the only shading technique I've ever understood(and only tried once in my life) is using something called a 'clipping mask'....
Well, of course the time I do them affects it- if I've been practicing cell-shading a lot, it's better. o,o

I just put on a multiply-layer over it and shade with purple, plus softening the edges with a low-opacity low-flow brush. -w-
Imma back!

Those are exactly the kind of thing I was looking for, thanks.

Could you do one of a firechao dressed as ash, to allow you to avoid having to have to choose a pokemon?

Hey Ymedron, could you do me a request? A heavy drawing of a Gallade using Psycho Cut. Also, if you could PM me when it's done, thanks -^^-
Ymedron, I had to do this to your images as the black outlines looked wrong on black:

you don't mind, do you? Do you know of a better soloution?
What the- The forum didn't alert me!!


I think that looks allright, plus they highlight the edges pretty nicely. :3

Here are some pokemon-sketches I made today:

Ninetales-compilation. The middle one was a design for a winter-coat, but now it just looks cat-fat. (hanging belly in between back-legs ye know?)
My friends thought that the chibi one was cute, but I sort of find it dissatisfying... I guess it lacks anything extremely interesting. -w-


Mew and Gengar- my friend requested this. :D I like them both, though Gengar's eyes seem really creepy for some reason. (they were even worse before when they had smaller pupils.)
Acctualy, the eyes are kind of cute!

And I like the charmander avatar, it's great~

I'll use it and take over the world give credits

Edit: Could you minimize it, though?
The picture didn't look too good when it was minimized, so I just cropped to the head. D:
Unfortunate accidents.
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