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Your PC

Pokemon (51+):
Male Mightyena
Male Tirtouga
Shiny Female Kabutops
Male Relicanth
Genderless Unown-!
Female Slaking
Female Burmy
Female Burmy
Genderless Klinklang
Male Mawile
Female Solosis
Male Buneary
Male Ferroseed
Male Panpour
Male Elgyem
Male Elekid
Female Alakazam
Female Ralts
Genderless Ditto
Female Electrike
Male Staraptor
Female Crobat
Female Arbok
Female Ursaring
Male Hypno
Male Empoleon
Male Sharpedo
Female Milotic
Female Chinchou
Female Remoraid
Female Ludicolo
Male Marill
Male Gyarados
Female Vulpix
Female Bouffalant
Female Grotle
Female Girafarig
Male Eevee
Genderless Rotom
Male Hoothoot (OT: I liek Squirtles)
Male Nidorino
Female Floette-White
Genderless Porygon-Z
Female Ledian
Female Watchog
Male Roselia
Female Plusle
Male Bibarel
Male Furfrou-Debutante
Male Minun
Male Pidgeotto

Traded Away/Sold (2):
Male Burmy, now owned by I liek Squirtles
Male Riolu, now owned by I liek Squirtles
(if you want to trade, make an offer via VM and we'll go from there)

Items (16):
Metal Coat
Aguav Berry
Dubious Disc x 2
Zap Plate
Steel Gem
Electric Gem
Psychic Gem
Poison Barb
Silk Scarf
Sitrus Berry x 2
Mystic Water
Tamato Berry

[hide=old (nicknames)]>boot "ALLIGATES'S PERSONAL COMPUTER"...
>This system requires a username and password.
>Pass: ************

>Thank you for logging in, ALLIGATES.
>Loading data...

>"ALLIGATES'S PERSONAL COMPUTER" successfully accessed.
>What would you like to do?

>load "POKEMON"...
>Successfully loaded. Results: 41.
>Display Results in chronological order.

Mightyena Rex [m]
>Nickname Origin: Latin for king.
>Obtained: Starter
>Notes: Rex is a mutt, a Mightyena-Linoone mix. He has streaks of white and light brown on his body. He was bullied by the other Mightyena at the Bank until I picked him as my starter. From that experience, he has grown defensive, solitary, and wary of other people and Pokemon, but he gradually opens up to newer members of the Box. Ever since evolving, he's much more confident.

Tirtouga Conway [m]
>Nickname Origin: Derived from the River Conwy.
>Obtained: Backdoor Museum
>Notes: Conway is the strong but silent type, preferring to wait and see rather than take action in a debate. His mental strength is unrivaled, but he doesn't brag. He's friends with Sushi.

Kabuto * Sushi [f] (shiny)
>Nickname Origin: Kabuto Sushi, a Japanese restaurant
>Obtained: Backdoor Museum
>Notes: Sushi has her quirks, such as being shiny. She wants to take up knitting, but I'm not too sure I should tell her the truth about that idea. She's friends with Conway.

Relicanth Blake [m]
>Nickname Origin: Just Because.
>Obtained: Backdoor Museum
>Notes: Blake seems crazy, but he's actually wiser than anyone else in the box. His spurts of gibberish have recently become more and more frequent, though...

Unown-! Em [x]
>Nickname Origin: EM stands for Exclamation Mark.
>Obtained: Cyberspace
>Notes: Em is cool, calm and collected in most situations, and it likes to be called a girl. She's always nervous about what others think of her, preferring not to fight.

Slaking Lacey [f]
>Nickname Origin: Similar to lazy.
>Obtained: Tribute
>Notes: Lacey is a good cook, but she only cooks every other day. She's simply too lazy to do anything but lounge around and eat on the days she doesn't cook.

Burmy B-1 [f]
>Nickname Origin: Short for Burmy 1
>Obtained: Tribute
>Notes: B-1 is shy, but polite. She's worried that she's not special enough for the box because there are two other Burmy in it. Even so, she's friends with B-2 and B-3.

Burmy B-2 [m]
>Nickname Origin: Short for Burmy 2
>Obtained: Tribute
>Notes: B-2 is nervous and jittery about every little thing. He's also strange, screeching in panic at one little Ratatta but staying unfazed facing a Blaziken. He's friends with B-1 and B-3.

Burmy B-3 [f]
>Nickname Origin: Short for Burmy 3.
>Obtained: Tribute
>Notes: B-3 is a tomboy. She's reckless and daring, not afraid to show off. She's also bold, taunting larger Pokemon in the hopes of getting them to attack. She's friends with B-1 and B-2.

