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Your Life since Joining TCoD


so earlier I was thinking about like how Life Happens over the course of the time i've been here. like i've seen other people's relationships start and end and various things happen and I started thinking I should make a topic where you write about how your life has gone since the time you joined TCoD. (This isn't necessarily a "how TCoD changed my life" thread as much as it is "how my life has changed since [x] date with [x] date coinciding with the day I joined TCoD.)

okay so I was 11 when I joined, I was in sixth grade, I had approximately six real life friends (only one of whom I am still in contact with). I was absolute shit at the trumpet and hadn't touched the piano. I had not yet realized my love of music and certainly didn't think I wanted to be a music therapist - at that point in time I'm fairly sure I wanted to be a scientist. Or maybe newspaper editor. I dunno. Since then, though, I've gone through thinking I wanted to be: a writer, a computer scientist, a video game playtester, a high school band director, a professional musician, a composer... and probably more I dun even know. I didn't listen to music, like, ever.

things that have occurred since then:
-got suicidal over being bullied in middle school
-got over that through therapy
-started reading Warriors
-started playing Phoenix Wright
-started high school
-joined marching band
-had a weird dude hit on me freshman year
-lost contact with most of my old friends
-made friends with the people who are now my best friends ever through marching band
-got my first crush
-realized I was bisexual (:V)
-got my first boyfriend
-went to college to major in music therapy
-broke up with said boyfriend because he was a stupid shitty bastard
-started dating VM

also other things happened but those are mostly "what has happened in the world since I joined TCoD" and if you're curious just look up anything that happened after 26 November 2005 haha.

anyway yeah. share your life experiences! :p


Active member
>joined when i was 11
>in first year of middle school
>around when i first got social anxiety
>was fat
>was good at school
>was friends with most of the active members of the forum.
>made my own forum for my own pokemon site (wonderful decision)
>met really awesome guy who would be my best friend for years
>met first boyfriend
>started dating first boyfriend (mistake of the millennium)
>realised i was bisexual.
>was on internet/tcod a LOT because massively bullied in school
>fast forward a few years later, i am still on tcod and still friends with several people. not the ex boyfriend though. should have removed him from my life MUCH sooner
>not as good in school
>still bullied and hate myself etc etc
>got first girlfriend wow
>two years of really short relationships with several people blah blah
>starting to really lose my shit in school
>my favourite thing, drawing, gets kicked out of me eventually
>no longer friends with people on tcod. only one person really.
>i am 17 now and this is when i realise i am transsexual
>losing friends rapidly, doing even worse in school
>anxiety gets a lot worse
>holy shit i am an adult and i hate everything.
>but summer of 2010 was fucking incredible, just hanging out with my girlfriend and friends all the time
>go to uni, leave after one semester because i nearly fucking die from a combination of anxiety and malnourishment
>be on benefits for ages.
>get a shitty job that only lasts a week.
>try to apply for college courses (which i am overqualified for?) and apprenticeships (which all reject me either because i'm too nervous or because i'm transsexual)
>get second job, quit after one day because the anxiety is too fucking much
>finally tell my one remaining irl friend i am transsexual, he leaves me
>apply to uni because i need to do something.
>blah blah blah another year of barely doing anything
>get another job, this one unpaid. manage to see it through to the end.
>start uni again.
>doing better i guess. i'm living with a friend so that's something.
>MOTHER FUCK I FINALLY GET HORMONES???????????? only took 3 years
>i don't even know right now, i turned 21 yesterday and had a massive mental breakdown because we got new flatmates and i am terrified of people.
>i'm trying to do stuff to not be like this.
>my life isn't interesting. it never has been.

things that have been a constant source of happiness in all that time:

jesus that is ten years
i have been here for nearly 10 years. i think i became most things that my 11 year old self hated.


if the nineth lion ate the sun.
ten years in July for me, wow. but I don't really remember what I was like, other than I was just about to turn eleven and horribly, painfully shy and afraid of everything! I didn't have any friends either, really uwu

but I have blossomed like a beautiful butterfly.


yan ya yan ya yaa iii yaaa
>11 seems to be a theme here
>suicidal from about 4 years of bullying
>no friends
>emo phase
>stopped being teased because i wasn't giving the same reaction
>stopped being suicidal
>TCoD vB #1 crash
>weeaboo phase
>yaoi fangirl phase
>became an atheist
>weeaboo and weeaboo related phases ended
>got into TV Tropes
>figured out that i was bisexual (that explained a lot)
>got into the magnet school for gifted kids
>someone linked to a vocaloid cover, so became vocaloid fan
>started getting into Megaman because of wiki walking
>high school woo?
>became a decent writer
>still no friends but at least people were friendly
>stopped drawing because i suck
>got into and out of Hetalia equally quickly
>the asshole moved to town. kinda had a nerd crush until he revealed he was some libertarian/neoconservative asshat (and thus begins such lovely statements as "interment during wwii was right)
>started subbing (but still can't translate)
>+1 dog
>actually started going on irc whoa
>realized i lean towards women, not men (that explains even more)
> still still no friends

And here we are now in my boring life.

