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Your Favorite Animal?


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I just want to know. What are you guys favorite animals? You know, something that if you could choose you would become it.

I would be turtles. they are just awesome. You wouldn't have to worry about being attacked, you just have to worry about if you fall on your shell or not.


World of Glass
The incredible mongoose. <3

I've had an incredibly huge obsession with them since I was a child that hasn't quite died down yet. My science fair project for grades 6, 7, and 8 were all about mongooses. =)


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Hawks. They're beautiful in a certain way and I like flight and birds in general. Hawks specifically because I think they're the ones that live in our neighborhood.

Lupine Volt

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Wolves. Wonderfully cliched wolves. Beautiful and deadly, and with the mournful howl to the moon, the saddest sound in the world, also one of the most beautiful...*Daydreams*


emotionless and cold as ice
Ribbit! *hop* Frogs. Any kind. It doesn't matter. Although the poisonous rainforest variety is the prettiest.

I went to the zoo to see the frogs last week, but the Dendrobates azureus weren't in their exhibit. :( I just looked at the yellow ones whose name I don't remember, and then I bought a stuffed frog. Yippee.


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The -entire- felidae family.

Not really, but I love tigers, ocelots, cheetahs, jaguars, leopards, snakes, polar bears, and harp seals~


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I love cats. Especially my beloved Miss Pretty <3. (that's not her name, but that's what I call her...lol)


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It changes around often.

Like right now, I'd say my current favourite animal is an emperor scorpion, but in the morning it'll probably be a kingfisher, or a hyena, or a ling cod, or a king snake, or something else so bizarre that nobody else in the household would think of it.


Sexy Sexy Samantha
I would definitely be a wolf, though there are other animals that come closely behind it. Wolf is at the top. *nod*


Tragically unbeyachted.
Aardvarks. I love them to bits and they're cute and have stupidly long noses and tongues and they're the first animal alphabetically. What's not to love?


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Cats. You can sleep almost everywhere and you don't have to worry about a thing ^.^
Of course, someone would have to own me.