Klang Gaer [x]
>Nickname Origin: Deliberate misspelling of gear.
>Obtained: Pal Park
>Notes: Gaer hovers in exactly the same place for the whole day. It's quite boring to watch, actually.

Mawile Jaws [m]
>Nickname Origin: Self-explanatory.
>Obtained: Pal Park
>Notes: Jaws is a cold, calculating master tactician and technician. He usually sits in a corner of the Box, considering the possibilities. He's a whiz with tools and machines, so whenever there's a malfunction or Gaer needs oiling, we know who to call. ghostbusters

Solosis Leprechaun [f]
>Nickname Origin: She's green and tricky...
>Obtained: Pal Park
>Notes: Looks can be deceiving. Leprechaun is a trickier Solosis and loves toying with others' heads. She can't wait until she's evolved, when her psychic abilities will be augmented.

Ferroseed Ferox [m]
>Nickname Origin: Latin for ferocious one and also the name of my in-game Ferrothorn.
>Obtained: Pal Park
>Notes: Ferox is an aloof, analytic individual. He prefers to sit back and let a debate unfold by itself rather than actively take part in it. He has analysed the precise personalities of everyone in the Box and generally welcomes newcomers.

Buneary Hamlet [m]
>Nickname Origin: Something to do with omelettes?
>Obtained: Pal Park
>Notes: Hamlet is a rather social individual. He's been described as "bouncy" and "bubbly" before, and lives up to his reputation as a cheerful and optimistic Buneary.

Panpour :3 [m]
>Nickname Origin: Look at his face
>Obtained: Pal Park
>Notes: :3 spends half of his time being friendly and helpful. The other half is spent locked up in a special room-like part of the Box, fiddling with electronic knickknacks and generally keeping the Internet connection up so Pokemon can check their Tumblr feeds, etc.

Elgyem Alien [m]
>Nickname Origin: From alien, meaning alien.
>Obtained: Cyberspace
>Notes: Alien is a strange guy. He likes spending time with :3 and particularly enjoys virus-busting, maybe because he's a hacker himself. He owns one of :3's electronic knickknacks, the Eraspin (a motor-powered eraser that spins to erase using friction.)

Elekid Fulvio [m]
>Nickname Origin: From the Italian name Fulvio, itself from the Latin fulvus, meaning yellow or tawny.
>Obtained: Cyberspace
>Notes: Fulvio is obedient and eager to please. Because of this, Alien and :3 like to exploit him (legally) for a backup power generator in the very frequent case of a battery shortage.

Alakazam IT'S OVER 5,000, aka Ion [f]
>Nickname Origin: A pun on her IQ (over 5,000 as stated by the Pokedex) and the It's Over 9,000 meme/thing
>Obtained: Cyberspace
>Notes: The cold and calculating IT'S OVER 5,000 has long ago established that she will be referred to as Ion. She likes spending her free time solving mazes and reading calculus textbooks. She stays calm in most situations.

Ralts Grace [f]
>Nickname Origin: From graceful, English for graceful.
>Obtained: Cyberspace
>Notes: Grace is quite nervous and jittery, but has honed her Psychic battling skills with the gentle guidance of Ion. She hopes to become a Gardevoir some day so she can dance with a Gallade... but she has yet to find a Gallade, or even a male Ralts. Oh well.

Ditto :) [x]
>Nickname Origin: Look at its face
>Obtained: Cyberspace
>Notes: Mischievous and daring. :) often transforms into lots of other things.

Electrike Adria [f]
>Nickname Origin: Character in Professor Layton 1 who says "like" and "tee hee" a lot.
>Obtained: Cyberspace
>Notes: Adria really wants to be named after that, like, uber-cute unovan electric gym leader who's sooo cute, tee hee. Too bad she, like, can't remember, like, anything at all, including, like, the Gym Leader's name. It's, like, sooo boring in the Box. She aspires to, like, go to, like, cool places.

Staravia Elmer [m]
>Nickname Origin: An older name.
>Obtained: Pal Park
>Notes: Elmer is stern and a bit older than most of the Pokemon in the Box. He is serious and a bit introverted. He says he used to help a renowned nature professor lecture about the dangers of abusing the environment, but when his owner moved, he was not allowed to come.

Golbat Common Sense [f]
>Nickname Origin: Well, what it says on the tin.
>Obtained: Pal Park
>Notes: Common Sense has a lot of common sense. She spends her time telling the Pokemon of the Box about Common Sense and reminding others of the Five Virtues of Common Sense. Really, the only Pokemon who listen to her are Lacy and Gaer.

Arbok Hiss [f]
>Nickname Origin: Ssssss
>Obtained: Pal Park
>Notes: This snake will not take a single gram of your crap. Hiss is calm and unmovable (except via Snorlax Strength.)

