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Default Re: DREAMS.

I used to use my LJ for recording my dreams, but I haven't been able to remember a lot of my dreams, only small sections of them.

I do remember one dream where I was at school and the guys from Inception appeared and were like 'WE HAVE TO GO DEEPER' and transported me to another dream. Then I was being chased by a bear of something so I'm like 'oh crap better use my Inception powers' and I teleported to these headquarters where the Inception guys worked and they asked me how I managed to teleport without a totem.
The weirdest thing is that I haven't even seen Inception yet O_o

Then there was another dream that involved me being Italy from Hetalia and getting captured and tied up by the Romaheta version of the Italy brothers (in the Catholic uniforms). They kept me in their garage and would occaisionally bring me food and stuff. Eventually I developed Stockholm Syndrome-esque affections for them. Now that I think about it, my dream sounds like something you'd see on a kink meme lol.
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