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Default Re: (Signups: OPEN) Black Moon Academy – School for the Gifted

Name: Ace Skylar
Gender: Male
Age: 14
Appearance: Pale, with jet black hair and piercing blue eyes resembling an icy blue flame. He's very lanky, with long limbs and a frail build. He usually wears black or otherwise dark clothes, and a pair of grey chucks that he polishes regularly. Somehow he comes off as slightly handsome, despite the fact that he seems to have crawled from hell. A small scar in the shape of a crudely drawn eye can be found just beside his right eye. He usually wears more formal attire, neglecting the hoodies and jeans that so many of his comrades seem to wear. He has an eerie Cheshire-cat smile.
Personality: Often secluded, he's a bit of a freak about speaking properly. He enjoys fiddling with a Rubik's Cube or other form of puzzle, and thinks deeply. He always runs what he says over in his head before speaking, so often comes off as quiet but well-spoken. He's snappy at times, and it's hard to really become is friend, but he is talkative and reliant on the chums that he has made. He likes to talk about his issues openly, but often times it can be somewhat of a bother. He fancies himself intelligent, and sometimes this comes off as slightly irritating. He's not one to stand up for something he believes in, but he will reluctantly help a friend in need or respond thoroughly to a question if it is asked of him.
Biography: Ace was always a disappointment to his parents. They expected a large, muscular jock for a child, but instead birthed a skinny, tall intellectual with a dark air to him. After his younger brother, Levi, was born, he was the praise of the family, and Ace was frankly ignored. When their uncle, Lavigne, came to visit, Ace was instantly captured by his fascinating stories. He told tales of their family tree, of fantastic powers in distant relatives. He told tales of magic and marvelous power, and kings and queens and knights. The fairytales captivated Ace, and he went off to live with Lavigne.

The man was equally eccentric in his own domain. He was, in fact, interested in Ace's seemingly dark personality. "Magic runs in your veins," he always said. "It is your choice whether to use it." And of course, Ace wanted to use it. Quickly he took a liking for writing; he loved words and all the connotations and meanings they could carry and was infatuated with telling his own tales as his uncle had. Lavigne always read Ace's "wonderful" stories, skimming his eyes over the fine handwriting. "You have a gift, Ace. Pursue it." And so he did; year after year, the boy wrote until his fingers bled, tutored by his uncle and raised in his ways. But Ace never left his house; he became secluded, and was unable to properly associate with other people his age.

His talent came as a surprise.

Immediately after discovering it, Lavigne was afraid of Ace, and sent him home to unwelcoming parents. Not soon afterward, a peculiar envelope arrived in the male. It was smooth as silk, the highest quality of paper available. The writing was calligraphy, graceful runes across the paper. "To whom it may concern... you have been accepted into the Black Moon Academy for the Gifted." Ace's parents were not reluctant to send the boy off.
Abilities: Ace relies on fear to attack. His power could be most accurately described as that of illusion, as he has a certain power over the minds of others. He cannot freely read thoughts and memories, but instead is somehow aware of specific things about a person; their feelings, and more importantly their fears. He uses this knowledge of their fears to summon illusions from nothing, often corresponding to the person's pathological fear, to quite literally frighten people to death. Despite this, he is able to summon any kind of illusion, such as illusions of himself, others, items, animals, and virtually anything else. Using a large amount of energy, he can summon actual solid matter, but it is confined to a small size and drains him dramatically; he can pass out because of it. However, these solid objects cannot be alive, and they usually do not exceed the size of a forearm.
Other: Is this too OP? If it is, let me know. I don't think it is, but it may be.
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Default Re: (Signups: OPEN) Black Moon Academy – School for the Gifted

Being the derp that I am, it only occurred to me to look at the dates on the thread after I had finished most of this. Seeing as I had, as mentioned, already finished most of this, I decided to finish it and post it and hope for the best. I will, however, understand if you don't accept it because I'm too late.

Name: Eilir Yates
Gender: Female
Age: 14

Appearance: Eilir's about five foot four. She has brown eyes. She has shortish brown hair. Much of her appearance would scream “Average” if usualness was something that popped out of the background and forced your eyes to notice it. It isn't, but it does quietly say “Average” if you look at it intently.

Beyond that, though, she has a fairly pale complexion, wire-rimmed glasses(Although they are, admittedly, somehow average-looking), and a faint smile that, while not static, doesn't seem to shift significantly. What contributes the most to making her noticeable, however, is the bag of books that accompanies her everywhere, and seems to do so entirely of its own volition. She's also usually reading a book, even if she's walking somewhere, or doing something. Part of the time she holds it, and the rest of the time, when she's put her book bag down, she keeps it in place telekinetically. The sort of book she's reading can change drastically, from romance to science fiction to works on behavioral analysis and discrete mathematics, which, while not part of her outfit, is definitely something you notice if you don't interact with her very frequently, if only because your eyes are continually drawn to why the hell is that book floating.

She's fond of mid-range brightness colors, and that shows itself in her wardrobe, which consists mostly of dresses, which are mostly green, blue, and purple(Her favorite colors), but, more precisely than just that, mostly medium green, medium blue, and medium purple.

