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  • I recently started playing .hack//gu. I don't know much about it as it was reccommended to me while streaming, but it's based off of an early/mid 2000s MMO. I wasn't playing MMOs back then, but the in-game "forums" that you can browse through really made me nostalgic :,-)
    Sad to see that mafia seems to no longer be a big thing. I never worked up the courage to play here but ended up running a bunch of games with a small community on Twitter a couple years ago. Been wanting to play again lately but no longer have a group.
    i literally have been thinking of you so much and i was depressed once your tumblr went down and i couldn't message through there
    also I WILL PLAY WITH U!
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    NOOO my Tumblr should still be up ?? My URL changed tho so that may be why, I'm koniortos-court now :3 Do you think we could get enough interest for a mafia game ??
    Logged in for a bit of nostalgia. Hope everyone is well :) May try to stop by more frequently, but my interests have shifted quite a bit in the past decade.
    Oh no. Good luck on your finals, I'm sure you'll do great! Essays on obscure topics are totally useless in general, the least he could do was give you a bit of a heads-up. >:(

    Aw, I'm sorry. Going without sleep is really tough! I think it's the most important need. I hope you get some sleep soon. Is it normal for you not to sleep well, or were you under bad circumstances?
    School is up, unfortunately. It usually is. I can't wait to be done with school forever.

    What about you?
    ...That is so, so weird. Maybe you should... tell your parents or the police or someone that's willing to do something about it. That's not really okay. He's kind of harassing you, no?
    ...Well, at least you're an A+ singer! And weight-lifter? And they're so gross! D: You're picking around in an actual living thing's body! D: Ugh, ew.

    :o How did that go?
    ...Disappointment! Dissections are so gross. D: I didn't know a B in an AP class was an A, that's... reassuring, I think I'm in two AP classes next year. You have six A's? That's... awesome. I'm glad you're doing so well.
    Ah. Did you have to do dissections or whatever? D: Also history and science are both my worst grades right now, what is happening here. I can understand them being really hard, though, since one is, um, AP and the other is chemistry, which sounds like a royal pain in the ass. Are you doing okay in them so far?
    Maths are fun, sometimes! Just not with shapes. I like logic, though, if that makes any sense, so math is kind of fun to me. It's like puzzles, really. And I suppose that is true of biology, I just don't find it interesting to learn about the side to living things that I'll never really see. With luck, I won't ever see my organs (or anyone else's, for that matter), and I won't ever see cells or protists in a situation where knowledge of them would be very important at all. It's sort of nice to know, though, I suppose.
    Oh, huh. I guess a weight training class would be pretty helpful. I'm technically done with maths, but I'm doing more. :u How could you possibly find biology interesting? It's just cells and hormones.
    ...Weight training. I've never even heard of that as a class before.

    I'm in honours Algebra II, world history, honours english 2014 (I think that's tenth grade?), biology, and computer literacy. So sort of a lot for my first year in highschool! But I'm done with maths after this year, which means maths are optional for the next three years of school. Which is nice!
    Oh, school. :( I'm glad you're getting back on top of it! Which subjects do you have?
    Oh, hey! How are things? Other than the creepy dude who follows you? (Hint: Place land mines in your yard.)

    (In all actuality you should probably report him somewhere outside of school *coughpolicecough* who won't care about school scores as much as your safety.)
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