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  1. Favorite Pokemon?
  2. Favorite Type?
  3. Weirdest evolution
  4. The Pokemon World Cup! (Nomination stage)
  5. Favorite legendary
  6. Favorite Pokémon of Each Type
  7. Oh no. Arceus is coming to the U.S
  8. What's your favorite Fire Starter?
  9. What's your favorite Grass Starter?
  10. What's your favorite Water Starter?
  11. Butterfree VS Beedrill
  12. Favorite Pokemon Team?
  13. Least Favorite Pokemon?
  14. Cutest Pokemon?
  15. Too many legendaries?
  16. The New "Pokésonas?"
  17. Weird Evolution Lines (Remoraid to Octillery FTW?)
  18. Who's the REAL poke-god?
  19. Least Favorite Type?
  20. Fake Cheats Anyone?
  21. The Pokemon World Cup - Round of 32, Group 1
  22. Best Early Bird Pokemon?
  23. Best Early Bug Pokemon?
  24. Best Early "Rodent" Pokemon?
  25. Pokemon 151
  26. Ninjask's Main Use
  27. Weirdest Pokemon
  28. Wierdest Pokemon cry
  29. Most powerful Generation I Pokémon (plural)
  30. Weirdest Sprite!
  31. Why are Wynaut and Wobbuffet classified as über?
  32. Who's your favorite Eeveelution?
  33. Why can't pokemon learn some moves?
  34. Ghosts and Ghost Types
  35. Uri Gueller and Kadabra Incident?
  36. The Pokemon World Cup - Round of 32, Group 1 Tiebreaker
  37. The Pokemon World Cup - Round of 32, Group 2
  38. Stupid things you thought were true
  39. Which non-promotion legendaries are easiest/hardest to catch?
  40. New Type
  41. My Seaking won't let me release it
  42. Secret Base Help
  43. Is Shadow a type?
  44. Favorite Gym Leader?
  45. most useless item???
  46. What's your favorite Pokemon and why?
  47. The Greek Pokémon Return!
  48. Would you rename a type?
  49. The Pokemon World Cup - Round of 32, Group 2 Tiebreaker
  50. Has Pokemon ever embarrassed you?
  51. The Pokemon World Cup - Round of 16
  52. If pokemon were real,what would it be & why?
  53. Killer Rest House? (Generation V's New Evil Team: Team Elderly)
  54. What's YOUR type?
  55. What's your LEAST fav type?
  56. What's your favorite Johto starter?
  57. What's your favorite Pokemon game?
  58. What's your fav Pokemon game???
  59. What's your favourite move?
  60. !!!HELP PLEASE!!!
  61. The Pokemon World Cup - Round of 16 Tiebreaker
  62. The Pokemon World Cup - Quarterfinals
  63. Moves that are the wrong type
  64. What's your favorite region Pokemon-wise?
  65. The Pokemon World Cup - Semifinals
  66. The Pokemon World Cup - Final
  67. Major TCG Help Needed
  68. What is the absolute cutest Pokemon EVAR?
  69. History of the Pokemon Universe
  70. The Dutch Pokemon Return!
  71. What Pokemon have you sworn you saw in real life?
  72. Favorite Pokemon Songs
  73. Rotom: Legendary, or not?
  74. How do you Prefer to Refer to Multiple Pokémon?
  75. What Pokemon Make You LOL?
  76. wich pokemon freaks you out the most?
  77. what is the cutest pokemon?
  78. Should they re-make pokemon yellow 4 DS?
  79. what is your favorite legendary pokemon?
  80. level 1 battles! who likes them?
  81. What Pokemon do you like that other people hate?
  82. which shiny pokemon do you think looks the coolest?
  83. What Pokemon do you think could be real?
  84. What Pokemon are you emotionally attached to?
  85. I'm not sure if I made a good decision or not
  86. Dialga Vs. Palkia
  87. Fake Games
  88. Would a Pokemon Movie game ROCK?
  89. Post a picture of a Random Pokemon!
  90. What Pokemon mood are you in?
  91. What is your favourite single Pokemon ever
  92. What Pokemon is your least favorite?
  93. Moemon!
  94. What pokemon do you never want to evolve?
  95. What's your favourite Regi?
  96. New Rotom Forms
  97. Pokémon's Hidden Faces
  98. What really makes you mad about Pokemon?
  99. Teams for Anime/Manga characters
  100. What would be a good game story?
  101. Pokemon Names?
  102. Types Advantages and Disadvantages
  103. Is Abomasnow Creepy? [D/P/P]
  104. What do you really really like about Pokemon?
  105. Forgotten Pokemon
  106. What makes you laugh about Pokemon?
  107. Which Sounds Better?
  108. Sparky the Pikachu?
  109. How long do Pokemon live?
  110. If you could be any Pokemon, what would you be?
  111. Facebook Pokemon MMORPG
  112. Pokémon Dreams
  113. The Pokemon Moon RPG
  114. Recast a movie/book/tv show/video game with Pokemon.
  115. The DinoDex
  116. Type Change
  117. O.O That is one big Pikachu Collection
  118. Arbok evolves into Seviper!
  119. Childhood Question-Which pokemon would you have as a pet?
  120. Pictures of Your Favorite Pokemon Merchandise
  121. Do you have to see or catch all the pokemon?
  122. Ever "caught 'em all"?
  123. What improvements do you think should be made in future pokemon version games?
  124. So i herd u liek Mudkipz
  125. What would you be in the Pokemon World?
  126. What pokémon SHOULD get a evolution/pre-evolution?
  127. What trainer are you in a Pokemon game?
  128. What Eeveelution do you want?
  129. Ever wished Pokemon was real?
  130. Digimon is like pokemon
  131. Legendary Pokemmon Stuff...
  132. Mightyena VS Houndoom
  133. Favourite Steel Type?
  134. So I Herd You Leik Mudkipz
  135. Nickname help?
  136. Your favourite Pokémon of each type?
  137. Mistakes on Pokemon Sites.
  138. Hardest pokemon to catch in third generation games?
  139. Pokémon Special Manga Being Re-Released in the US
  140. Magikarp vs Feebas
  141. Completely Ridiculous Pokemon Matchups
  142. comment the Pokémon designs.
