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I love furries, and animals (duh). I have 4 cats at home, and I have an odd fetish for Espeon, one of my favorite Pokemon. Not much to say...Oh! I like Kingdom Hearts (AkuRoku shipping!) and I do the Nuzlocke Challenge CONSTANTLY.

Furries, Pokemorph, Animals, and Anime
Nov 10, 1997 (Age: 26)
Blood Stained Sanctuary


Common sense is not so common-Voltaire

Hey guys, Aris has a forum!
My favorite goddess you ask? Here she is!


If I had to /facepalm every time some one acted like an idiot, my face would be flat like a pancake and bruised like any girlfriend of Chris Brown.-some guy from YouTube

"Why create only knowing it will be destroyed? Why cling to life, knowing you have to die?" -Kefka Palazzo

The only thing worse than murder in my eyes, is homophobia.


PM me if you want to battle


WARNING: I TAKE NO CREDIT FOR THE GAMES I MAKE IN THE FORUM GAMES SECTION! These games were created by friends from Nuzlocke forums. The only game I take credit for is "the avatar game"




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