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Black Yoshi
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  • Hey, I don't know if you'll see this but happy birthday! I hope you had a good day.
    I don't know the college life
    But I feel you

    If you ever need a come to Jesus session with me so we can feel things out or whatever I am kind of floating around
    Not really but whatever
    "So I've pretty much been all by myself this entire week and maybe I'm just paranoid but if I didn't know better I'd say people are deliberately avoiding me. I have lost all of my friends. So College started out awesome cause everyone was talking to everyone, but after a week and a half, most everybody seems to have a niche and I'm just all alone."

    actually it's more likely that all of the first-years are kind of awkwardly not knowing anyone but feeling like by now they should

    but like not actually knowing people and being too awkward to ask because everyone else seems to already

    except maybe the ones on sports teams, I'm not sure, they kind of aren't around a lot
    "and thank you I'm glad you think can art well"

    also, you know, everyone always thinks itself not good enough

    and sure, it's always true if your set your standards that way

    but there's a difference between being good by comparison

    and being good enough
    I ... appreciate this :DDD it is very acceptable. admittedly that's partly because I didn't make that much of a visual-type image. like, totally didn't realise hair length was a thing lack of image orz; the roundish face works out well, I think ... actually I was thinking "body is subtly disproportionate to oversized head" but that didn't make it into description? probably partly because I couldn't figure out how to describe it well and partly because I figured ah well loose flowy clothes, you know? ... because yeah my first reaction to that was basically that's a lot of head. but actually that works well I think.

    the one thing that's sort of inconsistent with what I was thinking is probably the expression. it seems a bit too ... direct? not sure what exactly it is but it's like, um, looking at the viewer and smiling seems vaguely out of character? I'm thinking more blank stare in the general direction? with another eye just looking off into the distance or something probably.

    more important dammit some people can actually art and meanwhile I can take an art history course and still be like "uh that's a diagonal line ??"
    Ah, yes. The wonders of... begging, swindling, something.

    That would be fun. Provide an incentive to post of some sort. And why not both? (Insert The Road to El Dorado GIF here)
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