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your "Holy crap!" moments


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We've all experienced, moments when you look at the screen in awe and is totally amazed, surprised or straight-out-pissed at a video game. What moments like this have you experienced?

I was playing as the sniper wielding the Huntsman bow in Team Fortress 2, and was down at the room with our flag, there's a sentry and a dispenser tucked away by the wall, above the flag, and the engineer that built then was doing something else. Suddenly a enemy scout who had drunk Atomic Punch ran in, making the sentry miss him, and he jumps and lands ON the dispenser. However, the constant rain of bullets and rockets gets him stuck, and when the effect of the Atomic Punch runs out, a rocket shoots him a bit into the air. I fire an arrow which hits him in the leg, kills him and pins him into the wall, WHILE IN THE AIR. I stood and looked in awe of what I just did for a while, before the Engineer comes in, looks at the mess and says: "Nice shot!"

I couldn't more then agree.


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I was playing brawl once, and me and a friend were just messing around with level one CPUs. Naturally, we got in some epic combos. We were on the Metal Gear stage (I forget what it's called), and we had Luigi bouncing off the walls. I was playing as Link, and I had just forward-smashed him into the wall. We didn't expect anything weird, but all of a sudden, Luigi flew off the left side of the screen and the explosion was on the right side. As in, he flew left and died on the right. It made no sense. We eventually figured out why it happened, but I won't tell you so the mystery remains...


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That would be Shadow Moses Island.

Well, I was playing Brawl with a friend on Pokemon Stadium 2(maybe it was 1). He was Fox and I was Link, and there were two CPUs. I was pretty stupid and died twice, so I was thirsty for some revenge. I was standing on the right platform with a capsule in my hands. I see my friend above me, toss the capsule into him, stabbed him to his death, grabbed a warpstar that popped out of the capsule, and slammed right into the middle where the CPUs were Brawling. Bam, triple KO.

And then one time online I beat this Bowser player who was doing pretty good(Of course we had items on, since it's pretty hard not to have them online). Come to the next match, I staring at a Giga Bowser who relentlessly hunted me. Damn was I ticked.


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Once while playing WoW (World of Warcraft) I was just about to beat this really hard dragon boss with a group, but right at the last hit, a stupid lvl 80 horde (I was on Alliance at the time) came along and killed us all in one hit each...

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Hmmm... In Shadow Hearts 2, the scene after the fight with Veronica, where Yuri transforms into Amon, and pretty much single-handedly takes out all of the defense on a giant flying fortress, and not a moment too soon goes toe to toe with Rasputin and the power he gets from his contract with Asmodeus, and whoops his ass before Rasputin becomes possessed by the demon king..

Easily one of the best FMV's I've seen of the previous generation.

Also, I had a moment when I found out I could use EX points from the EX dungeon in Tales of Destiny Remake to buy Narikiri dolls and turn my characters into the character the doll corresponds to. One can only imagine the look on my face when I thought about having a team of four Lion's, or four Stan's.

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i think actually beating the final boss in xenosaga episode 1 was holy crap-esque. that boss - i think sophie was its name - was so, so hard. i was so glad to have beaten it!

sometimes, getting cups with a star rank in mario kart wii can be frustrating.

getting to level 3 or 4 in ikaruga can be holy crap sometimes. (i need to finish that game! only, like, 4.5 more hours to put in before i get infinite continues..)

seeing myself clear the final boss in tales of symphonia in less than two minutes was a bit of a shocker.

the part in xenogears when the anthropomorphic animal dude - i forget his name - shoots elly's mom was very holy crap in a depressing way.


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I went Holy Crap when I saw how horrid Mario Party 8 was. That just ruined the series. At least I still have the N64 games to keep me comfort...


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When I was playing GTA san andreas and a plane exploded out of the sky and killed a rival gang.
I was playing Mario Galaxy and had 1 life left. I walked around on a square planet, and right around the corner I met a Goomba totally unexpectedly. Don't need to say I failed.

fresh fruit for Adol

even electronic brain pancake crystal elderly
getting to level 3 or 4 in ikaruga can be holy crap sometimes. (i need to finish that game! only, like, 4.5 more hours to put in before i get infinite continues..)
Are Chapters 2 and 3 really that hard in Ikaruga? D= Up until a little more than a year ago I could never beat the Chapter 4 boss on Normal... But actually beating it is more of a holy crap xD If you're like me, you'll stare blankly at the credits, and once they finish, you'll say "Holy shit... Did I just beat Ikaruga?!" and promptly start playing again to see if you really did xD

I dunno why, but I hate Free Play in shmups...