1. Luftballon

since joining tcod is my life

or well literally over half of the parts of my life which I can remember

which covers all the interesting parts anyway


Says "also" and "or something" a lot
Nothing particularly amazing has happened to me, just the usually stuff of going to school, leaving school, going to uni.
My life has a period of about a couple of weeks where in general nothing changes but when on the internet I find a new video game/tv show/whatever, get really into it but think about it so much that I'm tired of it and move on. Also it involves thinking "that hobby looks like fun, maybe I'll try it!" which I then do, realise I'm rubbish at it and then not improve at all because I give up due to not being automatically amazing.

The only thing that's really significant to me is that I actually made friends (shock horror!) which has probably lead me to gain some social skills but I'm still as shy as ever. It wasn't really me who made friends either, it was really just due to the fact that you can't really be in a class of size 3 and not talk to the other two people sometimes.

Bullying seems to be a topic here and I definitely stopped being bullied since I joined. Though I don't actually think about it all that much, I wouldn't really have mentioned it if other people weren't. That's not to say I wasn't bullied that badly, I absolutely hated it and it was probably partially responsible for my lack of friends, and if I feel like blaming all of life's problems on everyone but me, the cause of my shyness and awkwardness. But since it stopped it's like I just forgot about it. In fact a friend of mine was once talking to me and mentioned how he remembered me being bullied really really badly in the changing rooms for P.E. and I could barely remember the event he was talking about. Maybe that's for the better.
Not sure what it was that stopped the bullying. I wouldn't say it was the meanies leaving before sixth form, but maybe they were the ones that sort of encourages other people to be not nice to me, and their absence just made those people start being not not nice.

I've very recently become acquainted with people at uni who I expect to get along with really well. I've met people interested in the same kind of things as I have before but not people who talk about them.

EDIT: I also joined but eventually left various other websites. This is the only forum I visit at all any more.
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I liek Squirtles

sobble squad
ok here i go
>joined when I was 11
>baseball league screwed everything up and started playing tennis
>obtained puberty
>obtained xbox
>made a whole fake region
>best friend left sadness abounded
>got into tv tropes
>got into sprite comics
>learned what mafia is
>met a bunch of cool persons
>switch between 3 different crushes idk
>started a novel
>so much I'll stop here hooray


spooky? do you think i'm spooky?
  • joined when i was twelve (had just turned twelve)
  • met new people
  • learned to play the great game of mafia
  • learned more about LGBT topics and now have a better understanding than before
  • played more mafia
  • met even more people

there miiiiiight be a bit more stuff but I have a bad memory.


local hellion
- Joined February 2008. I was like thirteen and I prefer not to remember those times.
- VB crash (really nothing cool happened between join and crash except grade school graduation but whatever)
- high school?? High school!!!
- Friends!!
- End of freshman year
- wait am i
- friends????
- Yay no more crushes on straight girls/gay boys that i'm friends with
- Yay junior year
- Wait fuck crush on straight girl who i'm friends with
- I think???
- Well my crush has a boyfriend
- actually most of my friends have boyfriends
- Boyfriend!!
- Boyfriend???
- Oh whoops single and don't really care
- Yay senior
- Yay first show role
- Never mind I don't like this
- Yay another play role I like this one
- Graduation???
- Disney!!!
- College????
- More friends????
- Wait fuck I don't like this friend
- Okay I'm done with this friend
- Yay life is better

LuckyLapras' Duck

Those tomatoes are rancid.
  • Joined TCoDF in July 9th 2012
  • School got messed up because of rumours and other things like that
  • Recovered
  • Summer holidays started. Fwee!
  • Started various challenges on Pokemon
  • Didn't finish those challenges
  • School started again.
  • Discovered Miku and Gangnam Style. Music was changed forever.
  • Everything was fine.
  • BW2 came out.
  • Children In Need. *squeels*
  • Christmas. *more squeeling*
  • Completed B2. Felt epic. Went onto preparing for W2 Challengelocke
  • Had to leave due to mother's reactions
  • Missed a lot of stuff
  • Felt like me leaving was worse than I thought
  • Comic Relief. Good day, good day.
  • April Fools' = New iCarly (iBustATheif) + New Victorious (April Fools' Blank)
  • Realized I have no life
  • iGoodbye aired, followed with 10 minutes of crying
  • Came back
  • Found the internet had been majorly messed up
  • Went out for 5 hours. Had a life
  • Everything's been good since
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onion witch
Ooh. Lots has happened.