Personality: Eilir is a generally pleasant person. She's polite unless given excessive reason not to be, and careful about the thoughts and feelings of others in a thorough way that's surprisingly uncommon. However, she's also extremely intelligent, and the combination leads her to seem somewhat hesitant in her speech to those that aren't her close friends, simply because she's making sure she's not saying anything they can't keep up with.

There is a small exception to this rule when it comes to the book she carries around. She doesn't care in the slightest if someone is offended by her reading while she converses with them.

Eilir generally doesn't attach herself to people too closely. It's not because she doesn't like people, but because she's rather unusually intelligent, and, while it's easy to get along with people despite a difference in intelligence if you're not close friends, the closer friends you become, the more each of you realize how different you are, and the harder it becomes to stay friends despite that. Despite it not being in particular an important part of her personality, it's something of a habit, and therefore difficult to change.

Biography: Eilir's parents are fairly wealthy. Wealth usually comes from one of two sources; Your family, or your own success(Which, as it happens, is usually at the start of chains of the prior). Eilir's parents' is of the latter sort. Her father is a physicist, while her mother's life was devoted to computational logic, until shortly after Eilir was born, when she was hit by an armadillo/a tree fell on her/et cetera this is not an important detail.

It became obvious fairly early in her life that she was unusual. After receiving a request from her kindergarten to try to stop her from reading so she could pretend to learn along with the rest of the class, her father withdrew her from school, tutoring her himself instead. This would have presented a problem time management-wise if she needed significant supervision, or significant help, but she was a very fast learner, a very thorough and effective learner, and, more importantly, an easily interested one. Most of her education she drew from books, which remain an important part of her life to this day.

It's hard to pinpoint when her abilities developed. A portion of that difficulty is due to the fact that when they did, she only used them when she wasn't consciously paying attention to what she was doing. When she did realize it, she didn't realize it was unusual. It took until she started consciously using them for her father to notice.
Her father happens to be very cynical about governments in general, and a very independent person, and he didn't see any major problems likely to result from it, so, for the most part, he ignored it, beyond studying it a bit and attempting to figure out how it worked. It took until a bit of carelessness with a hosepipe in their back yard for anyone beyond the two of them to find out at all. That was the only bit of carelessness required to get the Black Moon Academy interested, though, and while they likely could have hidden it from them, the Black Moon Academy is a very fine school for the academic arts as well as a place for the studying of supernatural children, and her father decided to acquiesce.

Abilities: Telekinesis. Telekinesis is a simple enough ability. She can move things with her mind. Or maybe with imaginary ghost hands. Who knows?
She can only move one thing at a time, and while inability to see an object doesn't make it impossible to manipulate it does impose the same problems that it would if you were moving it with a less unusual limb. Beyond that there are no superficial limits to this ability. She can apply as much force to an object as she likes. Theoretically, anyhow. Practically, there are a variety of limits.

When you push an object, or lift an object, or move an object in any way, some of the force is redistributed the opposite way. Newton's third law. Some of the force goes toward the actual moving of the object, and some, I believe, just goes away, while the force that went into you is grounded into the earth, which is very large and doesn't give a damn. (I don't know if this is entirely right. I'm not taking physics until next year. Feel free to correct me on this. I'll try to fix it.)
Likewise, when Eilir moves things, she is moved in return, and this is the origin of the limits to her ability. As an object becomes more massive, the more force is required to move it, and, therefore, the more force will be applied to Eilir, in the opposite direction, compared to if she had tried to move a less massive object the same distance. This prevents her from moving objects that are excessively large simply because it would crush her against whatever was on the opposite side of her from the direction she was trying to move it, or push her away from it far enough that she would have other very significant worries. The ground, for instance.

She can also use this ability to fly, or, more accurately, to push herself off the ground. It isn't easy. It's much like walking with one limb, and that can provide significant difficulty with balance. And balance is made much more important when you're way up in the air.

Other: She uses telekinesis to carry things when she can, simply because, while her arms get tired, her telekinesis does not. Also, when she needs to physically move something heavy, while she usually uses telekinesis, she also usually moves it like someone without telekinesis would because it gives her a better feel for where she needs to apply force to it, which, while largely instinctual with our own limbs, is not always instinctual with superpowers. She doesn't have that much life experience and has not had a huge amount of social interaction in her life, so a lot of her personality will be played out.
Most of the limits on her power are ones imposed by common sense or the laws of physics. That's why I chose it. It seemed elegant to me. But if you think part of it is overpowered, I'm sure I'll be able to explain why that particular part is actually impossible.

When I grow up, I want to be an immortal locked in an epic battle until judgement day and trumpets sound.
Wow, you sure have your priorities straight.

Last edited by Mendatt; 11-05-2013 at 06:28 PM. Reason: Saw a minor error in the description of the telekinesis and fixed it
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Default Re: (Signups: OPEN) Black Moon Academy – School for the Gifted

WELL WELL WELL. TARDY TARDY TARDY. SHAME SHAME SHAME. But sure, you're in. Yaaaaay but you have to be clever about how your character enters in because you're so late. >:/
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