The beginning and Good End of Shadow Hearts 2 was kind of a holy crap for me when I first played it... The beginning just 'cause the bad ending in the first is the canon one, and I was seriously expecting to see Alice again and the good end 'cause apparently Yuri gets another chance to make things right and save Alice, implying that the good ending in the original is also canon

see ya

That time I was messing around on Brawl and beat a Level 9 CPU-controlled Ike with Olimar (Olimar is by far my worst character. I have no idea how to play as him. And yet I still won.)

This one was so obvious, but seeing as I hadn't even seen the game since I was four years old, it caught me off-guard...the Torizo coming to life in Super Metroid. It certainly left me very suspicious of the other Chozo statues throughout the game. No wonder this game scared the crap outta me when I was little. I had nightmares about Spore Spawn for years...

And in Mother 3...Finding out Fassad was the last Magypsy. For some reason, the MASSIVE musical hint during his encounters went right over my head, so when I stumbled upon the house in the Porky Building, I was thinking "Alright! Last Magypsy! Wonder how crazy this one's gonna look...Wait a minute...bananas? Arabian clothing? HORNS? HOLY CRAP, REALLY?!" I still wonder what exactly the connection is. Why did Fassad betray the Magypsies (you know, aside from just being a bastard like that)? Oh well. This was the one plot twist that completely threw me in the game, as Porky's connection was painfully obvious, Hinawa's death you could kind of see coming, and the Masked Man's identity was also very obvious. Well, so was Fassad's, but it was somewhat more subtle.


obligatory Bioshock twist reference.
My friend told me everything before I even got that far in the game >.>

I just got Ninja Gaiden 1 and 2 for the NES a few days ago, so this is a moment of being pissed the fuck off rather than triumph or surprise. So I was playing the original Ninja Gaiden and got to Stage 4-1. There was this one little bird that became the bane of my existance. I could not for the life of me hit it, so it just kept circling me getting in hit after hit, and then usually knocked me into a pit. Then I noticed the bird did twice as much damage as being shot by a gun. After about the 15th death, I just paused the game and stared at the bird for 5 minutes, then jusf shut the game off in anger.

Karkat Vantas

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When Dr. Zomboss's zombie robot crashes on your roof in Plants Vs. Zombies. Although it's acceptable, seeing as there's an obligatory Contra code reference in there.

Nearly EVERYTHING in I Wanna Be The Guy. That first apple? TORTURE.
In Digimon World Dawn/Dusk, for the Platinum Tamer Rank battle, It's against Imperialdramon Paladin Mode, Minomon, and Kuramon. The latter two are In-Training Digimon, but all three are lv 91 with really powerful attacks! I was screwed until I Degenerated and Digivolved my entire team twice from Mega all the way down to In-Training, and back up to Mega. Then I had little trouble.


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I was playing Mystery Dungeon Time and fighting a Tentacruel. I was just about to defeat it when...

[escort Pokemon] used [move]!
Tentacruel took 1 damage!
Tentacruel fainted!


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I suppose that would be the time my boyfriend caught a shiny gastly. We were both playing Platinum, and suddenly he goes, "What the hell?" and I go, "What?" and he says, "Is Gastly normally blue, or...?"

He ended up giving it to me. :D


I think the funniest "Holy crap!" moment was when me and my friend, years ago, were playing Ruby & Sapphire together from the beginning.

The first Pokemon he encountered in the game was a shiny. And yes, by the first... I mean the Poochyena that chases Birch, which you can't catch. =P


Still loves Joltik, though!
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When I realized that
Godot did it

Also when I saw my first shiny ever, a green Chansey in the Safari Zone on FireRed. It got away. D:

And just earlier, when I was playing HeartGold and got to the top of Tin Tower, the kimono girls did their dance, Ho-oh swooped down from the sky, perched on the roof and let out a cry - and suddenly the sky in the background turned dark. I thought "Holy crap, Ho-oh can make the SUN disappear!" Then I realized it had just turned eight o'clock. :(