Teddiursa Honey Bear [f]
>Nickname Origin: Honey Bear, hmm.
>Obtained: Pal Park
>Notes: Honey Bear is playful. Very playful. So playful as to jump on top of and run on the slowly spinning Gaer. Or to disturb Ion when she is thinking. Never stops playing, unless sedated. Sedated every night due to playing issues and calls from neighbors.

Hypno Phil [m]
>Nickname Origin: The Hypno that never was (see this)
>Obtained: Pal Park
>Notes: Phil is quiet. Very quiet. You can't hear a single one of his footsteps (because, of course, of his teleportation.) He's so quiet as to be almost invisible when he's standing right next to you. It's hard to not ignore him, when he's just... invisible. Almost.

Riolu Twitch [m]
>Nickname Origin: Random shit on a different site
>Obtained: Pal Park
>Notes: Twitch is, well, a little jumpy. He's also a really big introvert. So everyone leaves him alone.

Empoleon Rory [m]
>Nickname Origin: I forget now...
>Obtained: Pal Park
>Notes: Rory is very stereotypically Empoleonish. He's got that regal attitude that's common in both Empoleon and Serperior.

Carvanha Bonecrusher [m]
>Nickname Origin: Somewhat ironic, considering his personality.
>Obtained: Pal Park
>Notes: Bonecrusher, despite his name, is actually very gentle and positively timid. He likes playing hide-and-seek with Teethgnasher the Gyarados, who is also his bestest friend.

Milotic Splish [f]
>Nickname Origin: She likes to do it.
>Obtained: Pal Park
>Notes: Splish, as her name suggests, likes splashing around in the large pool that was brought in when Bonecrusher and the others arrived, because most of them need water. She enjoys spraying all the other Pokemon.

Chinchou Star [f]
>Nickname Origin: Bright as one.
>Obtained: Pal Park
>Notes: As soon as she arrived in The Box, :3 and Fulvio hooked her up to the ceiling, as it was missing an adequate light source. This is totally not Pokemon abuse (she actually likes it). peta'll have our heads for this

Remoraid Octazooka [f]
>Nickname Origin: If you don't know... Well.
>Obtained: Pal Park
>Notes: Octazooka spends her days daydreaming about being an Octillery. Very boring, really. Like Gaer.

Ludicolo Ludicrous [f]
>Nickname Origin: I am unoriginal.
>Obtained: Pal Park
>Notes: Ludicrous likes laying on her back in the aforementioned large pool. Also boring. I am unoriginal. Oh yeah, she also likes making jokes, yeom.

Marill Soap [m]
>Nickname Origin: The bubbles on his evolved form will look like soap.
>Obtained: Safari Zone Snack Bar
>Notes: Soap loves blowing bubbles, and he does it a lot better than anyone else in the Box! He came from the Snack Bar with his favourite bubble mixture, and only he knows the secret recipe.

Gyarados Teethgnasher [m]
>Nickname Origin: See Bonecrusher.
>Obtained: Safari Zone Snack Bar
>Notes: Like Bonecrusher, Teethgnasher is extremely tremulous. All the time. I am unoriginal.

Vulpix Mozilla [f]
>Nickname Origin: My Ninetales in my LeafGreen Nuzlocke.
>Obtained: Safari Zone Snack Bar
>Notes: Mozilla is, much like her game counterpart, very chivalrous and polite. And boring. She likes to stand back, not being very courageous, though.

Bouffalant Headbanger [f]
>Nickname Origin: Something her species are known for.
>Obtained: Controlled Habitat
>Notes: Headbanger likes to bang things with her head. 'Nuff said.

Grotle Tree [f]
>Nickname Origin: Its back.
>Obtained: Controlled Habitat
>Notes: Tree enjoys burrowing into the ground, going into the hole, and covering herself up. It really does look kind of like a tree...

Girafarig Free Radar [f]
>Nickname Origin: She was costless. And also "radar" is a palindrome.
>Obtained: Controlled Habitat
>Notes: Free Radar! Yippee!

Eevee Friendly [m]
>Nickname Origin: See Obtained.
>Obtained: Controlled Habitat
>Notes: Friendly is friendly. He likes cuddling up to everyone in the Box. Forever. But they don't mind, because he is really very fluffy.

Rotom Lucky [x]
>Nickname Origin: I was pretty lucky to have gotten it.
>Obtained: Controlled Habitat
>Notes: Lucky enjoys wreaking havoc with :3 and Fulvio's carefully constructed plans. To try to stay optimistic, Star says some day or another, he'll short-circuit the Box and delete himself.

