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  • Hey, happy birthday! I hope you had a great day, or if you didn't, that you'll have a better day tomorrow.
    But there are some that are fortunate enough not to know what it is. D:>

    I'll... try to get over there soon.

    I JUST
    I just lost The Game
    Not the DQ game but I meanThe motherflipping Game
    Richie, you do not want to know what The Game is. So you mustn't asks me. ;n; It's so horrible. So, so, so horrible.

    TUN misses me? ?____?


    Also, I can show you that RP character I got finished with, if you're interested >_>;
    EDIT: Oh, what the heck, I'll just give the link to you know and save time. 8D Beep boop.
    :3c Imma smart. I know everything you do!
    ... To a certain extent. My accuracy is lacking still. <_<;

    Fffffffft Johnny Massacre. C= I've seen both of those, however—You've shown me the latter before~
    It's a song by Christina Perri.
    And aaaaaaaargh it's stuck in my head now.

    Hmm... *strokes chin* I dunnnnno. Wrath of the Dragon and Yo! Son Goku and His Friends Return?

    EDIT: I also was looking over my social groups and decided to return ownership of DQ to you, if that's alright. And I left your storage room group because... Well, it's yours, not mine. >_>;
    I beg to differ. Magic and Yugi-Oh's mechanics are so similar, the only difference is the creatures and stuff. If Yugi-Oh came first, then I would say Magic ripped it off, but Magic was first, so I can't. I don't wanna get into this, anyway. Do you play any Spore?
    My mind is really oddly structured. The weirdest of things make me think of something else.
    Example: I'll be thinking of Coka Cola, and that'll remind me of unicorns.

    ;u; Argh. I was planning on returning as soon as I could. I'll swing by there later on today, I promise.
    Ehehehe. I looked up "Zas'parsus."
    Remember that RP site you found before, the one where I had a wolf named Evane das Zas'parsus? I'm thinking of rejoining it. Surprisingly, watching a documentary on the Bigfoot theory made me think of that site. And in turn, I thought of my old RP character. ._.;
    Oooooh yeah, I like that one, too. Gets stuck in my head, and I walk around school with everyone going, "What are you singing?" and then I have to explain.
    Oh. Yeah, the only animes I really watch is DBZ and Pokemon, I don't really watch Yu-Gi-Oh, I feel like it's a rip off of MtG, anyway. I've seen all the TFS episodes. :3
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