  143. Speed Gamers catching every Pokémon
  144. What do you do to challenge yourself in the main series of Pokemon games?
  145. DP Locations
  146. A Question that has to do with Vitamins and EVs
  147. Pokemon Global
  148. The (un)Official Crazed Pokemon Theories Thread
  149. I'm looking for some Ken Sugimori art.
  150. Best and worst-looking Shiny Pokémon?
  151. New Pokemon?
  152. What if a non-Pokémon character was a trainer?
  153. Nidoran: Gender issue
  154. Training help?
  155. I Don't Seem to Hate a Single Pokémon
  156. I hate Nintendo.
  157. Team Rocket
  158. Alakazam is too smart to be serving humanity and such.
  159. Giratina VS Cresselia
  160. Favorite of the Lake Trio?
  161. Kyogre,Groudon,or Rayquaza?
  162. What Pokémon do you WANT to evolve?
  163. Pokemon Special Discussion Thread
  164. What's your favorite Crime Organization in the Pokemon games?
  165. What's your fav crime organization? (I made a mistake on the previous thread. Sorry.
  166. Opinion on all of the crime oraganizations in the games.
  167. What do you mean he's only that tall?!
  168. Entei's Pokedex text is akward...
  169. Make a Fake (Pokemon)!
  170. Egg Group Changes?
  171. Government in the Pokemon World
  172. What originally drew you into Pokemon?
  173. Any Pokémon Dreams?
  174. Cool Starter Pokemon
  175. An interesting view on the Pokemon world
  176. Favorite Legendary Trio?
  177. Trainer Cards?
  178. Most Bizarre Pokedex Entry V.2
  180. Was Venonat supposed to evolve into Butterfree?
  181. How do Pokemon reproduce?
  182. I view Jirachi and Deoxys as a legendary duo
  183. Un-oficial Legend Duos?
  184. What is wrong?
  185. Need a thread to let out some bottled up excitement
  186. Nintendo World NYC
  187. Mesprit VS Uxie VS Azelf
  188. Zangoose, Seviper, and Evolution?
  189. The Unsolved Mysteries We Take for Granted
  190. The Cave of Dragonflies' First Ever Pokemon Exam!
  191. The Pokedex- how does it work?
  192. Sign-up for TCoD's First Ever Pokemon Examination Here!
  193. Nightmare Fuel
  194. Pokemon Scientific Names
  195. Pokemon VS Christ
  196. Who is May's Father?
  197. Best and worst names for Pokemon?
  198. The Most Forgotten Pokemon
  199. burmy fans
  200. Favorite Quotes
  201. New Pokemon Crater?
  202. Annual Pokemon Examination 2009 - The Results!
  203. What do Squirtles eat?
  204. The Great Pokemon Hunt
  205. Well, You Thought Wrong
  206. My pokemon Silver lets play! play along with me!
  207. Magikarp Thoughts
  208. Pokemon - Post-Apocalyptic World?
  209. Does Size Really Matter?
  210. Gen. V Vault
  211. How AU can you go?
  212. Pokeymanz to the Rescue
  213. Gamefreak is hiring Graphic Designers
  214. Pokémorphs
  215. The Most Hated Pokemon Ever
  216. The Most Hated Pokemon Ever: Round 1, Match 2
  217. Religious Guy + Pokemon = This
  218. Uh Oh, Names!
  219. Your Favorite Pokémon or all the Others?
  220. Inside a Poké Ball
  221. Pokémon badfic sporking community?
  222. The plural form of "Pokemon".
  223. Hey guys, remember that sporking community I was asking about?
  224. Pokemon in other time periods?
  225. Okay, quick question
  226. Your parents' opinion on Pokémon?
  227. Vote for Pokemon!
  228. Dragonfree's Pokemon Are So Cool
  229. Best Sprites?
  230. Your Favourite/Least Favourite Generation, Pokemon-wise?
  231. Hype for 5th Gen
  232. The Egg/Pokemon On Your Account
  233. Super Effective
  234. Human Food
  235. If Pokémon were Real
  236. If you were a Pokemon, which would it be?
  237. Glitch Pokemon
  238. what is the ugliest pokemon?
  239. Pokemon Sprites
  240. Favourite Music From Each Game?
  241. Generation 5 Pokemon
  242. Iwata Asks - Interviews about the Pokemon Franchise
  243. Has the AAP been forgotten?
  244. TCG Set Lists
  245. What Pokemon move would you learn in real life?
  246. Best and Worst Attack Animations
  247. Which Pokemon ability best suits you?
  248. How did you become a Pokémon fan?
  249. Generation 5 Starter Pokemon
  250. 5th Gen. Starters Revealed