I joined in 2011 I think, and was inactive for a while. I...

-got a girlfriend and we stayed together for two years
-improved artistically
-matured a heckovalot as most of you can probably tell (although I'm still pretty immature)
-learned somethings about people
-started RPing
-learned how to actually play Pokemon
-got into sports
-made some new friends
-was introduced to painting
-became more religious (I'm not superreligious though)
-started dressing better (yay)
-became significantly more social
-stopped being a follower
-read some good books
-slimmed down a lot

and I think that covers it


Uh, I didn't do it.
Wow... summing up almost eight-ish years.

-Joined TCoD on a whim sometime around the beginning of '04 as the user "Fire Master". At this point I hardly ever had used the internet before. I didn't know how to type, hardly, and I knew jack diddly squat about computers. (It was a different time, people.) I had no friends really and kept to myself and my sports.
- Lost my login info for my first username, so instead of going through password recovery I just made a new account. I was now Charizard2K.
- I spent an absurd amount of time online. Over that summer I became my own person as well. I got tired of being teased and decided to do something about it. Fuck aspergers, I remember telling myself. I wanted to fit in with others, but in my own way. I begged my parents to take me through more social counseling and learn how to make myself fit in more while staying the same. My doc was awesome with that. By the time 8th grade came around I wasn't teased, it was one of the happiest times in my life. I was my own person, and I wasn't afraid to defend it.
- 2005 graduated from eigth grade.
- Started high school.
- Met a huge group of new friends. It was a totally new experiece going from a entire class of ten people to a school of seven hundred. Met my still best friend in driver's ed. I realised how much I'd changed. When we were given a piece of paper and an envelope one day we were told to write a letter to our senior selves. (Aside from putting money in mine, which I still thank myself for) I wrote in my letter my login info for TCoD, and to "Remember this place."
- Started as a police explorer.
- Quit altar serving.
- I started to drift away from TCoD my sophomore year. I went on every now and then, but largely I'd left the site. I had become part of a semi popular group at school. I was super involved in everything at school from quiz bowl to sports to theater to arts.
- Got my driver's license.
- Got promoted in explorers, now a sargeant.
- Got two jobs to help cover for high school tuition.
- Bought my first car, a '95 light powder blue Ford Contour.
- At this point I was too busy with work and school and real life. I disappeared from TCoD until the after my high school graduation.
- 2009 Graduated high school. Stilll not on the site.
- First major car accident. Car was totaled and I got owned.
- Bought new car, '95 red Olds Achieva.
- Started college falll of 2009.
- Promoted to liutenant in explorers.
- One day in November I found my things on the front lawn. I'd been kicked out of my parents. I was 19. I was basically homeless for a time, living out of my car, until my mother talked my dad into sense and let me back in.
- I managed to live at my parents for a few more months before I realized I just couldn't do it anymore. I quit school for basically good and moved out on my own. This was around fall 2010. I haven't been able to afford school since.
- Started working full time security, bouncing for parties, specials and such. Then got a full time account which I am still at today.
- Romance stuff happened and failed.
- Oh by the way mom and dad I'm not exactly straight and I don't believe in god, whoops.
- Started working as a volunteer EMT, still am.
- Lost all my friends, decided to start from scratch.
- 2010 I remembered TCoD, and decided to come back, only to find out that the site had MOVED YET AGAIN, and I had to reregister. So it looked like I'd only been here since 2010, but I've really been a member since 2004.
- There were a lot of deaths in 2011-2012 for my family, including my baby twin nephews, it was a bad year.
- Crashed my Achieva, bought my current SUV.
- Moved out from my first apartment a few months ago, and I plan to go back to school soon. My best friend came to the realization that of our group of friends from high school, including those older than us, I was the only one that was, in a sense, an adult. Not sure what that means but okay.

