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  • Hey, if you don't post commands in 24 hours I'm going to have to DQ your tournament battle with Keldeo!
    Lemme know what you want me to do about your battle with allitersonance, when you have the time.
    I'm gonna have to give you another heads-up because it turns out MF gave you the wrong rental, so you'll probably want to recommand :p Sorry to keep bothering you, haha - since Omskivar can only get online every so often it'll be great if the commands are all ready to go by the time he sees the thread next so your battle can get started!
    Hey Sylph! Omskivar has only been online sporadically lately, but to help keep things running smoothly with the tournament I just wanted to nudge you before he gets back because it's your turn to post commands in your tournament battle! c:
    We, much like bad memes, can never be gotten rid of. We're like herpes. Except significantly more awesome. And not infectious diseases. So really not like herpes at all.
    It's been alright, I'd say. Y'know, no different to normal. How's things been for you (even though I technically already asked this)
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