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Default Re: Your PC

Eonrider's PC
Completion: 38/493

Pokemon: Fire Fist the:
Blaziken [M]
Obtained: Starter Shop
Evolved:Here, and here.
Notes: Also known as Blazing Knuckles. And the boss of the team.

Mammuthus the:
Swinub [M]
Obtained:Long-Eyed Field-Sandy Pit
Notes: Likes to think he has tusks.

Popcorn the:
Sunkern [F]
Obtained:City Ruins-Tiny Tunnel
Notes: Would probably taste good if I put her in a pot over the fire.

Puff the:
Altaria [M]
Obtained:Dragon's Den-Floor 8
Notes: PUFF! the magic draaaagon!

Feared Fungi Fighter the:
Shroomish [F]
Obtained:The Decaying Forest-The Bog
Notes: Will Fungi you into the stratosphere.

Ultrasonic the:
Crobat [F]
Obtained:Dragon's Den-Floor 4
Evolved: Here
Notes: Likes her new nickname.

Shitake the:
Parasect [M]
Obtained:Early Cerulean Cave-Lower Portion
Notes: Because when you take the ake...

Popup the:
Diglett [F]
Obtained: Early Cerulean Cave-Lower Portion
Notes: Likes to hide in my Jack-in-the-box.

Argument the:
Doduo-f [F]
Obtained: Early Cerulean Cave-Lower Portion
Notes: The only time when yelling at yourself is sane.

Disaster the:
Absol [M]
Obtained: The Crazy Cat Lady
Notes: He thinks he's the coolest thing ever. His real name is Cutsie.

Queenie the:
Jigglypuff [F]
Obtained: The Crazy Cat Lady
Notes: She is badass.

Sting the:
Weedle [M]
Obtained: MANCAVE
Notes: I prefer to keep him as far away from me as possible.

Ticktock the:
Delibird [M]
Obtained: Long-Eyed-Field-Sky Dome-Sixth Stage
Notes: I think he doesn't like me.

Wieghtlifter the:
Tyrogue [M]
Obtained: The Crazy Cat Lady
Notes: I'll have to get a Purugly so he can continue his training routine.

Gulper the:
Huntail [M]
Obtained: The Hate Machine
Notes: He's named after a deep-sea eel that he doesn't even look like.

Kobra the:
Arbok [F]
Obtained: The Trick House-The Linguistics Room
Notes: Wtf, how can this thing hold a book?

Green Plate the:

Obtained:The Ancient Realm-Giratina-Tower
Notes: Lucky me.

Spectre the:
Obtained: The Ancient Realm-Giratina-Tower
Notes: Luckier me.

Dreamflight the:
Salamence [M]
Obtained: Dragon's Den-Floor 6
Evolved: Here
Notes: Heheh, powerful dragons and luck 'R' me.

Bounceback the:
Wynaut [F]
Obtained: Primary Village
Notes: Weebles Wynaunts wobble but they don't fall down!

Nightshade the:
Obtained: The Haunted Asylum-Ground Floor
Notes: Did it just suddenly get colder in here?

Requiem for the Dead the:
Dusclops [F]
Obtained: Coconut Shy [BLACK]-15
Notes: Just Requiem for short.

Head Honcho the:
Honchkrow [M]
Obtained: Coconut Shy [BLACK]-1
Notes: Likes to boss the team around (When Fire Fist's away, that is).

King Nido the:
Nidorino [M]
Obtained: The Game Corner
Notes: Is the king of all Nidos!

Leviathan the:
Gyarados [M]
Obtained: The Game Corner
Notes: Yeah, now I've gone and wasted my common Pokemon.

Octopi the:
Remoraid [M]
Obtained: The Game Corner
Notes: Fish to Octopus WTF?

Flashlight the:
Volbeat [F]
Obtained: The Game Corner
Notes: Buttflash.

Meta the:
Obtained: The Game Corner
Notes: Prefers to be refered to as 'she.'

Hindenburg the:
Drifblim [F]
Obtained: The Game Corner
Notes: Don't put her near a lit match. You will not like the consequences.

Pendulum the:
Hypno [F]
Obtained: The Servant Headquaters-Cage Route 2
Notes: You are getting sleeeeeepy....

Twigie the:
Grotle [M]
Obtained: Long-Eyed Field-Bug Habitat-South
Notes: *retchnom*

Beautification the:
Feebas [F]
Obtained: Long-Eyed Field-Hawkeye Pond-North
Notes: Is prettyful.

Bunnies the:
Buneary [M]
Obtained: Long-Eyed Field-Neutral Clearing-West
Notes: *collapses with exhaustion*

Bazooka the:
Magby [M]
Obtained: Primary Village
Notes: *click* BANG!

Snax the:
Munchlax [M]
Obtained: Trade with ultraviolet, originally from Primary Village
Notes: Omnomnomnomnomnomnomnom...

Glutton the:
Gulpin [F]
Obtained: Cherry's Bakery-Cake
Notes: That place has serious health issues.

Sandragon the:
Trapinch [M]
Obtained: Dragon's Den-Floor 3
Notes: Will bite your leg clean off.

Good Angler the:
Obtained: Starlit Meadow-Lake
Notes: Will always come home with something.

Silk Scarf
Fluffy Tail
Fire Stone
Hard Stone

Areas I own:
Magma Volcano
The Crossroads
The Cave of Dragonflies

A shiny Rattata
A Sun Stone
Two Moon Stones
A Dusk Stone
More People to visit my Areas
A Venusaur
A Dragonite
More Money
Something to use my Fire Stone on. ^_^'

Clickies, please. Also, yay for gen 5!
Safari Zone ASB Proflie

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