Right now my life is mostly work and every now and then seeing friends and family. I volunteer at three nursing homes, plus my EMT work. I also work at the family food shelf that my grandparents started. (It's still hard to call it my grandfather's food shelf since gram died. It's still weird.)
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Night Zero
-Joined early 2009, freshman in high school
-I can think for myself! To the debating hall!
-That didn't go well.
-Not much happening in school; transfered from public school in 8th grade to private christian high school. Not making any friends.
-Trying to stay away from TCoD, something keeps bringing me back.
-About 4 months of my life is studying for the PSAT. Trying to get National Merit Scholar and have free college.
-Start questioning Christian upbringing.
-Junior year! Studying Japanese at Community College. Find out about Death Note.
-Test day: surging anxiety! Didn't even finish all the sections like on all the practice tests
-Test results: 206. Needed: 208.
-Sense of identity is crushed. Lapsing into depression.
-Okay so apparently I'm someone who skips class.
-Antidepressants. Therapy is bullshit.
-Prom is fun.
-Mania is also fun.
-Wreaking havoc in general is fun.
-I need to stay away from TCoD
-"Hey Butterfree can I please be banned"
-Mental Hospitals are as fun as you make them.
-I want to go back to public school.
-Christian worldview is essentially gone.
-Free to be honest with how I feel, realize I like guys.
-Oh my god there is about to be a Death Note mafia!
-Senior year at public school is great.
-Manage to get full tuition scholarship plus partial room and board. Start studying Architecture.
-Find out about Extra Credits. Getting involved and thinking about Game Design constantly.
-First boyfriend. Over in about a month.
-Second boyfriend. Parents find out. Fuck! Also comes out that I don't believe in God.
-Boyfriend lives in hometown, which I'm avoiding. Relationship fizzles.
-Architecture isn't worth living in the studio. Undecided major.
-Both boyfriends are interested in getting back together.


I swear I'm cool you have to believe me
Let's see . . .

Started out as a junior when I joined here.

Was always quiet, but the constant bulling and family problems made me even more than before.

Gets worse and worse, but nevertheless I acted cheerful to most of my (few) friends.

Grades start slipping.

Cracked a few times.

Jeez now that I look back I really should have gotten help.

Finds out about the insane amount of Yugioh and Pokemon players in my school.

Huzzah, my friend list tripled!

Was still somewhat hesitant, as I had (and still have) an irrational sense of fear from rejection.

Discovered MLP.

Still too shy.

Was around here when I realized I was asexual.

About a month later, I realized I was also trans.

Still not telling anyone (Except to my one close friend. He's the exception)

Was practically dying on the inside.

Suddenly, grades improve!

Got better.

I am still stupidly shy, and still have not told anyone of the above stuff, but at least things are better. Not so good, but better.

And I'm sorry if this sounds like I'm complaining too much.
So I joined in... 2008, this forum says, though it actually was earlier since I joined before the previous forum crashed years back. I think I might have been called "Chibs" at that forum... maybe in 2007 or...2006? Back then I was 11 or 12... that really WAS long ago, longer than I had thought!

let's seeee I'm not entirely sure of the order of all of these so they might not be fully chronological but:

