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  1. D/P/Pt Test thread
  2. The CoD Monotype Challenge
  3. How many level 100s do you have?
  4. R/B/Y Japanese Blue Missingno.
  5. FR/LG Assistance with in-game team...
  6. Your favorite Game Corner?
  7. Most bizzare Pokedex Entry
  8. G/S/C Typo on Gold cartidge sticker
  9. D/P/Pt Need help with my team...
  10. R/B/Y Worst battle, breeding and training mistakes
  11. D/P/Pt Dawn stone location
  12. G/S/C Espeon moveset
  13. Your Yellow version Ratings and Teams[keep updated each time]
  14. D/P/Pt Purugly in Diamond?
  15. Team Rating plz.
  16. R/S/E Emerald Monotype Team Help
  17. D/P/Pt Ingame Team Rate?
  18. R/S/E How to clone in Emerald.
  19. D/P/Pt Team Rating, Please!
  20. R/S/E Fluffy Clouds' Sapphire Team (not for competitive battling, and will be updated). Please rate?
  21. D/P/Pt Music Glitch...
  22. Teach any pokemon that has mimic any move(untested)
  23. Worthless - Useful Pokemon?
  24. R/S/E Does anyone know why...
  25. Lowest level(s) you've beaten the Elite Four at?
  26. D/P/Pt I can't find my Ledyba in Pal Park
  27. Stupid Question.
  28. What is your favorite starter (final evolution)?
  29. D/P/Pt Different Languages PokéDex
  30. Shinies
  31. R/S/E Battle Tower Suggestions?
  32. R/S/E Favorite Battle Frontier facility?
  33. Trainers with your name?
  34. What do you like to in your games aside from train/battle?
  35. D/P/Pt Whats you favorite song(s)
  36. This trainer?
  37. New Pokemon?
  38. D/P/Pt What Pokemon completed your Sinnoh Dex?
  39. Have YOU gotten the Lucky Egg?
  40. How do you make your games a challenge?
  41. If you had a Pokemon Gym...
  42. D/P/Pt I hate breeding chains
  43. D/P/Pt Azelf and Uxie
  44. Too many legendaries?
  46. FR/LG Growlithe and the Fire Stone
  47. G/S/C How do you get a Chansey?
  48. D/P/Pt Quick question about friend codes/pal pad
  49. What annoying things happen to you in-game?
  50. D/P/Pt Go to old Regions?
  51. It's raining below Lake Valor!
  52. R/B/Y Can Pikachu evolve?
  53. R/S/E ggehrjhjah help with rival plz EDIT: nvm crisis solved
  54. D/P/Pt How to Read Japanese D/P
  55. D/P/Pt Catching Heatran?
  56. FR/LG Ok, so, FireRed?
  57. D/P/Pt Trainer card signing
  58. Old or new?
  59. What would be the best new eeveeloution type?
  60. D/P/Pt Lax Incense?
  61. D/P/Pt Shaymin!
  62. Meowth can learn thunderbolt!
  63. Stupid insane strategies
  64. Which Eeveelution is the most Powerful?
  65. D/P/Pt What is up with my egg?
  66. R/S/E RMT Emerald BT Team
  67. D/P/Pt My in-game Team
  68. D/P/Pt Do you use the GPS?
  69. D/P/Pt Shinies while chaining?
  70. D/P/Pt How the hell do Super Contests work, anyways?
  71. D/P/Pt Questions about EV training
  72. G/S/C Odd Egg in Gold?
  73. D/P/Pt Turn of voice chat..