>load "ITEMS"...
>Successfully loaded. Results: 15.

>Aguav Berry
>Sitrus Berry
> Mystic Water
>Sitrus Berry

>load "AREAS"
>Successfully loaded. Results: 3.

>Thunderclap Amusement Park
>Safari Zone Stone Shop
>Team Plasma HQ

>Saving a lot of data... Do not turn off the power.
>Logging out...

>Successfully logged out.
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Tyranidoom~'s PC





Serious ||| Strong Willed
He can be found sharpening his claws and practicing battle techniques by a stream.

Quiet ||| Often lost in thought
She seems spiteful and lonely, as if she's missing something.

Impish ||| Loves to eat
She is exceptionally green. Sometimes she tries to eat Soodle.

Jolly ||| Likes to run
She can often be found scaling trees, fumbling about for honey.

Brave ||| Mischievous
He enjoys folding in his neck-sails, and letting them out just behind Giganta when she isn't paying attention.

Mr. Benton
Docile ||| Thoroughly cunning
It is not surprising to find him brewing tea by a river.

Serious ||| Strongly defiant
Exceedingly pessimistic. Enjoys the darker sides of life.

Quirky ||| Impetuous and silly
She is nearly always dawdling around aimlessly, endlessly amused by the movements of her tentacles.

Quiet ||| Alert to sounds
A friend of the shadows and master of surprise. She likes to trap people in caves by pinning them with an electric web when it is least expected.

Quiet ||| Often lost in thought
He is fidgety in warm places and can often be found meditating in freezers or other places of the sort.

Bold ||| Proud of its power
She uses her strength to frighten other Pokémon, but in a playful way; she is soft as snow at heart.

Gentle ||| Somewhat vein
Quite playful. She is very clumsy and will often fall flat on her face, which is succeeded by inexorable crying.

Jolly ||| Highly curious
She is highly playful. When she's feeling particularly great, she'll spin about and disgorge snow, creating a circular flurry.

Bold ||| Quick tempered
Somewhat noisy for a ghost. She especially enjoys scaring people by sending chills down their spine and then yelling behind them.

Jolly ||| Good perseverance
Very generous. She's given all she has for the Pokémon in the PC with her, and will do so again every time she attains a new belonging.

Jolly ||| Somewhat vain
She is very cheerful. When she's feeling well, her sails will glow brilliantly and flap like a flag, but when she is upset, her sails will sag and lose their colour.

Sassy ||| Likes to thrash about
She's constantly angry and has a quick temper, which often results in pain to her aggressor.

Docile ||| Scatters things often
She's extremely playful, but also very clumsy. This can be quite a bad combination.

Hasty ||| Quick tempered
He hates to wait and will snap at people to get them moving along.

Gentle ||| Likes to relax
Despite her great grace in flight, she prefers to spend her time lounging about in a sun-lit spot. She would never hurt a soul.[/hide]


Lum Berry

Ice Gem

Never-Melt Ice​
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SpiedeRainbows' Pc.
Charmander [M]
Obtained: Starter

Charizard [F]
Obtained: Dragons' Den

Eleven [M]
Obtained: Aqua Land

Weavile [M]
Obtained: Aqua Land

Glaceon [M]
Obtained: Aqua Land

Gible [F]
Obtained: The Habitat

Carnivine [F]
Obtained: The Habitat

Spinda [F]
Obtained: Pal Park V. 3

Abomasnow [M]
Obtained: Aqua Land

Obtained: The Habitat


Audino [M]
Obtained: A Place With Grass


Bergmite [F]
Obtained: Aqua Land

Pichu [F]
Obtained: Pal Park V. 3


Litleo [M]
Obtained: The Habitat


Obtained: Aqua Land


Mienshao [M]
Obtained: Pal Park V. 3


Deerling [F]
Obtained: Pal Park V. 3


Absol [F]
Obtained: Aqua Land


Pyroar [M]
Obtained: The Habitat


Snubble [F]
Obtained: Pal Park V. 3

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Vholvek's PC


Tropius, Male, "Nanye"

Rhydon, Female, "Bertha"

Chimchar, Female, "Zeph"

Pansage, Male, "Sage"

Gabite, Female, "Gabby"

Totodile, Male, "Paris"

Primeape, Male, "Mike Tyson"

Crawdaunt, Female, "Skrim"
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RedneckPhoenix's PC
The background is a jpeg of a carrot....
Chimchar chimchar(obtained as starter)
Friend Safari:
Robbie Rotten the female Houndourhoundour
Snoop Foxx the male Fennekinfennekin
Vape the female Gastly gastly
DeGroot Keep the female Sandygast sandygast
HOLY SHIT the male Gyarados gyarados
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