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Default Re: Negrek vs. Kratos Aurion

Originally Posted by Negrek
All right, time to start up a new challenge.

3vs3 Single
DQ: Standard week
Style: Set
Banned/Restricted Moves: One direct healer and three chills/pokémon
Damage Cap: 33%
Terrain: The Ninja Village

At the heart of a dark, secluded forest, there lies a tiny village passed over by time. Here the way of the (stereotypical anime) ninja is still very much in practice, where young children learn to kill people using nothing but their toes and the village elders haven't been seen since they decided to hide in plain sight a couple of months ago. Life here is untroubled by the bustle of urbanization outside the forest, and those rare travelers who manage to find the place are treated with no more than chilly politeness.

For the moment, though, everyone in the village (so far as you can tell; one of the elders is still AWOL) is off at a seasonal ceremony even deeper in the forest, leaving the place entirely open to wanton destruction in the form of a pokémon battle. The village itself is made up of multiple tiers of construction, with many structures situated high in the boughs of the ancient trees that make up the place. Wooden platforms and tricky, concealed bridges provide means of getting from place to place around the village. The homes themselves are small and sparse, and all locked up tight with their occupants gone--and I wouldn't go trying to force your way in, either. These are *ninja* houses, after all; who knows what sort of booby traps they've laid to prevent prying trainers from breaking in while they're away?

The trees themselves are gigantic, their lower boughs easily large enough for a human to walk out along and their leafy canopy far away overhead. The air is deathly still, dusky, and largely silent; pokémon have learned to avoid this place. However, now and then a weird cry sounds in the distance, and strange, dancing blue lights sometimes float through the murk just beyond the village's perimeter.

The battle starts out on a small platform, about two meters square, that has random boxes and baskets (empty) piled around its edges. A couple of narrow bridges lead off to house-platforms to either side. Your battle can take you anywhere you want around the village, but you'd best be sure not to slip and fall!

Special Rules: Seeing as this is a ninja village, I challenge the opponent to a ninja battle. Sneaky-sneaky like. All this means is that, rather than having commands be posted in the thread, each battler will PM their orders to the referee. The only posts in the thread should be those made by the referee (except when a pokémon faints and another one is sent out; the player who's sending out can post who they'll use to save going through the referee), and each player has seven days from when the last round went up to submit commands by PM. At the beginning of the round, the referee posts squads as normal, then both players send in their pokémon choices by PM. Once both PM's are received, the referee posts the chosen pokémon in the thread and solicits the first round of secret commands.
After Negrek expressed mild irritation at the RNG gods, kicking at the platform as she did so, and Kratos cheer at justice well dealt

Round Twenty-Four

Negrek (xOO)

Yoshiya (M) <Magic Guard>
Health: 47% | Direct Healers: 0/1
Energy: 10% | Chills: 0/3
Status: Exhausted and reluctant to battle.
Commands: Metronome ~ Chill ~ Chill

Mandarb (F) <Pressure> @Reaper Cloth
Health: 38% | Direct Healers: 1/1
Energy: 6% | Chills: 3/3

Kratos Aurion (xxO)

Thunderforce (M) <Intimidate>
Health: 84% | Direct Healers: 1/1
Energy: 57% | Chills: 3/3
Status: About to keel over for reasons unknown. +1 Sp. Attack. Perish Song count: 1 action remaining.
Commands: Quick Attack + Bite (and hold) + Run off the edge with him/Spark + Headbutt + Take Down/Attract ~ Die ~ Die

Before Yoshiya could even raise his tired arms to tap out a rhythm, Thunderforce gave a throaty scream and took off at an unbelievable speed. The dumbstruck Cleffa saw the flash of bared fangs before Thunderforce’s jaws closed on him. He didn’t stop there, however, and proceeded to rocket off the edge of the platform, snarling and growling all the way. Yoshiya screamed as a terrible feeling of weightlessness enveloped him, and he desperately used his limited psychic powers to hold himself up, but it was an impossible task with Thunderforce’s weight dragging him down. Leaves and branches whipped at the pair’s bodies as they tumbled through the air. At last, a thicket of broad, crisscrossing branches caught the two falling Pokemon, the wood creaking in protest with the added weight. Feeling satisfied with himself, Thunderforce released the trembling Yoshiya, who quickly backed away, arms waving frantically.