  74. G/S/C Switch Combination Underground
  75. How do I get strength on pokemon Pearl ?
  76. D/P/Pt Do you have to catch Darkrai after you get him for the events?
  77. Platinum Pokedex Entries!
  78. D/P/Pt The Red Chain?
  79. R/S/E A few pointers?
  80. D/P/Pt Do you need to beat the E4 before you can migrate? PLZ READ
  81. D/P/Pt How can I get a Feebas? Please Help!
  82. D/P/Pt Is there a super rod in D/P?
  83. How do you clone pokemon?
  84. What was your first ever Pokémon game?
  85. Your aesthetic dream team
  86. R/S/E What should I nickname my Latios?
  87. FR/LG Team help please! D:
  88. D/P/Pt Can you trade Darkrai between games?
  89. Funny Player Names/Rival Names
  90. How long can you go? A Challenge topic
  91. Favourite Elite Four Champion?
  92. D/P/Pt Oddball GTS nicknames
  93. D/P/Pt Where is the Sharp Claw?
  94. Training methods
  95. Getting PKMN GREEN for Christmas!!
  96. D/P/Pt Snorlax used Curse! ...the attack missed!?
  97. The worst(NOT MOST EVIL!) evil team?
  98. Aerodactyl's back sprites
  99. D/P/Pt Team help!
  100. G/S/C Internal battery?
  101. G/S/C Murkrow can Talk
  102. D/P/Pt Best Contest Pokmon?
  103. D/P/Pt How do you get to Route 224?
  104. D/P/Pt Contest Help?
  105. G/S/C HM locations?
  106. R/S/E What to do with the meteorite?
  107. Silliest Phrases using in-Game Vocabulary
  108. FR/LG Is there a Move Deleter?
  109. D/P/Pt Wi-Fi Mystery Gift events?
  110. G/S/C Clock stopped?
  111. G/S/C Entei, Raikou...?
  112. D/P/Pt Berry Help
  113. D/P/Pt Is this Ho-Oh I got off the GTS hacked?!
  115. D/P/Pt What the?!
  116. R/S/E Lost underwater
  117. D/P/Pt Is the Jirachi I got at the GTS hacked??
  118. D/P/Pt Fire pokemon without wi-fi
  119. [R/B/Y/G/S/C] Do your old games still work?
  120. Have you caught a Feebas yet?
  121. Do you sort your PC Pokemon?
  122. Weird Platinum Question
  123. Pokemon nicknames.
  124. The Platinum Status Thread
  125. FR/LG Evolutionary Stones
  126. How many Lv. 100's do you have?
  127. G/S/C Fun with Crystal
  128. D/P/Pt Platinum Wifi Battling
  129. D/P/Pt Journal for Platinum [SPOILERS]
  130. D/P/Pt Small Platinum changes (MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS)
  131. [Platinum] Burmy Mistake?
  132. First starter?
  133. D/P/Pt Pt GTS Evolution trick not working!
  134. D/P/Pt How early can you catch the Regis? [Possible Spoilers]
  135. Hypothetical/"What if" Teams
  136. D/P/Pt Is Platinum Redundant?
  137. Did You Ever Want to Tell Something to a Character on Your Pokémon Games?
  138. D/P/Pt Do You Want to Walk a Human Character in Amity Square?
  139. D/P/Pt Where are the Shard people?
  140. D/P/Pt Success with the Poké Radar?
  141. D/P/Pt PRNG Abuse: Right or Wrong?
  142. D/P/Pt Platinum Battle Frontier progress
  143. D/P/Pt Shaymin + Gracidia Question
  144. please help.