- joined the forums
- wanted to make a website, so I had my dad set up a site for me
- parents got concerned about my internet use and dad set up a password on the startup screen, so I had to ask him or mom to type in the password every time i wanted to use the computer. this went on for a few years.
-once I made one of those "sprite army" threads (i think they were called? basically consisting of edits of one certain pokémon) because several other people had made them and I wanted one for my favorite pokemon. it got closed along with the others.
- first forum broke, I joined again some days after it got back, as "Worst Username Ever"
- MEMES ARE THE BEST THING THE INTERNET EVER CREATED and I don't give care they're "old" (oh god why old WUE)
- started middle school, got a bit better than elementary but just because most of the people that bullied me had grown out of it, still didn't have many friends at school
- once I got offended at someone hating lolcats (not because they didn't like them, but more because of them expressing it in more of a "it fucking sucks and you should be ashamed to like it" way rather than "i personally dislike it") and I started a giant fight over that
- alright, I should get a game console that's not a handheld one, since I never had one! nintendo's newest one is Wii so I will buy that!
- decided to try facebook, eh this site isn't actually that bad I guess
- gave up on my website after realizing I had no interesting content to put on there and couldn't code for shit
- alright this weaaboo shit is pretty dumb. you can still like anime and japanese popculture just stop calling things kawaii and stuff.
- there's something called asexuality? hmm that sounds kind of like how I feel... but I think I should still wait and see?
- parents got divorced, i started moving back and forth between their houses
- finally got skype after having stuck with msn since forever and refusing to switch, took a while to get used to but ended up growing on me and I understood why everyone liked this fancy new chat program more than msn
- ok maybe I should try doing sketches and learn about anatomy and stuff. ...yay, I'm drawing better already!
- spamming memes isn't cool actually. references now and then are fine, but jesus christ stop being annoying about it.
- joined #tcod now and then mostly to play apples to apples (I miss that, it was fun...)
- Started cosplaying. Finally got some more friends because of that.
- Went to my first con, had a great time
- zelda is a pretty cool game series! why didn't I start earlier!
- Started upper secondary (i think it's called here? ages 16-18), finally had people I got along with in my class
- hetalia is a pretty cool series!
- ok maybe everything in media class isn't that fun but it's the closest to the kind of jobs i might want
- ace attorney is awesome!
- went to desucon, my first con that wasn't the small one in my city. 2-day con at start of summer vacation, and it was really really fun!
- joined tumblr after realizing it's not just some "hipster site"
- tumblr is really cool!
- ooh i want to be a game designer! yeah! that's the job for me!
- got more concerned about various "social justice" issues
- actually rage comics aren't that good.
- I decided I was tired of moving back and forth between houses, having to move all my stuff back and forth for just a few days, and decided to just stay at dad's house and move everything over there.
- met many great people on tumblr!
- wait so I managed to be friends with cool people on tumblr that I admire? i'm so proud of myself!
- now I can finally buy stuff on the internet! this is what my life has been leading up to!
- oh, this asexual thing? well by now I'm pretty sure that's what I am.

i'm sure there's a lot more but that's what I remember now yeah
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Cute forum goer
I think the good reputation giving thing that Butterfree just added onto this forum might help enhance my life quality, since now being kind is like a big part of what makes tcod what it is now......and Butterfree was always a very nice person ever since I first met her.


So this actually means a lot to me. If you knew how my brain's wired, you'd understand why I wrote this post....thank you, Butterfree......


And thats forever :)


sorry guys, don’t lose
I think the good reputation giving thing that Butterfree just added onto this forum might help enhance my life quality, since now being kind is like a big part of what makes tcod what it is now......and Butterfree was always a very nice person ever since I first met her.


So this actually means a lot to me. If you knew how my brain's wired, you'd understand why I wrote this post....thank you, Butterfree......


And thats forever :)
Hm? What do you mean about rep being added? (it's pretty much always been kind :D!)

Anyway man it's two AM so um. Don't expect ~AMAZING DETAIL~

okay go

-join TCoDf. Mewtini I command you to be nine!
-be the most annoying darned little girl you could ever imagine on TCoDf. be the "lolz omg" spammer
-be kinda nice and friendly irl
-hey yeah birthday a month later \o/ be ten
-be happy for a while
-be in trouble with dad.
-be more suicidal.
-be more depressed.
-fall into emotional sinkhole.
-slowly get better. wow friends are useful
-think that I am nearing puberty
-get 3DS. aw yeah
-be eleven
-be in trouble again for being here
-be grounded for three months
-be semiabandoned by friends
-fall into another sinkhole
-make one friend that I still love oh my gosh he's great.
-hate one cousin, love the other
-be deserted by one friend that I thought was cool
-cousin starts saying "Mewtini hahaha yeah you know everything. I hate you"
-be teased
-be the outcast
-huh cool I'm in seventh grade
-be twelve
-realize that all my previous "best" friends won't talk to me because I'm not cool
-still think I have obtained puberty
-awful teeth yay.
-be the star bible quizzer
-get closer to awesomazing friend
-drift away from other friends
-other friends hate me apparently
-decide on going to duke university/college whatever
-through bible quizzing, regain some social confidence
-get social confidence smashed after friend tells me that I'm no fun to hang out with because I'm a terrible friend
-people think that I'm dating my amazinawesome friend what ewww
-great friend likes sister of at-the-time friend
-sister is mean. sister thinks Mewtini is insignificant and dumb
-Mewtini thinks friend is a little crazy
-friend says sister is not cool
-at-the-time friend quits bible quiz immediately prior to regional finals whaaaat
-hate that girl
-friend that deserted me talks to me
-awesome friend comes through and gives me free food (yes this is significant)
-friend likes that sister again wtf
-I'm going into high school next year
-regional finals. wow it's on thursday??? cools