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Default Re: League Championship 2015 - Kalos Open

(Mountain Kalos - Route 19/Grande Vallée Way)

After many showdowns in the west and center, the League Championship plunges in a new direction, towards the east. Most of this side of the region is sheer and mountainous, making for extremely unforgiving hikes; the stretch through Dendemille to Anistar is particularly notorious in that regard, as the constant snow and ice make fierce obstacles. There is, at least, relief in knowing that the authorities would find it very difficult to continue chasing through such a rough path. Besides, after the crossing is done, the general vicinity of Couriway Town rewards the suffering travelers with beautiful sights of flowing water.

The true destination, however, is the great bridge that brings together the two separate riversides of Route 19. Humongous and surprisingly sturdy, it is known as a site where many meaningful battles were staked by trainers nearing their eighth badge at the nearby Snowbelle City. The water beneath it might seem stagnant and marshy compared to the rushing rivers and falls in nearby locations, but it still sets a wonderful landscape, the cliffs at its flanks creating an amazing sense of depth and space.

However, it was not the vista alone that caught Asber's eyes. There is also the location's convenient proximity to the home of the famed psychic known as Inver. His incredible abilities are second only to the amount of ways he can be blackmailed into cooperating for a whole tournament round. His talent seems to completely upend the type chart as we know and love or hate it: fire is put out by grass, but sets water alight; every weakness becomes a resistance, and every resistance becomes a weakness. Even immunities simply become weaknesses. To duel under such unusual circumstances is an occasion known as an Inverse Battle, and it's one more of the battling styles well-known in Kalos.

As the common Normal-type becomes legendary in such matches, it was decided that restricting its availability in this match was required in order to preserve some of the strategical balance. As such, purely Normal-type Pokémon may not be sent out during this round, and damage-dealing Normal-type moves (barring those that had their types altered by effects such as that of Refrigerate, and counting those that had their types altered by effects such as that of Normalize) will have limited permitted uses. Other rules of Inverse Battles remain the same, being always worth noting that any effects that don't strictly result from a type chart relation apply as usual (as such: Poison or Steel-types remain immune to poisoning, Flying-types are unaffected by anything that only affects Pokémon on the ground, Freeze-Dry still deals super-effective damage against Water-types, and abilities that change the damage dealt by certain types of moves, such as Thick Fat, Dry Skin or Levitate, so on forth).

The fixtures for this round are as follows:
Music Dragon vs Byrus
Lord of the Fireflies vs Vipera Magnifica
Keldeo vs Eta Carinae
JackPK vs Eifie

Winning prize: $40, one buyable Pokémon with a Hidden Ability
Losing prize: $20, one buyable Pokémon with a Hidden Ability
Referee prize: $30

The battles will begin within a week unless a delay is requested or becomes necessary (on either count, it'll be no longer than three aditional days). Be sure your active squad is ready -- you may have to think it through even more carefully than usual for this round. And again, those who volunteered to ref matches this round, keep me posted if anything changes. We have enough referees for all the matches, but we're still accepting further volunteers, in case any of the current ones has to drop.

(click colias -- you know you want to -- for asb profile)

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