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  • Lol, I'm glad I was able to change it without having to make a new account.

    So, umm, how are you?
    Okay then :)

    Umm, sorry if I come off as a little clueless, but you're trans too, right?
    You just make your lips like you're sucking a straw and out your tongue through it!
    I couldn't before, but I figured it out, I think. Which sort of makes me wonder whether it's a gene thing or if I'm just good at manipulating my tongue? I couldn't do it up until this year. >_>

    p.s. Thank you! That means a lot, I don't think anyone has ever said that to me before.
    No, I don't. Actually, he's the only one that does (out of four). It's sort of strange, now that I think about it.
    (I'm usually sarcastic at other people's expense. Although some people think it's funny, and some don't! I sort of have an abrasive sense of humour, I guess.)

    Also my brother just straightened his hair for the first time in life. I... I'm dumbfounded. (His hair is naturally really curly.)
    Well, I'm not an out-right asshole, but I'm very sarcastic and it tends to piss people off.
    She's not much like me at all, and she'll probably dump me as soon as I go to see her in Germany because I'm generally a pretty large dick and she just has to come to her senses! But she's pretty and likes to read a lot. I sort of lucked out.

    What class is it for? Good luck, at any rate! I haven't studied much lately, and my grades are going down a lot. So study!
    That's good to hear! Also I've been okay! I have a girlfriend now. Hopefully that won't end too tragically..

    Also school is almost over!!
    youre fine! sorry to hear that youve not been doing so well. i hope it gets all figured out!
    I went to look up a good happy birthday picture, since I can't send images via text, but I found this instead. Happy Birthday!
    Happy birthday~ Sorry I've been so quiet! I hope your day is every bit as awesome as you are! (which is a lot)
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