It soon became apparent, however, that Yoshiya’s arm waving was rhythmical and disturbingly deliberate. It was only when the baby Pokemon’s eyes began to glow a flat orange and his body a bright blue-green that Thunderforce realized he was in deep trouble. By then, however, his nausea had increased ten-fold and he could barely breathe without feeling like he had to vomit. Helpless, the Luxio lay there as Yoshiya threw his head back, arms still tapping out a frenetic rhythm, and let out a deep, guttural roar, far too loud and hoarse for any baby Pokemon. If it weren’t for the canopy of leaves that blocked off the sky, the battlers would have been able to see several large dots in the atmosphere, glowing the same blue-green as Yoshiya was. The trainers, on the other hand, were still on the platform, and as both were experienced battlers they recognized the attack in an instant. Negrek gave a whoop of glee.

Rapidly the dots grew larger, eventually revealing themselves to be meteorites surrounded by draconic flames. They tore through the sky with an awful screech. Birds, bugs, and small woodland animals that were watching the battle from hidden places scattered in panic. The first meteorite hit the main platform dead on, easily obliterating it. Splinters and broken planks flew everywhere. The space boulder then went on to crash through several trunks, causing trees to topple over with mighty groans. The native wildlife shrieked in fear and outrage. Hidden ninja houses fell earthwards, spikes of wood and sharpened skewers flying out from doors and windows as traps were activated. Thunderforce cowered and covered his head with his paws, but that did little to drown out the terrible noise or to shield his face from whipping boughs. There was a mighty crash as the meteorite met the earth.

The second meteorite hurtled its way through the branches above Yoshiya and Thunderforce, eventually lodging itself in a wide fork between two thick branches of a tree a distance away from the main platform. The tree quickly caught fire, and the draconic flames leapt across the tree’s limbs, spreading far more swiftly than any normal fire. Within moments, several trees in the distance were burning merrily with an eerie blue-green glow, and the glow drew ever closer.

The third meteorite was the most accurate of them all; it seemed to have been dropped directly from above. The space stone relentlessly assaulted the tree Yoshiya and Thunderforce were in, crushing the trunk with earth-shattering power. With the main support beam gone, branches began to slip, and the two Pokemon tumbled to the earth once more, except this time there was little to catch them. Yoshiya, who was still waving his arms to and fro, hardly seemed to care, while Thunderforce screwed his eyes shut and let out a screech. His previous nausea came back with a vengeance. Sensing that the Luxio was at his weakest now, the dark mist that had patiently waited in the shadows sprang out of hiding. His body was enveloped in malevolent dusk that sucked every ounce of energy and life force out of his being. The process was so quick that Thunderforce scarcely had time to scream. By the time he hit the ground, the Luxio had fainted.

Yoshiya landed with far more grace than his opponent, having subconsciously used his levitation powers to slow his descent. As soon as he touched the ground, however, the temporary trance Metronome had placed him in faded away. Exhaustion caught up with the baby fairy and he toppled over on his side.

Negrek (xxO)

Yoshiya (M) <Magic Guard>
Health: 31% | Direct Healers: 0/1
Energy: 0% | Chills: 0/3
Status: Knocked out!

Mandarb (F) <Pressure> @Reaper Cloth
Health: 38% | Direct Healers: 1/1
Energy: 6% | Chills: 3/3

Kratos Aurion (xxx)

Thunderforce (M) <Intimidate>
Health: 0% | Direct Healers: 1/1
Energy: 0% | Chills: 3/3
Status: Knocked out!

With the main platform utterly destroyed, the trainers had resorted to clinging onto branches instead. When all was quiet (save for the crackling of rapidly-approaching dragon flames, of course), they slowly clambered down to the forest ground. The climb was much more difficult than anticipated, however, as the Draco Meteor had damaged so many branches that it was tricky to find reliable footholds. In fact, the trainers probably fell half the distance in total.

When they finally reached the forest ground, the fainted Pokemon were recalled after a brief handshake. The trainers then stood in the ruined forest, discussing Negrek’s sheer luck (Draco Meteor after only one Metronome?) and questionable tactics (damn you Perish Song). Furious yells jolted them back to reality, however – it appeared that the ninjas had finally returned from their forest ritual. Both trainers agreed that this would be a good time to flee.

Terrain notes
Utter destruction and dragon flames. That is all.

Final notes
Metronome called Draco Meteor. I kid you not.
Because there was so much stuff between Thunderforce and the sky, Draco Meteor missed. Not that it really matters.

The battle is (finally) over and Negrek is the winner. She gets $24 for winning. Mandarb gets 3 EXP, Chimchar gets 1 EXP, and Yoshiya gets 2 EXP and two happiness points.
Kratos gets $9. Räsvelg gets 1 EXP, Richter gets 1 EXP and can now evolve, and Thunderforce gets 3 EXP.
I get $15 for reffing.
Great game you guys, I had fun reffing it, even though I was the Slowest Ref Ever™.