  145. Is it just me or..........
  146. D/P/Pt Talk to your Rival on your birthday and...
  147. I need help (Platinum Elekid)
  148. D/P/Pt Pokemon Platinum Sprites
  149. R/B/Y Glitch Research
  150. D/P/Pt Post your in-game teams here!
  151. G/S/C Text Dump
  152. D/P/Pt Platinum only friend code thread of ultra pwnage
  153. D/P/Pt The Underground
  154. D/P/Pt The Pokétch is a Pocket Watch
  155. D/P/Pt Not Catching Giratina in Distortion World
  156. D/P/Pt Moveset suggestions would be nice
  157. The Level Up Challenge
  158. R/B/Y Oddly Learnt Moves
  159. D/P/Pt I feel sorry for Paras/ect all of the sudden...
  160. D/P/Pt Major League Problem - Advice Needed!
  161. R/B/Y Training Spots?
  162. How To Tell Happiness?
  163. FR/LG I totally forgot.
  164. Chaining
  165. D/P/Pt North America and Europe to get Member Card
  166. R/B/Y Japanese Magikarp Pokedex Entry
  167. G/S/C Team Building help!
  168. G/S/C Noctowl or Xatu?
  169. G/S/C Corrupted Save and Glitched Time
  170. G/S/C Just. One. More. Headbutt.
  171. Tips and Tricks
  172. R/B/Y "Four boys are walking on railroad tracks."
  173. The Battle Frontiers
  174. D/P/Pt Still get Darkrai today?
  175. D/P/Pt Oak's Letter coming soon to North America
  176. D/P/Pt Honey tree madness!
  177. Missingno. Name
  178. D/P/Pt Poke League music rearrangement of R/S ending theme?
  179. Rival Names
  180. G/S/C I wanna start playing Silver again...
  181. FR/LG Fire Red Team
  182. D/P/Pt ARCEUS!
  183. FR/LG stuck in the Sevii Islands
  184. Does holding Down + B when catching something do anything?
  185. D/P/Pt Charon Theory Time.
  186. G/S/C Team Help
  187. D/P/Pt EV Calculation Order...?
  188. D/P/Pt Best 'Catching' Pokémon
  189. (HG/SS) Maps!?
  190. G/S/C Internal Battery Dead?
  191. how to get shinies
  192. D/P/Pt A couple quick questions.
  193. G/S/C Gold not working?
  194. G/S/C goddamn togepi
  195. R/S/E Is cloning in Emerald cheating?
  196. What's your favorite glitch?
  197. FR/LG Catching Jynx in FireRed?
  198. Event Pichu question
  199. Shiny Pichu Wi-Fi Event
  200. Dragon type fun facts
  201. The HeartGold/SoulSilver Status Thread
  202. HG/SS: Move remember-er?
  203. HG/SS Game Corner
  204. The Nuzlocke Run
  205. Yellow Forest
  206. G/S/C Catching Suicune
  207. HG/SS Pokewalker Wi-Fi event
  208. HG/SS Breeding Eevee.
  209. G/S/C unable to save
  210. HG/SS Pokéathlon
  211. The PokéWalker
  212. Pre-Pokeball Shiny
  213. HG/SS Headbutting what the hell
  214. I need some events.
  215. HG/SS The fate of Giovanni?(Potential Spoilers)
  216. Contests, or Pokeathlon?
  217. Current Breeding Projects
  218. D/P/Pt Platinum question
  219. HG/SS RMT---Restart
  220. D/P/Pt Old Platinum "Journal" thingie
  221. HG/SS Pokéwalker problems
  222. To Evolve Or Not To Evolve?
  223. HG/SS oh noes mah hartgold teem
  224. Help!
  225. HG/SS Help with Chuck and Jasmine?
  226. How do you "Clone" Pokémon?
  227. R/S/E Ruby/Sapphire Remake?
  228. Jirachi. On. Wifi (ends July 16th)
  229. evolving pokemon
  230. Nature/IV curiosity
  231. If you could have any team, what would it be?
  232. Random thread: HEARTGOLD SOULSILVER
  233. HG/SS Pokeathalon Record hall of fame
  234. What kind of Poké Balls have you caught things in?
  236. HG/SS Enigma Stone Wifi Event (ends August 27th)
  237. D/P/Pt Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum
  238. HG/SS Rate my SoulSilver team
  239. HG/SS Pokemon GTS Trade Offers
  240. D/P/Pt battle factory question
  241. The B/W progress thread
  242. HG/SS Shiny Leaves
  243. My Name in Fire Red
  244. Strange Error in Ruby
  245. FR/LG Help.
  246. D/P/Pt What is this I don't even
  247. Pokémon Black and White
  249. How you get EQ in B/W
  250. Dream World Party :3