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Sad to see that mafia seems to no longer be a big thing. I never worked up the courage to play here but ended up running a bunch of games with a small community on Twitter a couple years ago. Been wanting to play again lately but no longer have a group.
i literally have been thinking of you so much and i was depressed once your tumblr went down and i couldn't message through there
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NOOO my Tumblr should still be up ?? My URL changed tho so that may be why, I'm koniortos-court now :3 Do you think we could get enough interest for a mafia game ??
Logged in for a bit of nostalgia. Hope everyone is well :) May try to stop by more frequently, but my interests have shifted quite a bit in the past decade.
Uh, hi! It's been years since I've been here, but I just spent some time reminiscing and thought I'd poke you in case you ever came around again. Hope you're doing well!
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