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Default Re: The Café of Doom

Originally Posted by Maimi View Post
A chatting system with channels to hang out in; here's a thread about it that explains it better than I can, considering I rarely hang out there.

An explanation of Pokemon Bank: a $5 a year cloud storage app for pokemon. Yay!

Who here uses it? I've been meaning to buy it, but it never actually happened, though it seems pretty worth it depending on how many pokemon you actually have.
If you want to complete the pokedex, Pokemon Bank is pretty much necessary. To store all 718 pokémon takes up 24 of your 31 boxes in X/Y, leaving you very little space for breeding refuse/wondertrading material, or even a collection of pokemon in general. Also, pokébank is how you transfer gen 5 pokemon to gen 6, which is very worth it. And $5 a year is basically nothing -- I don't see why it wouldn't be worth it. I, at least, am using it, and I'm storing somewhere between 1500 and 2000 pokemon in it -- and my boxes in X/Y are getting full again, so I'll soon need to go put more things in it.
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Originally Posted by Pokémon Showdown VGC
[20:47:57] +Superbird: quick someone what's the integral of tan(x)
[20:48:07] +Tomsta17: 857
[20:48:08] @dingram: -lncosx
[20:48:12] +Superbird: wrong
[20:48:16] +Superbird: -lncosx + c
Superbird was muted by dingram for 7 minutes.
[20:48:20] +Tomsta17: ya
[20:48:23] +Squidero: rekt imo
Superbird was unmuted by dingram.
[20:48:28] +Squidero: unrekt imo
[20:48:28] +Destinylife: Aww
[20:48:32] +Superbird: lol
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