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Default Re: Eon Spirit vs. Phantom

3vs3 single
Style: Switch
DQ: Standard week
Damage Cap: 32%
Banned Moves: OHKO's, Water Moves that require a source, moves strong enough to knock an opponent out of bounds. Explosion/self-Destruct
User Limit: Participated in one, or no battles as of yet.
Arena: Imperial City Arena

Here there be gladitorial fights to the death, today, just a pokemon battle, wut?

This arena is simply a 100 ft diameter circle with four stone pillars placed closer to the center, and equally spaced. The sky is open and the battle area is too far away from water to use moes such as surf and muddy water. Participants are disqualified is they leave the arena (i.e. fly above 250 ft, or go beyond the walls, such as in the stands, or beyond which. The ground is simply soil, and can be burrowed in. Earthquake creates devestating damage to the arena, but may be used, at the risk of alerting the authorities.

Imperial Legion:
Sword Slash (3% Damage, 75% chance to hit, cannot hit flying)
Arrow Shot (5% Damage, 50% chance to hit, can hit fliers)
These legions cannot be dfeated in any matter or form, but can be forced away but whatever imagined means possible.

Pokemon leaving boundries are applied as fainted due to disqualification
Round Two Begin!

Team Eon Spirit (OOO)
Spatz (M)
Ability: Static
Health: 88%
Energy: 100%
Status: Rolling around and shuddering. Asleep (Moderate)

Team Phantom (OOO)
My Dark Soul (M)
Ability: Levitate
Health: 100%
Energy: 84%
Status: Quite satisfied with that round.

The referee waves his flags again, and My Dark Soul does the same thing he did last round—he floats over to Spatz, and eats one of the poor Pichu’s nightmares. Oh, they tasted so good to him! But as he floats back to his side of the arena, Spatz mumbles in his sleep and slowly gets up, probably subconsciously, and begins digging in the sand. He soon has a nice pile of it sitting in front of him, and as he breathes a part of his life force into it the Substitute forms into a Pichu-shape, and looks at its master, who shudders in pain once again.

My Dark Soul glances curiously at the new Substitute, and after a little decides to try to kill the little thing. He begins to use his ghostly powers to start up the wind, adding a bit of Ghost-type energy to blow around in it. Spatz, however, just continues to shudder in his sleep, letting his faithful creation block the attack. My Dark Soul frowns. Those darn substitutes! They were always /so/ annoying!

But then Spatz stumbles forward, a large red-and-white gift box appearing in his hand. He tosses the Present at Soul, who doesn’t hesitate to make use of his intangibility. The Present flies right through his body and explodes harmlessly on the ground. Spatz shudders again, and suddenly his eyes snap open. That was a horrible dream! Wait, how long has he been sleeping? However long it was, he is sure that his opponent has been taking advantage of it. And he intends to pay that price back!

Meanwhile, Soul groans. Is his trainer insane or something? Well, orders are orders. The Gastly tries his best to throw every compliment he can at his opponent. “Oh, hey! Thanks for that present1 I love it! And you know what? I love you too!” Unfortunately for the floating gas blob, his words really don’t sound genuine, and Spatz wonders what exactly he’s talking about Well, whatever. Time to get revenge! Spatz taps into his inner supply of electricity, supplying a Thunderbolt to fry his opponent. The Gastly is hit hard by the blow, and scowls. This is not going well anymore.

Round Two End!

Team Eon Spirit (OOO)
Spatz (M)
Ability: Static
Health: 63%
Energy: 75%
Status: “Ha Ha! Take that!”

Substitute: 4% health

Team Phantom (OOO)
My Dark Soul (M)
Ability: Levitate
Health: 90%
Energy: 63%
Status: *grumble grumble grumble*

Arena Notes
•Nothing out of the ordinary.

Damage and Energy calculations
•Dream Eater: 9% damage, 7% energy
•Sleep Talk/Substitute: 7% energy
•Ominous Wind: 6% damage, 8% energy
•Sleep Talk/Present: 11% energy
•Attract: 6% energy (failed)
•Thunderbolt: 10% damage, 7% energy

•The first Sleep Talk yielded Substitute, interestingly. I randomized it, and it came out to be a small substitute.
•The second Sleep Talk yielded Present. I think it has a 25% chance of healing, so I went with that. It chose to do damage, and since Veekun says it deals randomly between 40 and 120 base power, I randomized that too. It came out to 104. Not that it actually mattered.
•Ominous Wind did not raise any stats.
•Oh, sorry, Eon! I didn't notice that. I thought /something/ was off...Anyway, fixed in the last reffing.
•If you see anything wrong or questionable, please just say so!

Next Round
•Eon Spirit attacks
•Phantom attacks
•I ref.
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